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zip0 Paul Norman's Computerized Publishing Manual

Paui Norman's Computerized Publishing Co. creates regular or custom print characters and text combined with graphics or fonts for newsletters, banners, letterheads, cards, labels, or as part of a screen display.

2020-05-25 English PDF 1.23 MB 550 Download
zip1 Personal Publisher User Manual [GEOS]

Personal Publisher User Manual [GEOS] - 4th Printing [Expert Software] - Personal Publisher gives you the capabilities to enter the world of desktop publishing now.  You can create newsletters, flyers, ads, awards, presentations, cards, announcements and more.

With Personal Publisher you can combine text, graphics and page layout so your documents will look like they were created by a professional graphic designer.

Here's a link to the program

Credits: Allan Pinkerton for recovery and archiving

2021-10-31 English PDF 23.46 MB 508 Download
zip2 Petspeed 128 HOT

Petspeed was first released in the early days of Commodore computing and has been implemented on most of the major Commodore machines. Petspeed offers a very high level of compatibility with BASIC 7.0. It has always been and continues to be the BASIC compiler which produces the fastest running compiled programs.

2020-05-25 English PDF 993.68 KB 1,014 Download
zip3 Pocket Filer 2 - Reference Guide

Welcome to Pocket Filer 2: all the power of Pocket Filer-a sophisticated, inexpensive and easy to-use database program for the Commodore 64 and 128-plus enhancements that make database management easier and better than ever!

2020-11-22 English PDF 8.26 MB 786 Download
zip4 Power Plan 64 Manual

As you probably know, POWER PLAN is a "spreadsheet". All types of calculations may be carried out with the aid of POWER PLAN. As an example of a calculation, let's calculate the selling price for an item based on the specified cost price. This is a calculation which a retailer has to make every day.

The cost price of an article is a combination of various factors. The most significant ones are the actual cost price, the additional costs (rent, etc.) and the retailer's profit margin. To calculate the selling price, the retailer needs various implements. For example, a sheet of paper, a pencil and in most cases, a pocket calculator. In this case you can already see that it is very sensible to use a computer for these calculations, as it offers advantages in a number of ways.

With suitable software, the computer is able to replace the above-mentioned implements. And you have this software right in your hands.

POWER PLAN not only replaces these implements, but offers you many other advantages.

2022-10-25 English PDF 12.06 MB 376 Download
zip5 Practicalc Plus Manual [vic20]
Practicalc Plus Manual [vic20] practicalc-plus-manual-vic20
2019-10-05 English PDF 17.82 MB 723 Download
zip6 Print Master Plus User's Guide

PrintMaster is a versatile graphics program that lets you use your computer and printer to design and print personalized greeting cards, signs, stationery, calendars, and banners. You do not have to know how
to program a computer or even draw to use PrintMaster creatively. Just make selections from the border, graphics, layout, and font menus, enter your message, and print.

2024-01-15 English PDF 1.48 MB 146 Download
pdf7 Print Master Users Guide HOT

Print Master Users Guide

2016-12-30 8.28 MB 1,184 Download
pdf8 PrintPower Manual

PrintPower Manual

2016-12-30 English PDF 4.97 MB 754 Download
pdf9 PrintPower Quick Reference Card

PrintPower Quick Reference Card

2016-12-30 English PDF 85.94 KB 771 Download
pdf10 Printshop Companion Reference Card

Printshop Companion Reference Card

2016-12-30 English PDF 141.07 KB 811 Download
pdf11 Printshop Companion Reference Manual HOT

Printshop Companion Reference Manual

2016-12-30 English PDF 1.11 MB 958 Download
zip12 Programmer's Aid for the VIC-20
Nice two page cheat sheet for VIC-20 programmers. vic20-programmers-aid
2019-09-17 English PDF 1.65 MB 650 Download
zip13 QuickPro+II v3.1 Manual

QUIKPRO + is a complete File Maintenance / Data 'Entry Program Generator. A program generator actually writes the program for you. Ahnost every program which uses files to store data requires file maintenance. File maintenance generally refers to the addition to, updating of, or deletion from a file. Since file maintenance is a part of almost every program application, a great deal of time is used in the production of programs to do file maintenance. QUIKPRO + is designed to eliminate the tedious task of hand writing this type of program.

2020-11-22 English PDF 26.01 MB 810 Download
zip14 Real Software Computer Diagnostic Instructions

Computer Diagnostics is a collection of programs that will test your computer equipment. The program is easy to use by simply following the prompts on screen as you go.

2020-02-26 English PDF 630.08 KB 525 Download
zip15 RTC Master 128 Docs

RTC Master 128 Docs - Our friendly neighborhood sleuth,  Colt45, did some digging and uncovered some documentation that was hidden in a .PRG file.  Turns out it was just a .SEQ file that had been renamed. 

If you're curious about RTC Master 128, you can grab it HERE.

Thanks Colt45 for all your help!

P.S. - It is suspected that this program was used with the online service GEnie, can anyone confirm?

2024-02-28 English PDF 445.72 KB 96 Download
zip16 Sargon III Chess - User's Manual
Sargon III - The Ultimate in Chess - User's Manual sargon-3-manual
2019-09-12 English PDF 29.11 MB 780 Download
pdf17 Screen Dump, Etc. Manual

SCREEN DUMP, ETC sets up F1 through F8 to give the following capabilities:

  • F2 - SCREEN DUMP TO PRINTER (True dot by dot dump | Screen can be LO-RES or HI-RES, and can even Include custom characters and spritesl - NO restrictions)
  • F3 - BASIC MEMORY ALLOCATION (Displays and allows changes to Start/End of BASIC RAM. VarIables, Arrays, and Strings)
  • F4 - SCREEN DUMP TO DISK (12 capabilities, PLUS sprite data blocks and custom character sets used for screen are also saved)
  • F5 - SCREEN MEMORY ALLOCATION (Displays and allows changes to locations of screens, sprite memory blocks. and character set)
  • F6 - SCREEN LOAD FROM DISK (Reverse of F4 - locations can be changed)
  • F8 - USER DEFINED (Transfers Control to user supplied machine language program)

ALL of the above functions may be performed at anytime. even during execution of a BASIC or machine language program. After the function key has completed Its task, the interrupted program will continue as if nothing happened! Compatible with most BASIC and machine language programs. F2 requires a 7 or 8 dot per byte DOT ADDRESSABLE printer such as Commodore, Epson, Gemini, etc.

Thanks Anthony for sending over the scan of this manual.  If anyone has the program that goes with this and wants to share, please contact us. 

2024-05-03 English PDF 1.14 MB 72 Download
zip18 Script-64 Manual v2.0

Script-64:  A word processing program for the Commodore 64

2021-03-28 English PDF 13.65 MB 653 Download
zip19 Simplicalc Manual
Simplicalc Manual [vic20] simplicalc-vic-manual
2019-10-05 English PDF 9 MB 731 Download
zip20 Sky Travel 64 Addendum

I haven't been able to find the actual Commodore 64 manual for Sky Travel, but I did find an older Macintosh version of the manual and this addendum.  

Update - Thanks to Bruce Thomas, we now have the manual, cheat sheet and easter eggs!

2023-01-05 English Commodore 64 2.44 MB 282 Download
zip21 Sky Travel Manual

Welcome to Sky Travel! The magic of microelectronics has made it possible to have an accurate model of the universe in your own home at a modest cost. The awesome computations and enormous amounts of data are handled quickly and efficiently by your Commodore 64 computer. All you have to do is select your exploration commands and Sky Travel will return the information in pictorial form, directly on your screen - and in bright colors at that!

Thanks to Bruce Thomas, we now have the Commodore 64 manual plus some extras.  Inside the archive is Leroy's Cheatsheet for Sky Travel and a document about Sky Travel Easter Eggs!

2023-01-14 English PDF 5.23 MB 370 Download
zip22 Sky Travel Manual (Macintosh version)

Couldn't locate the Commodore 64 version of the Sky Travel manual, but found this Macintosh version that was released around the same time, so maybe it will be useful in conjunction with the Sky Travel 64 Addendum.

Update - Thanks to Bruce Thomas, we now have the manual, cheat sheet and easter eggs!

2023-01-05 English PDF 17.95 MB 318 Download
zip23 Software Automatic Mouth Manual

S.A.M. -- the Software Automatic Mouth -- a versatile, high-quality speech synthesizer created entirely in software. You have added quality speech to your personal computer for a lower cost than ever before possible and, in the bargain, have gained features that other speech synthesizers cannot offer.

S.A.M. is designed to be easy to use. With a couple of simple program statements, you can add speech to your BASIC or assembly-language programs. When you have mastered the easy-to-learn phonetic alphabet, the inflection system, and the use of pitch and speed controls, you will be amazed at what you can make S.A.M. do. And, until then it will already match the performance of other speech synthesizers.

Note - this is a really bad scan of the manual, but it's the only Commodore 64 version I could find.

2023-07-02 English PDF 1.97 MB 215 Download
zip24 Software Automatic Mouth Manual (Apple)

Here is a nice clean scan of the SAM - the Software Automatic Mouth.  Although it's for the Apple, most of the information is relevant to the Commodore 64 version also.

2023-07-02 English PDF 1.38 MB 180 Download
zip25 Speakeasy Installation and Operations Manual v1.2
SPEAKEASY is a human voice speech synthesizer designed for the VIC-20 computer. SPEAKEASY consists of a single printed circuit board that plugs into the VIC's memory expansion port or into a memory expansion board. speakeasy-installation-and-operations-manual-v1.2
2019-09-17 English PDF 3.85 MB 686 Download
zip26 Speakeasy Phoneme Editor Operating Instructions v1.0
The phoneme editor program is designed to help you develop words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs for Personal Peripheral Products' SPEAKEASY speech synthesizer board for the VIC-20 computer. speakeasy-phoneme-editor-operating-instructions-v1
2019-09-17 English PDF 8.47 MB 689 Download
zip27 Speed Writer (BASIC Compiler) Manual

SPEEDWRITER is a BASIC compiler for the CBM 64. The programs originate in the United Kingdom and are improved and upgraded versions of DTL BASIC COMPILER, developed for Commodore business computers.

The function of a compiler is to convert a program from its source form (ie. the form in which it is written) into a more efficient form that can run much faster than the original.

SPEEDWRITER has been specially optimized for the CBM 64 and it not only makes every BASIC program a lot faster but will also make each program significantly smaller, except for programs with only a few lines.

SPEEDWRITER is 100% compatible with CBM 64 BASIC . This means that any existing BASIC program can be compiled without any alteration, to produce a program that peforms exactly the same, and yet is much faster and requires less memory and disk space.

SPEEDWRITER is designed so that it can be used by people with no programming knowledge to compile existing programs. Yet for more experienced users, a range of facilities is provided to enable the full potential of the CBM 64 to be realized.

Here's a link to the program.

2023-11-19 English PDF 929.33 KB 256 Download
zip28 Speedy Assembler User Manual

SPEEDY ASSEMBLER is a comprehensive machine code development package, which is suitable for both the beginner in machine coding and the experienced programmer, who wants to write large, complicated machine-code programs.

2021-08-16 English PDF 657.33 KB 773 Download
zip29 Spence XP BBS Manual

The Spence System BBS. A program which has come back to haunt us again and again. A program which is never really complete. A program which continually groNns, evolves, improves and takes us every last clock cycle of our spare time. A program which had cast our names into modemland history and has made us less money than running a Kool-aid stand in January.

2023-05-06 English Commodore 64 8.92 MB 191 Download
zip30 Spritemaster 64 User's Manual HOT

The Spritemaster 64 animation program is designed as a sprite generator and editor for use by programmers or as a fun and creative playmate for children or adults.

Sprites are movable object blocks which, through the power of the new Commodore 64 computer, can be made to imitate almost any moving object.

Spritemaster helps you build your sprite, then copy and modify it to produce a sequence of pictures which represent the object in motion. The Animate command will then put each picture on the screen in rapid succession to create the animation. This is similar to what takes place in a movie projector where still photographs, each a slightly different picture, are rapidly projected one after another onto the screen to produce a “ motion picture.”

Spritemaster lets you modify your sprite picture sequence to produce colors, shapes and sizes which give the best effect. In addition, you may change the speed of animation (the rate at which the still frames are displayed) or the speed of travel (the vertical or horizontal movement across the screen).

Once you have created your animated figure, you can save the informaton to tape or disk for retrieval at a later time. You may want to refine several figures for use in a game program. Although Spritemaster is not a game program, it is a program to create game objects. For example, it cannot display a pitcher throwing a baseball to a catcher. It can, however, be used to create the pitcher as a separate sprite, including the throwing motion, then the baseball as another sprite, and then the catcher as the final sprite. Each object is created separately and then transfered to other programs for interaction and movement as desired. The programmer’s reference section provides guidance on how to manipulate sprites in your own programs.

2017-08-24 English PDF 5.53 MB 940 Download
zip31 Step-by-Step 64 BlazeTerm Guide

Excellent Step-by-Step 64 BlazeTerm Guide by Andrew Wiskow of CottonWood / Borderline fame!

2020-02-24 English PDF 16.46 KB 525 Download
zip32 Stop Press Desktop Publishing User Guide

Welcome to the fabulous world of Desktop Publishing. With the STOP PRESS processor you can create your own newspapers, magazines, posters, leaflets, handouts, letters, infact whatever type of document you need. Impress your friends, school chums or work colleagues with really professional looking documents.

2020-05-19 English PDF 4.2 MB 728 Download
zip33 Super Pascal 128 Manual HOT

Super Pascal 128 Compiler and Software Development System for the Commodore 128.

2019-09-19 English PDF 5.16 MB 1,113 Download
zip34 Super-C 64/128 Manual HOT

The programming language C has been in existence since about 1972. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan for the operating system UNIX.  More then 90% of UNIX was written in C.  With the spread of UNIX, C enjoyed greater popularity as well.  Super C now makes it possible to program in C on the C-64 or C-128.

2019-09-19 English PDF 16.33 MB 1,119 Download
zip35 Superbase 64 - User's Manual HOT

Superbase 64 is a database program for the Commodore 64, released by Precision Software in 1984.

2020-11-22 English PDF 6.78 MB 1,846 Download
zip36 SuperFORTH 64 I/O Utility Package Manual

The SuperFORTH 64 I/O UTILITY PACKAGE is a collection of utility words designed to aid in Input / Output operations. The package covers three main areas:

1. RS232 utilities.


3. KOALA PAD utilities.

2020-07-18 English PDF 539.97 KB 577 Download
zip37 SuperFORTH 64 Micro Manual

The SuperFORTH MICRO MANUAL assumes that your programming experience has been largely that of BASIC and machine language. So you may be asking yourself: "What’s so different about FORTH, aside from the fact that it runs faster than BASIC?" The answer is: FORTH is like no other programming language you’ve ever used!

2020-07-17 English PDF 1.14 MB 592 Download
zip38 SuperFORTH 64 User Manual HOT

SUPER FORTH 64 is a complete implementation of the FORTH-79 Required and Extension Word Sets. It contains extensions from FIG FORTH, STARTING FORTH by Leo Brodie, and special extensions to take advantage of the particular hardware in the Commodore 64 computer.

2020-07-17 English PDF 9.42 MB 922 Download
zip39 SuperKey Manual

SuperKey is a utility program for the Commodore 64 computer that allows you to redefine up to 96 keys on your keyboard. You can redefine some or all of the keys, and add, change or delete any of the definitions
at any time. The keys that you can redefine are the graphics characters that are accessed by pressing and holding either the SHIFT or Commodore keys prior to pressing one of the graphics keys. Throughout the remainder of this manual the SHIFT and Commodore keys will be abbreviated SH and C=, respectively.

Thanks to Anthony for providing this documentation.  Although it's a scan of a photo copy, so far it's the only manual I've ever seen for this software and it's much appreciated.

Note - If anyone has this utility, I would love to add it to the site.

2024-02-28 English PDF 837.3 KB 105 Download
zip40 Superscript 128 User Manual HOT

Welcome to Superscript, the complete word processor for the Commodore 128 from Precision Software.  The tutorials cover only the beginners level of tuition, and get everyone going with the system as quickly as possible.  We've left some of the more advanced features of the program for a more leisurely learning session.

2020-05-17 English PDF 12.47 MB 1,474 Download
pdf41 Superscript 64 Manual

This manual presents the Superscript word processing system in different ways to suit individual learning preferences. We recommend that everyone goes through the TUTORIALS. These take you through a range of Superscript activities:

  • Loading documents from disk
  • Using menus and commands
  • Creating new documents
  • Updating documents, including cut and paste editing
  • Arithmetic
  • Handling a mailing
  • Obtaining screen and printed output

A big thank you goes out to one of our visitors that has been kind enough to contribute this wonderful scan so we can take this of the "Wanted List".  Since I only know this person by their real name, I'll refrain from posting that info.

Here's a link to the disk image

2022-10-20 English PDF 894.84 KB 384 Download
zip42 Swift Calc 128 User Manual HOT

The power of SWIFTCALC 128 lies in its ability to apply mathematical functions and algebraic formulae to any spreadsheet-type analysis, such as budgeting, financial planning, or cost estimating.  Because SWIFTCALC automatically calculates these formulae for you, you can produce complicated "what if?" reports at the press of a key and make further modifications quickly and effortlessly.

2020-05-17 English PDF 7.45 MB 1,227 Download
zip43 Swift Desktop Publisher Manual

Swift Desktop Publisher is a suite of graphics and printing software combined with sample fonts and graphics images. Draw & Paint is a program for making screen images. Create Clip Art is a graphics program for making smaller graphics images. Customize Characters is a program for creating custom character sets. Create lettering is a program for creating custom letters for specialized use. Format a printed page is a program to set all the parts of your document on page-sized layouts for printing. Banners & Bumpers is a program to lay out formats in up to 6-pages for a banner or "bumper sticker." Print, as the name implies, lets you select which type of document to print and then allows you to select the printer to print with. List Sample Files is a listing of the files on the Swift Desktop Publisher program disk that contain special lettering, fonts, clip art, and banner lettering.

2020-03-01 English PDF 989.58 KB 553 Download
zip44 SwiftSheet 128 Manual

SwiftSheet (Also called Swiftcalc) 128 by Cosmi - Swlftcalc replaces pencil, pad of paper and the modern calculator with its electronic worksheet.

2019-09-18 English PDF 3.48 MB 891 Download
zip45 Symbol Master v2.0 Manual HOT
Symbole Master v2.0- Multi-Pass Symbolic Disassembler Manual symbol-master-v2.0-manual
2019-09-17 English PDF 15.1 MB 926 Download
d64 floppy46 SysRes Users Guide HOT


2016-11-24 English PDF 3.56 MB 999 Download
d64 floppy47 The 1581 Toolkit Manual HOT

Manual for the software utility package called "The 1581 Toolkit".  This manual is for v2.02 of the software.

2015-10-12 English PDF 11.4 MB 1,315 Download
zip48 The Commodore 64 Macro Assembler Development System Manual

This manual describes the Assembly Language and assembly process for Commodore 64 programs which use one of the 6500 series microprocessors. Several assemblers are available for 6500 series program development, each is slightly different in detail of use, yet all are the same in principle. The 6500 series processors include the 6502 through the 6515 (the instruction sets are identical).

2020-02-12 English PDF 9 MB 844 Download
zip49 The Fast Assembler v3 Documentation

This is the Documentation for "The Fast Assembler" V3 by Yves Han, taken from Compute!'s Gazzete Issue 31 and also available in Best of Compute!'s Gazette, January 1988.  Here is a link to the software which also has this documentation included.

Thanks go to BlueCursor for sharing the software and documentation.

2020-06-01 English PDF 2.86 MB 740 Download
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