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Turbo Outrun Manual Category: Game ManualsDec-05-2021

Turbo Outrun Manual

Platform: Commodore 64
Knight's Quest Category: Adventure Games [C128]Dec-05-2021

Knight's Quest by Jon Mattson is an adeventure / role-playing game for the Commodore 128 (80 column mode) published in Loadstar 128 back in 1991.  There is a really nice review of this game with lots of screen shots over at the "My 64" website.  Here's a link to the review.

Platform: Commodore 128
Turbo Calc 64 Category: SpreadsheetsDec-05-2021

Turbo Calc 64 by Gregory R. Schmalhofer for the Commodore 64, published by Softdisk in 1985.  Turbo Calc is a spreadsheet application, but I haven't been able to find any information on it other than what's built into the program.  Thankfully there is pretty thurough help built-in, so it should be useable without a manual.

Platform: Commodore 64
Turbo Calc 128 Category: Spreadsheets [C128]Dec-05-2021

Turbo Calc 128 by Gregory R. Schmalhofer for the Commodore 128 (80 column mode) is a spreadsheet application from 1988.  Published by Softdisk, Turbo Calc appeared in volume 2, issue 3 of the UpTime disk magazine.  Full help is included in the program.

You can find a nice review of this software at the "I Still Adore My 64 & 128" website.

Platform: Commodore 128
Timeworks Partner 128 User's Manual Category: Cartridge ManualsDec-05-2021

PARTNER 128 is a cartridge-based program that plugs into your Commodore 128 computer, giving you access to eight convenient  "accessories" while you run other programs. You can call up these accessories any time you use another program.

See detailed description for additional information on the eight accessories.

Platform: PDF
ArcheType 128 Category: Word Processors [C128]Dec-05-2021

ArcheType by Mark Jordan is an 80 column word processor for the Commodore 128.  Originally released in the 1986 May/June issue of Commodore Microcomputers. ArcheType was also released on Loadstar issue #25 (1986).  Included in the archive is a nice review of the program that you can pull up in ArcheType to read.  In the June/July 1986 issue of Commore PowerPlay magazine, there is a type in listing for some enhancements to ArcheType.

Platform: Commodore 128
Handic Forth 64 User's Guide & Reference Manual Category: Software ManualsNov-29-2021

C64-FORTH is a fourth-generation programming language that in many respects is very different from other lanquages. In relation to its size, its power is unequalled. In just 8K, a typical minicomputer FORTH version supplies structured, compact and extremely fast code, virtual memory, a resident macro assembler and a resident editor, as well as multitasking capability. FORTH is even able to extend itself and its compiler. It is a metalanguage.

Platform: PDF
C-Net 64 BBS v12.0 Manual Category: C-NetNov-29-2021

C-Net 64 version 12,0 is the result of many, many hours of careful programming in we feel, the finest BBS system available anywhere for the Commodore 64 computer. We consider this new version of the most popular C-64 BBS to be the LARGEST step in making C-Net 64 very efficient, easy to modify, (for the do-it-yourselfer), and fast! We plan, in future versions, to improve even more, but this version has been re-structured to make all these things not only possible, but simple! Both the basic portions of the program and the machine language have been carefully screened and changed for efficiency and speed.


Platform: PDF
Getting the Most Out of Your Epson Printer Category: C64 General BooksNov-28-2021

Learn how to control and customize your Epson printer. Make it do everything you want it to do. Produce professional, good-looking documents quickly and easily. This complete guide will show you how. And if you're a first-time buyer, l will help you choose the Epson dot-matrix printer that's exactly right for your microcomputer and your kind of work.


Platform: PDF
First Steps in Machine Code on Your C64 Category: C64 Programming BooksNov-28-2021

If you've mastered BASIC programming on your Commodore 64 and are ready to move on to bigger and better things, then book will show you the way.

Ross Symons first introduces you to the disassembler and explains its use. After making this acquaintance, the complete instruction set for the 6510 (the chip at the heart of your computer) is listed. Each instruction is explained with the aid of a demonstration program which will help even the newcomer to machine code to get to grips with the C64 and extract the most from this powerful micro. Other sections include a discussion of the KERNAL operating system, and its applications such as printing, input/output devices, and scanning the keyboard, are also considered.

As an exciting bonus, the book ends with two complete machine code games which show you how to create your own worthwhile, high-speed, animated arcade-like games.


Platform: PDF
CBM 64 PROGRAMS Volume 1 Category: C64 Programming BooksNov-28-2021

This book provides the reader with useful and interesting programs for the 64. Topics covered include - Hi Res Graphics - Music - Games - Utilities - Sprites and User Defined Characters - Functional Programs, etc. There is a detailed explanation of Hi Res Graphics and the necessary machine code routines to implement them, along with demonstration programs. An exciting version of Star Trek is also included as well as a full length adventure game. Among the functional programs is a Personal Information Retrieval package which enables you to create and manipulate up to 365 records.

Platform: PDF
Better Programming for your Commodore 64 Category: C64 Programming BooksNov-28-2021

This book has been written for people who want to realize the full potential of their Commodore 64 and at the same time improve their own programming techniques. The authors assume no special knowledge to begin with, but quickly and efficiently they get the reader started on programming in BASIC. Then follow chapters on structured programming, numeric functions and logical operators, character string manipulation, arrays, nesting loops, audio-visual program enhancement, and debugging.
Over 90 original programs are included which, together with the exercises and examples, put you and your Commodore enjoyably through your paces.


Platform: PDF
ARB BBS Sysop Manual IV Category: ARB BBSNov-27-2021

Before you start operating your BBS, read this manual. Familiarize yourself with the functions on the Sysop Menu, and understand how the files are set up. If you experience any error messages refer to the Trouble Shooting Section for help. For the most part this Bulletin Board System is easy to run. However, there are some areas that will be better clarified by reading the manual. Before you call the 24-hour hotline numbers check the manual to see if the answer to a particular problem can be found there.

Platform: PDF
Timeworks Partner 128 Diagnostic Test and Program Demo Disk Category: Miscellaneous Applications [C128]Nov-27-2021

This is the demo disk that comes with the Timeworks Partner 128 cartridge.  Besides the demos for the other Timeworks Partner programs, there is also a diagnostic utility called "diag" on the disk that will test the Partner 128 cartridge.

Platform: Commodore 128
Blue Chip D12/10 Printer Settings for Jane Word Processor Category: Miscellaneous StuffNov-26-2021

This is just a miscellaneous sheet I found in a printer manual for the Blue Chip D12/10 Daisy Wheel printer.  I assume it is for configuring the Jane C64/128 word processing program to work with this particular printer.

Platform: PDF
ShareData Utility Cartridge Instruction Manual Category: Cartridge ManualsNov-25-2021

The Utility Cartridge saves you time and energy. In just two keystrokes you can perform BASIC functions that normally take several steps to complete. A RESET BUTTON lets you reset the comptiter without turning your computer off and on. Also, with machine language monitor software you get 30 additional machine language programming commands.

Platform: PDF
Blue Chip D12/10 Daisy Wheel Printer User's Guide Category: Hardware ManualsNov-25-2021

Despite rumors of a forthcoming 'paperless' society brought about by the innovations of electronics technology, computer user of today still derive much satisfaction and have great need for seeing the results of their efforts on a hard copy printout. This introductory section is provided to offer some general observations on what printers are and how they work. It is intended as an introduction for novice users and a base upon which they can expand their knowledge.

Platform: PDF
CBM Transfer v1.22a Category: Disk / File Transfer ToolsNov-10-2021

CBM Transfer v1.22a by Steve J. Gray (Released Sept. 13th, 2021) - This is an excellent Windows based program for transfer files from a real Commodore 1541/71/81 to a PC using either the Zoom Floppy or USB based XUM cable.  

For the latest version, check out Steve's CBM-Transfer Github repository.

Platform: Windows
Image BBS 3.0 Sysop Guide v1.0 Category: Image BBSNov-10-2021

The Sysop Guide [Version 1.0] for Image BBS 3.0 is step by step instructions for setup and configuration of Image BBS.  

Platform: PDF
BBS Lister v1 [Mod] for Image BBS 3.0 Category: Image BBSNov-10-2021

BBS Lister v1  [Network Modded] for Image BBS v3.0 is an optional replacement for the original BBS Lister included on the Image 3.0 Master disk. This one is networked among participating Image boards.  Full installation instructions are included on the disk in the "read me 1st" text file.

Original posting of this disk was on Facebook.  Here is a link.

Platform: Commodore 64
Personal Planner Category: Miscellaneous ApplicationsNov-10-2021

Personal Planner by ShareData (1987) is a collection of accounting and organization / personal management type programs for the Commodore 64.

Platform: Commodore 64
CCGMSx v1.0.0 [Windows x86] Category: PC Terminal ProgramsNov-09-2021

CCGMSx v1.0.0 by Style - Released October 4th. 2021 - CCGMSx is a modern interpretation of the legendary terminal program for tcp-based PETSCII BBSes.

CCGMSx reimagines the timeless PETSCII screen-bound display of the BBS past as a modern terminal program with an "unlimited" scrollback buffer. Also features a rich address book format for sharing BBS information; an animated buffer replay; a basic set of file transfer protocols; and the ability to select and copy from anywhere in your BBS scrollback session.


Platform: Windows
Music Raster-Time Cruncer v1.5 Category: Packers - Crunchers - LinkersNov-07-2021

Music Raster-Time Cruncer v1.5 by Brush of Parados (released Dec. 21st, 1991) for the Commodore 64.  Lots of useful information in the dox file.

Platform: Commodore 64
Push Puzzler Category: Strategy GamesNov-07-2021

Push Puzzler by STF (Released in 2021) is a neat sliding puzzle type game in which you need to solve the puzzle in as few pushes as possible.

The neat thing about this game is that it's written purely in BASIC 2.0 and isn't protected, so you can view the code and possibly find some tips or tricks to use in your own code.

For more information, or to communicate with the author, check out this link over at Lemon64.

For the latest version and to check out some more of the authors creations, check out their website

Platform: Commodore 64
Creating Chiptunes with Sid Wizard Category: Software ManualsNov-06-2021

Welcome to this revised expanded manual for the excellent music tracker SID-Wizard2 for Commodore 64. I will try to go into detail of most aspects of the tracker and I will also try to explain the functions of the wonderful SID chip as we go along. The reason why I expanded the work of Mihaly's manual is that there is some stuff left out that SID gurus know but beginners don't.

This guide covers SID Wizard versions up to 1.6 and is still helpful with 1.7 & 1.8, but version 1.8 has many changes compared to 1.6.

Platform: PDF