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Real Time Conference Master v2.03 (C128) Real Time Conference Master v2.03 (C128) NEW

Real Time Conference Master v2.03 by E.G. Bell (October 4th, 1993) - My best guess is this is some type of fancy (multi-line?) BBS for the Commodore 128.  Based on the files and what I could get to work via VICE emulator, it looks quite full featured and supports things like the CMD Swiftlink and Commodore REU, but although there is a fairly big docs file, I couldn't figure out how to get it loaded.

I've included all four disks I created by expanding the self extracting archives, and the original source this came from which is a disk magazine called Underground (Issue 8) which has an accompanying disk called Underware dated May / June 1995.  Would love to know more about this, and see a working demo if anyone wants to explore this more. 


System Commodore 128
Size496.19 KB