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Display Address Category: basic-toolsApr-18-2021

Display "Load" Address by Brian Hinz is a small little utility that will read a file from disk and display in both decimal and hex where it loads into memory.

Platform: Commodore 64
Micro 6502 - Issue 58 Category: micro-6502Apr-18-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 58 - March 1983

  • Hi-Res Plotting with the VIC - Combine VIC-1515/1525 printer with the VIC-20 for high-resolution graphics
  • Print Control for Apple Printers - A shorth subroutine for automatic pagination and user-selectable margins
  • Centronics Printer Driver for Your Microcomputer - an MX-Driver assemble language program
  • Disk ID for Printed OSI Directories - Put unused disk space to good use
  • Apple PRINT-USING Routine - a machine language routine for formatted output
  • A Full Byte for Your Apple Printer - Greater control using the eighth bit
  • MICRO Calc for Commodore and Apple - A miniature electronic spreadsheet
  • Digi-Draft for Atari 400/800 - A sophisticated drawing program
  • The Computer Revolution Reaches the Community
  • BANNER: A Display Program for the Color Computer
  • 68000 BCD and Privileged Instructions
  • A Versatile Hi-Res Graphics Routine for the Apple
  • Apple Disk Track Copy for Non-Matching Numbers
  • It's All Relative, Part 4 Using Commodore's Relative Records - Read and write relative files
Platform: PDF
Sequential Disk File Printer Category: seq-file-toolsApr-17-2021

Sequential Disk File Printer by Marshall F. Schultz (Modified by M.W. Adams) - Sometimes it's a simple little utility like this that really comes in handy when you want a nice printout.  With Sequential Disk File Printer, you get a nice paginated printout with word wrap... what more could you ask?

Platform: Commodore 64
Micro 6502 - Issue 57 Category: micro-6502Apr-17-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 57 - February 1983

  • SuperPET APL - An unusual, but powerful, fast, and memory-efficient language
  • EDIT: An Atari FORTH Screen-Oriented Editor - A big improvement over the APX line editors
  • Apple Pascal Hi-Res Screen Dump - Dump the high-resolution graphics screen to your printer
  • An Introduction to FORTH - All about Reverse Polish Notation, colon definitions, and other FORTH features
  • FORTH for the 6809 - A look at CCFORTH, figFORTH, and several FLEX-based systems
  • The World According to LISP - A power language suited to robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Improved IEEE-488 Control for the PET/CBM - More precise control of the bus, without using logical files
  • VIC RS-232 Printer - Interface the Radio Shack Quick Printer and other RS-232 devices
  • PROM BASIC for the C1P - Increase the C1P's performance without a disk drive
  • Indirect Files Under OS-65D - Use the indirect file merge programs, perform warm starts, transfer programs
  • It's All Relative, Using Commodore's Relative Records - Part 3 - Use a key file as an index into a relative file
  • A Binary Search Routine - Two demonstration programs illustrate this technique
  • BASIC Renumber for OSI - Renumber programs in memory and save to tape
  • 68000 Program Control: Branch and Jump Instructions


Platform: PDF
Inkwell Lightpen Driver [GEOS] Category: geos-input-device-driversApr-16-2021

GEOS Inkwell (FlexiDraw) lightpen input driver by David Durran (dated August 26th, 1986)

Platform: Commodore 64
Micro 6502 - Issue 56 Category: micro-6502Apr-16-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 56 - January 1983

  • Discrete Even Simulation in Pascal - Simulate real-world simulations
  • Doing Time on the 6809 - Add time in BASIC
  • Model Rocket Simulation in BASIC - Determine the altitude performance of single-stage model rockets
  • Sun and Moon on the Apple - Hi-res graphics simulation: the orbits of the sun and moon
  • Microcomputers in a College Teaching Laboratory, Part 3
  • Measurement of a 35mm Focal Plane Shutter - Use inexpensive hardware to measure the accuracy of your camera
  • It's All Relative - Using CBM's Relative Records, Part 2 - Learn how to set up relative files and records
  • VIC Hi-Res Graphics Explained - Produce 160 by 176 dot graphics
  • 68000 Shift, Roate, and Bit Manipulation Instructions - More detailed coverage of the 68000
  • Extending Newton-Raphson's Method to Evaluate Complex Roots
  • Signed Binary Multiplication is Unsigned - Put this mathmatical curiosity to work
  • Apple Math Editor - Easy construction, editing, and printing of mathematical formulas
  • Using Long Integers for BCD Numbers in Pascal - Bullet-proof string conversion
Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 55 Category: micro-6502Apr-16-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 55 - December 1982

Commodore Feature

  • It's All Relative - CBM Disk Techniques, Part 1 - Get the most from CBM's powerful disk operating systyem
  • Squeeze for PET Programs - Squeeze out imbedded blank, line seperators, and comments
  • BASIC Line Delete for PET/CBM and VIC - A machine language program to delete blocks of BASIC lines
  • SOUP: A CBM Machine-Language Compare Program - A compare program for machine-language program files
  • Microcomputers in a College Teaching Laboratory, Part 2


  • Apple ILISZT for Integer BASIC Programs - Print your program in a clear, structured format and detect embedded binary code
  • BASIC Macro Function for Cursor Control on the OSI - Insert statements with just two keys
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 3 - Add to Atari's vertical blank interrupt routines
  • Applesoft GOTO/GOSUB Checking Routine - Verify all GOTO and GOSUB references in your program


  • Adding Voice to a Computer - A low-cost procedure for sampling and reproducing voice
  • Enhanced Video for OSI C1P - Add five chips - and several features
  • Home Control Interface for C1P - Add you own ultasonic control
  • Atari Meets the BSR X-10 - Use Atari's controller ports
  • 68000 Logic Instructions - Our discussion of the 68000 instruction set continues
  • Programmable Character Generator for OSI - Design your own character set
  • Utilizing the 6502's Undefined Operation Codes - Hardware to use these op codes for new psuedo-instructions
Platform: PDF
Change Printer v1.0 [GEOS] Category: geos-desk-accessoriesApr-12-2021

Change Printer v1.0 by Arthur J. Dahm III (Dated January 5th,1987) is a GEOS desk accessory that lets you change your active printer from within another application like geoWrite.

Platform: Commodore 64
Micro 6502 - Issue 54 Category: micro-6502Apr-12-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 54 - November 1982

Game Features

  • Castle Adventur for PET and Apple
  • SYM 23 Matches
  • Solve the Pagoda Puzzle Using Recursive Assembly
  • Number Shuffle on the Atari
  • Sensible Use of Apple Game Paddles
  • Space Invasion for OSI C1P/Superboard
  • Apple Shootdown


  • Atari Joysticks on the OSI - A simple modification including software and programming information
  • An MC68000 Overview, Part 2 - Simple examples illustrate 68000 programming techniques
  • A Monitor for the TRS-80 Color Computer - Instructions to get composite video from the video section of the CC
  • FLEX and the TRS-80 Color Computer - A description of FLEX09
  • 68000 Binary Arithmetic Operations
  • How to Make a Graphic-80 PET from a 4016 - Just add inexpensive ICs and move jumpers


  • Apple Hi-Res Graphics and Memory Use - Avoid overwriting the graphics display area
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 2 - Learn about fine scrolling
  • Getting Around the Apple Hi-Res Graphics Page - Utilize the graphics area without sacrificing memory
  • Extra Colors for the Atari - Two techniques to expand your computer's palette
  • Introduction to 3-D Rotation on the Apple - Learn the techniques for yaw, pitch, and roll
Platform: PDF
Stationary Store 2 Category: printingApr-11-2021

Stationary Store 2 is a large collection of printing utilities for the Commodore 64.  Supported printers are the Commodore 1525 (and compatibles) and the Star SL-10C/G (and compatibles).  

Platform: Commodore 64
KoalaVert v1.0 [GEOS] Category: geos-graphics-conversionApr-11-2021

KoalaVert v1.0 by Spike Dethman (Dated August 14th, 1991) is a graphics conversion utility for GEOS and the Commodore 64 / 128.  With this utility, you can convert a graphics file that's in Koala Painter format to a GEOS Photo Scrap format that is useable in any program that supports Photo Scraps such as geoWrite, geoPublish, geoPaint and many more.

Platform: Commodore 64
geoCrypt v1.0 [GEOS] Category: geos-encryptionApr-11-2021

geoCrypt v1.0 by Spike Dethman (Dated May 6th, 1993) is an encryption utility for GEOS and the Commodore 64/128.  With this utility, you can encrypt an application data file with up to a 16 character secret key.  Full docs are in the archive.

Platform: Commodore 64
Micro 6502 - Issue 53 Category: micro-6502Apr-11-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 53 - October 1982

  • Introduction to Turtle Graphics in Apple Pascal - Dump Pascal Turtle Graphics to a printer
  • Three Faces of Apple LOGO - Different approaches to an educational programming language
  • Mircocomputers in a College Teaching Laboratory - Part 1 - An overview of microcomputer use in an undergraduate lbaoratory program
  • A Personal Computer for Untrained Users - Strategies for creating crash-proof BASIC programs
  • Machine-Language Screen Utilities for the CBM-8032 - Screen formatting and easy cursor positioning
  • Auto Graph for the Apple - Using an EXEC file to self-modify a BASIC program
  • Screen Editor for the OSI 65D Assembler - Add this convenient editing capability to your assembler
  • Formatted Output with Atari BASIC - Print-using for the Atari
  • Building a Parallel Printer Interface - A general discussion with details on a C1P to C1P interface
  • The IBM Selectric as as OSI System Printer - A cheap letter quality printer
  • A Homespun 32K Color Computer - Expand your 16k TRS-80C to 32K bytes of RAM memory
  • Apple Pascal P-Code Interpreter and the 6809 - A comparision of P-Code efficiency between 6502 and 6809 computers
  • Atari Character Graphics from BASIC, Part 1 - A technique to use character-mode display graphics
  • Apple Slices - Run the Pascal assembler under DOS 3.3
  • PET Vet - A better BASIC - Waterloo microBASIC on the SuperPET
Platform: PDF
Termites! v1.1 [GEOS] Category: geos-noveltyApr-10-2021

Termites! v1.1 by Spiek Dethman (Dated February 13th, 1989) is a neat novelty program for GEOS and the Commodore 64.  When run, this program slowly eats away the screen as if it had termites.

Platform: Commodore 64
Meltdown! v1.1 [GEOS] Category: geos-noveltyApr-10-2021

Meltdown! v1.1 by Spike Dethman (Dated February 13th, 1989) is a GEOS novelty.  When run, this desk accessory slowly melts the screen... very neat.

Platform: Commodore 64
Villain Modded C*Base BBS Category: c-base-bbsApr-10-2021

Villain Modded C*Base by Holy Moses - This is a heavily modded C*Base 3.3 BBS that is strictly for the Ultimate 64 and turbo mode.  The two disks in the archive make up a complete functioning BBS and are ready to go.

Platform: Commodore 64
Port 2 Drivers v1.1 [GEOS] Category: geos-input-device-driversApr-10-2021

Port 2 Drivers v1.1 by Spike Dethman, Chris Hawley & David Durran (dated August 1991) - This is a set of three drivers for GEOS that work on joystick port 2.  The first is the standard Joystick / Commodore 1350 Mouse driver, the second is a proportional 1351 Mouse driver, and the third is an accelerated proportional 1351 Mouse driver.  Documentation is included in the archive.

Platform: Commodore 64
New Koala Drivers v1.2 [GEOS] Category: geos-input-device-driversApr-10-2021

New Koala Drivers v1.2 by Spike Dethman (December 15th, 1990) - This set of drivers for the Koala Pad are a huge improvement over the drivers by Berkley Softworks.  Instead of using absolute addressing, these drivers use relative addressing so that instead of the mouse pointer just appearing where you click on the Koala, the Koala acts more like a modern day trackpad.  There are four drivers total, 2 for joystick port one, and 2 for joystick port 2.  The difference between the drivers is the orientation in which you use the Koala. 

Full docs are in the archive which cover detailed use.

Platform: Commodore 64
Micro 6502 - Issue 52 Category: micro-6502Apr-10-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 52 - September 1982

  • The 68000 and the Personal Computer - The 68000 as an add-on to 6502-based systems
  • An MC68000 Overview - A description of the 68000's registers, instruction set, and addressing modes
  • 68000 Instruction Set - Part 1 in a series on the 68000, including a detailed table of Data Movements
  • Superimposing TV Pictures on PET Video - Modify the PET to superimpose a television camera picture on the PET video display
  • A/D Conversion Using a 555 Timer IC - This simple 555 timer yields a high dynamic range inexpensively
  • Delayed Reset and Autoboot for the OSI - Add both a time delay to the BREAK key, and an automatic disk system bootup
  • 6809 Macros for Structured Programming - Use assembler macros for structured assembly language programming
  • Market Projection Program for the Color Computer - A sophisticated business program to project industry and company sales
  • Double-Entry Formatting for your Checkbook on the C1P - A simple checkbook balancing program
  • Auto SAVE for the PET - A routine for automatic cassette backup
  • COMPRESS - An Applesoft Optimizet - Reduce Applesoft program memory requirements by up to 30%
  • Apple Slices - "Hashing" ... A quick random-access technique
  • PET Vet - The MAE assembler and new Commodore-oriented publications
Platform: PDF
RAMboot v1.1 [GEOS] Category: geos-auto-execsApr-09-2021

RAMboot v1.1 by Spike Dethman with additional credit to Joseph Thomas for the Drive RESCUE concept (Dated March 18th, 1993) - RAMboot is a GEOS 64 / 128 (40 & 80 column mode) Auto Exec that replaces the REU quick reboot with one that restores your disk drives to their proper locations, re-executes any Auto Exec files on the current disk and re-enters GEOS.  Requies a 1750, 1764 or clone RAM expansion.  Full documentation is on the disk.

Platform: Commodore 64
Envelope v1.0 [GEOS] Category: geos-desk-accessoriesApr-09-2021

Envelope v1.0 for GEOS and the Commodore 64 / 128 by Spike Dethman (Dated May 13th, 1993) - Neat little desk accessory that lets you print out an envelope.  Can pull data from a text scrap, or you can type the address in yourself. 

Works in GEOS on the C64 and 128 in either 40 or 80 column mode.  Includes full Docs.

Platform: Commodore 64
Micro 6502 - Issue 51 Category: micro-6502Apr-09-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 51 - August 1982

  • Structured Programming in 6502 Assembly Language - Add high-level, structured techniques to your assemble-language programming
  • Pattern-Matching with the 6502 on the Apple - Presents both elementary and advanced patern-matchin algorithms
  • Random Number Generator in Machine Language for the Apple - A simple subroutine for the Apple
  • A New Character Set for the VIC-20 - Design your own VIC characters
  • Data Transfer from AIM to PET - Send data and programs from the AIM to the PET through a simple cable
  • PET to AIM Download - Use the PET to develop programs for simpler systems
  • Expanding File Cabinet for the Apple - Access File Cabinet for use with other programs
  • Duty Cycle Monitor for the VIC-20 - Determine the correct volume level for reliable recording of cassette tapes
  • Interfacing the Color Computer - Send and receive Morse code
  • POWER-Aid for the PET - Add commands to Professional Software's BASIC programming utility, POWER
  • ON ERROR GOTO for OSI ROM BASIC - A utility to trap errors without stopping program execution
  • Straight Forward Garbage Collection for the Apple - An Apple-based linear garbage collection program
  • OSI Extended I/O Processor - Ad more than thirty new functions to the OSI C1P
  • Delete on the OSI - Omit on or more lines with only a few keystrokes


Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 50 Category: micro-6502Apr-08-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 50 - July 1982

  • Rewriting PET ROMs - Eliminate bugs and add improvements by rewritting your operating system
  • Timing and Counting with the 6522 - Perform precision timing tasks with the Versatile Interface Adapter
  • An Overview of Apple DOS - Learn how to manipulate and modify DOS
  • Converting Apple Pictures to a Standart Bit-Mapped Format - Transfer Apple hi-res screens to Visibile Memory on the PET
  • PET Communicates with Apple - Use the Apple's cassette port to transport data
  • Apple Disk Sector Map Utility - Determine actual sector allocation
  • Build an Apple Cart - An inexpensive way to build a home for your Apple
  • Low-Resolution Graphics and Apple Pascal - Access Apple's lo-res capabilitiess from Apple Pascal
  • Computer-Assisted Translation of Program from 6502 - 6809 - Translating techniques
  • Auto Entry for the C1P - Easy keyboard entry for machine language programs
  • TAPDUP - AIM Tape Copy Utilitiy - Backup your cassettes by controlling two recorders at the same time
  • Apple Slices - A method to pass parameters between BASIC and machine language
  • PET Vet - Review of POWER, a flexibile utility package
Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 49 Category: micro-6502Apr-07-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 49 - June 1982

  • Disk to Tape Backup Utility - Save money by using cassette tapes for backup
  • AIM User Function Dispatch - Overcome AIM's limitation of three user-definable keys
  • Add a VIA and Speech Synthesizer to the Color Computer - Add 8-bit bidirectional I/O ports to your Color Computer
  • A Sequential File Handler for a Disk-Based OSI - This file handler written in BASIC and easily implemented
  • Face Synthesizer for PET - Create an animated face on the PET's screen
  • A Low-Cost Digitizer for the Apple - Use a sheet of plastic to built this digitizer
  • AIM Logic Trainer - Test logic circuits and control I/O with this program
  • A Versatile Disk Label Printer - Print different kinds of labels for one and two sided disks
  • Program for Inverting a Matrix - Handy routine for math and statistical programs
  • BASIC, FORTH, and RPL - Two established languages are compared to a newcomer, RPL
  • Tiny PILOT for the PET - A machine language PILOT with screen editing
  • Microcomputer Interfacing: FORTH vs. BASIC - Programs to control a digitizer interface are compared
  • PRINT AT for OSI Systems - Routine for C1P, C4P, and C8P, plus hex object loader
  • Symbol Table Lister for the OSI - List symbol table generated by the C1P assembler
Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 48 Category: micro-6502Apr-07-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 48 - May 1982

  • Memory Map Relocator - Use this handy program to prevent your programs from being overwritten
  • General BASIC to Machine Language Interface - Allow better communication between BASIC and machine language
  • LISZT with Strings - Turn Applesoft listings into easy-to-understand structured formats
  • Apple Graphics for Okidata Microline 80 - Dump Apple hi-res screen graphics to Okidata printer
  • Commodore and MICRO
  • PET Memory Protector - Isolate 1K or more of memory from BASIC and resets
  • Growing Knowledge Trees - Artificial intelligence represented in tree diagrams
  • PET Menu and Tape Timer - Advanced cassette control, extensive use of WAIT command
  • PET Vet - PET SCREEN editing
  • From Here to Atari - "Front Jacks" on the Atari 400 and 800
  • The Single Life - HDE Disk BASIC
Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 47 Category: micro-6502Apr-06-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 47 - April 1982

  • AIM User Device Arbiter - Expand the AIM's I/O ports
  • General Purpose Tape I/O for OSI - Flexible cassette LOAD and SAVEfunctions are provided
  • A Real Tape Operating System - Get the most out of Commodore's reliable system
  • COPCOP Single Drive Copier - Copy OSI diskettes quickly and easily
  • Vortax Interface for SYM - Easily interface this speech synthesizer to your system's VIA
  • 6508 - A New 6502 Configuration - Package includes processor, I/O, RAM and other features
  • Programmable Reverse Video for the C1P - Add this handy feature to your C1P with programming and circuitry
  • Structured Programming in BASIC09 - Combine the benefits of structured programming and user interaction
  • Extension to the C-Bug Monitor - Debugging functions are added to this ML monitor for the Color Computer
  • Multiprecision Addition - A Comparison of 6809 and 6502 Programming
  • FLEX: An Operating System for the 6809 - FELX's history, features and applications are discussed
  • 7SEG: PET Giant Character Set - Alpha-numeric characters on seven-segment display
  • Applesoft Variable Dump - This debugging utility provides a dump of current variable array values
  • Integer Cross-Reference Utilities - Generate a complete cross-reference table for Apple Integer BASIC programs
Platform: PDF
Documentation Viewer Category: seq-file-toolsApr-06-2021

Documentation Viewer and Printer by Mark A. Dickenson (1988) - Nice simple, fast sequential file viewer / printer written in machine language for the Commodore 64.

Platform: Commodore 64
Pulse Assembler Category: assemblersApr-06-2021

Pulse Assembler, A.K.A The Pulse, A.K.A Assembler64 MK2 by Interceptor (Original by Ian Gray - Extended by Lee Braine) is nothing fancy, but I'm sure someone might find it interesting.  I found a doc file for it, so thought I'd post it.

Platform: Commodore 64
Cursor - Vol. 06 - Issue 11 Category: cursorApr-06-2021

Cursor - Vol. 06 - Issue 11 - July 1990

  • Library News - Info about BASIC 8, SYSRES, Colorez 128 & Laser Genius
  • Mail Box - Discussion of why 1990 is a good time to buy software for an 8-bit Commodore
  • 8 Bits & Pieces - General chit chat about what's going on in the club
  • Requiem for an Old Friend - End of an era for the Commodore 64
  • C-64 Machine Language, Part 6 - Features and design of a long program
  • The Write Stuff - Customizing the BB Writer ofr Dot Matrix Printers
  • My First Days With a Modem - Reflections of a new modem user
  • Digi-View 4.0 - Introduction and review
  • Oh Agnes! - What happens when your Amy gets sick
  • Games on Fish - Review of three games from the Fred Fish collection
  • Graphics Bug in Pagestream - Description of an issue with Pagestream 1.8
  • A-3000 Release - Edited release notes for the Amiga 3000
  • Amiga Public Domain - Shot takes on Fred Fish disks 341 - 350

Note : Again this issue has the wrong volume # on the cover

Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 46 Category: micro-6502Apr-06-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 46 - March 1982

  • VisiCalc Formulas for Depreciation - Ready-to-use formulas provide three methods of depreciation
  • Numerical Solution of Differential Equations - Runge-Kutta method and Applesoft program help you solve equations
  • Legrange Interpolating Polynomial - This helpful routine will run on any machine with floating point BASIC
  • SIN(X) The Hard Way - Learn how the in-ROM machine language routing works
  • A Cross Reference Generator for OSI BASIC - Find any variable or line number in your OSI BASIC program
  • More Hooks into OSI BASIC - Add keywords to BASIC under OS-65D v3.2
  • Microsoft BASIC-in-ROM Extensions - PRINT AT and CALL functions are added to BASIC-in-ROM
  • Machine Language to DATA Statement Generator - This handy routine can be applied to all OSI BASIC-in-ROM machines
  • Autonumber Plus for Cursor Control - Add automatic line numbering and PRINT AT to your cursor control program
  • KIM Bouncy Keypad Cure - The 94-bye program prolongs the life of your bouncy keypad
  • Binary Storage and Array Retrieval - A technique for extremely fast I/O of arrays on disk is presented
  • A Disassembler for the 6809 - This disassembler is written in Microsoft BASIC and will run on the Apple II or the Radio Shack Color Computer
  • PET Audible Disk Alarm - This simple enhancement sounds an alarm when a disk error occurs
  • I/O Expansion for AIM - Add two VIAs to trible I/O capacity
Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 45 Category: micro-6502Apr-06-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 45 - February 1982

  • Utilities for the Color Computer - Dump or disassemble 6809 or ASCII code anywhere in memory
  • Formatting AIM Assembler Listings - This program uses a PL/65 approach
  • Superboard Expansion System - Double memory and increase capabilities of C1P and Superboard II
  • Using Atari's Countdown Timers - Use timers with BASIC and Assembly Language programs
  • Speedy Routine for C1P Joystick - Take "slow motion" out of your real-time games
  • Credit Box Creator - Clever techniques to aid your programming
  • RUNZMENU - Eliminate task of rebooting DOS upon language card reset
  • Shape Manipulate - Create, delete, add shapes from tables
  • A FORTHword - A bried history and discussion of features of FORTH
  • Using FORTH with the 6502 - Three applications to utilize the power of FORTH
  • Stepper Motor Control: A FORTH Approach - Command language in FORTH controls movement
  • Life in FORTH and BASIC - Compare and learn from two languages
  • PET Vet - High-level languages on SuperPET
  • From Here to Atari - A look at DOS file structure and the floppy disk system
  • The Single Life - A FORTH vendor is spotlighted
Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 44 Category: micro-6502Apr-06-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 44 - January 1982

  • Atari 800 Player/Missile Graphics - New applications and utility programs
  • Experimenters and the Color Computer - A look at the TRS-80C's capabilities
  • Epson MX80 Interface for SYM-1 - A description of the hardware and software needed for a parallel interface
  • List Scroller - Scroll forward or backward without keyed LIST commands
  • Some Help for KIM, Part 3 - Hardware and software for an improved single-step function
  • Pascal Tutorial, Part 3 - Programming Pascal vs. BASIC
  • RELOC - Easily edit BASIC text files
  • Apple Pascal Textfile Lister - Produce neatly paged output with titles and numbered pages
  • Elementary Pascal Internals - Introduction to internal structure of P-machine and P-code implementations
  • KEYSORT for BASIC 4.0 - An update to a powerful PET utility
  • A Disk Menu Program - An elegant but short disk directory management program
  • Auto-Run-Wedge for the PET - Avoid extra keystrokes
  • PET VET - Review of Pascals for PET/CBM
  • From Here to Atari - More on using the interrupts
  • The Single Life - The single board's place in a world of sophisticated computers
Platform: PDF
Micro 6502 - Issue 43 Category: micro-6502Apr-06-2021

Micro 6502 - Issue 43 - December 1981

  • Data Collection with Your Micro - Interface allows high-speed sampling and recording
  • PET "Listener" - Listen to your PET tapes and have a CB2 sound amplifier
  • Watch that Ground Connection - Protect your computer with a properly connected ground
  • Proportional Joystick for Atari - Make your own joysticks for five dollars
  • Some Help for KIM, Part 2 - A look at the Apple Pascal Filer
  • Flags and Boolean Algebra in Microsoft BASICs - Features to give you powerful program structures
  • Recursive Use of GOSUB in Microsoft BASIC - Implementation for OSI, PET, Apple, TRS-80 Color and others
  • Applesoft Variable Lister - Use this lister with any program, anywhere in memory
  • Applesoft Memory Map Display - Create maps without altering memory contents
  • Applesoft Line Finder Routine - Display byts or a particular line, use subroutines available in monitor
  • Applesoft and Matrices - Machine language program performs special matrix operations
Platform: PDF
Superbase: The Book Category: c128-general-booksApr-05-2021

Just learned about this book tonight from Cursor Vol.6 Issue 10.  If you've ever wanted to do something productive with your 8-bit Commodore 64 / 128, then putting the excellent database program called SuperBase to work would be a good start.  SuperBase: The Book covers just about anything / everything one could want to know about this database.

Platform: PDF
Cursor - Vol. 06 - Issue 10 Category: cursorApr-05-2021

Cursor - Vol. 06 - Issue 10

  • The Write Stuff Notes - Some interesting information about  The Write Stuff word processor for the Commodore 64 / 128
  • C-64 Machine Language - Part 5 - How to combine two programs into one
  • BB Outliner 128 - What it takes for a word processor to be a good outliner
  • Sort Big Files with a C128 - Sorting big files on a Commodore 128 with accompanying source code
  • Amiga Monitor - News and reviews of Amiga related happenings and software
  • Vale Transactor - Transactor for Amiga publication is no more
  • Why Buy a Modem - Everyone needs a modem, don't they?
  • About Shells - Some good information about the various command line interfaces available for the Amiga
  • The Super* Page - Interesting information about why there was never a SuperBase 4 for the Amiga and detailed SuperBase programming info
  • BASICS for Learners, Part 8 - Exploring the programs in the hidden drawers of Workbenh 1.3
  • Games Column - Reviews of Ports of Call (Aegis Development) and Red Lightning (SSI)
  • Amiga Public Domain Library - Short takes on the various PD disks in the CCUGQ and Fred Fish library

Note - The cover page volume number is wrong, this is really volume 6.

Platform: PDF