TitleCategoryUpload Date
StonySoft Public Domain Collection Category: CollectionsJul-08-2020

StonySoft is a really awesome collection of public domain software for the Commodore 64.

Platform: Commodore 64
ACCUG (Albany and Corvallis Commodore User Group) Archive Category: CollectionsJul-08-2020

This disk was created for the purpose of preserving our club's public domain software archived on floppy disks. This CD has C64, C128, and Amiga disks as well as multiple megs of Amiga animation, magazine and music disks.

64'er CD Category: CollectionsJul-08-2020

This CD contains all the floppy disks of the 64'er magazine from 1984 - 1994.  It also contains the floppy disks for all special issues 1-97, as well as a few C64 emulators and utilities.

Platform: Commodore 64
COMAL 80 Demo Disk Category: COMALJul-07-2020

COMAL (Common Algorithmic Language) is a computer programming language developed in Denmark by Benedict Løfstedt and Børge R. Christensen in 1973.  This archive is the demo disk full of sample code that came with Rev 2.01 of the COMAL 80 cartridge for the Commodore 64.  Here is a link to the COMAL manual and cartridge.

Platform: Commodore 64
COMAL 80 Rev 2.01 (ApS) Category: COMALJul-07-2020

COMAL (Common Algorithmic Language) is a computer programming language developed in Denmark by Benedict Løfstedt and Børge R. Christensen in 1973.  This archive is the .CRT version of COMAL 80 Rev 2.01 for the Commodore 64.  Here is a link to the manual.

This version of the archive includes some additional information about the cartridge, the complete 128k .bin that was then converted to the 64k .crt and a demo disk full of sample code.  Also of note is that this version is by "UniComal ApS" where the other version is "UniComal & Commodore".

Platform: Commodore 64
Menu Creator v3.0 Category: Disk MenusJul-02-2020

Found this interesting menu making program called Menu Creator 3.0 by Jerry Glow on a random disk.  At first it looked a bit lame while creating the menu, but once the menu was made and I loaded it up, it actually was pretty nice.  There is an option to add turbo loading to the program you want in the menu, but it didn't work with the BASIC program I tried.  Maybe it only works with machine language programs?

Platform: Commodore 64
Random Password Generator Category: Miscellaneous UtilitiesJul-02-2020

Here is something everybody needs;  a program to create random 10 digit passwords that include both alpha and numeric characters.  To bad it doesn't have an option to add punctuation or lower case.  

Platform: Commodore 64
Super Expander 64 [CRT] Category: BASIC ExtensionsJul-02-2020

The SUPER EXPANDER 64 is a cartridge based program that adds 21 new commands and 11 new built-in functions to the BASIC language in your Commodore 64.  As you will notice from the screenshot, you lose a bit of memory from the top of BASIC.

Here is a link to the manual.

Platform: Commodore 64
Super Expander 64 Manual Category: Cartridge ManualsJul-02-2020

The SUPER EXPANDER 64 is a powerful extension of the BASIC language in your Commodore 64 computer. Previously, you had to Peek or Poke specific memory locations to access your computer's graphics and sound features. Now, the SUPER EXPANDER 64 provides new BASIC commands so you can easily access the Commodore 64's many features . Simply "plug" the SUPER EXPANDER 64 cartridge into your computer and turn on the power.

Here is a link to the cartridge (.crt) image.

Platform: PDF
Disk Tester v1.0 Category: Disk CheckersJul-02-2020

Disk Tester v1.0 by Mr. Fiz is a small but fast disk checker that is capable of testing for quite a few error types.  Check out the built-in help screen for more details.

Platform: Commodore 64
What's Really Inside the C64 Category: C64 Programming BooksJul-02-2020

The purpose of this book is to provide a detailed listing of the ROM contents for the Commodore 64 microcomputer.  For programmers working in assembler language, or those wanting a more complete understanding of BASIC, this should prove to be very useful.

Platform: PDF
CIA Diagnostic Category: C64 TestersJul-02-2020

Simple diagnostic tool to report the status of the CIA chips inside the Commodore 64.  You don't want anything hooked to the joystick or user port when running this diagnostic.  Works for both PAL and NTSC machines.

Platform: Commodore 64
C64 Service Manual (PN-314001-02) Category: Service ManualsJul-02-2020

There are three versions of the C64. The C64 with a five pin connector video output (326106), The C64 with an eight pin connector video output (251138}, and the C64B which has improved system clock circuit design (251469).  Most circuit theory explanations will be the same for all three versions. Refer to schematic 326106 unless noted otherwise.

Platform: PDF
1541 Sector Tester Category: Disk CheckersJul-02-2020

Sometimes you just want to know that the disk you're going to use is in good condition and your disk drive gets along nicely with it.  Here's a simple but effective tool for testing that disk.  1541 Sector Tester will read every track and sector on the disk and let you know if an error is returned.

Platform: Commodore 64
miniGANGCART Manual v1.6 Category: Hardware ManualsJul-01-2020

The miniGANGCART cartridge supports fast loading and writing procedures for stations 1541, 1541C, OCEANIC 9900, 1541II,1570/1571 (in GCR1541 mode) and 1581, SD2IEC for the PAL / NTSC Commodore 64 version. The area that can be uploaded and burned using quick procedures is included in almost the entire C64 memory, that is from $0400 to $ FFFF.

Platform: PDF
BackBit Firmware 2.4.5 Category: BackBit FirmwareJul-01-2020

BackBit C64 Firmware Version 2.4.5

- PLAster uses default KERNAL in built-in programs

- Rip & Burn drive detection fixed for drives past 8

Platform: Commodore 64
BackBit Firmware 2.4.4 Category: BackBit FirmwareJul-01-2020

BackBit C64 Firmware Version 2.4.4

- Added support for PLAster KERNAL replacement

- Better navigation for PROPS menu

Platform: Commodore 64
Recover Category: Disk EditorsJul-01-2020

Here's an interesting little utility written in BASIC for the Commodore 64 that will let you recover from disk error 23 or 24, according to the remarks in the code.  Basically it lets you follow the track/sector chain of a program and edit the raw data, which it will then write back to the disk.  There is also printer output if so desired.

Platform: Commodore 64
F.I.G. Forth v1.1 Category: ForthJul-01-2020

F.I.G. Forth v1.1 (c)1983 Pet Forth SystemGroup is also known as Elcom-Forth according to this post over at the Lemon64 forum.  It is also commented on that the Atari Forth Atari Forth Manual can be used, as this Forth version has a limited wordset.

Platform: Commodore 64
Commodore Free Website Mirror Category: Miscellaneous StuffJul-01-2020

This is a complete mirror of the Commodore Free magazine website before the domain was hijacked sometime in 2018.

Commodore 64 Wall Mount Category: 3D Printable PartsJul-01-2020

Here is a simple (STL files) Commodore 64 wall mount that takes advantage of the fact that an unmodified Commodore 64 is nearly perfectly balanced when placed on-end. The holes are intended for nails, but you may want to add a bevel and use wood screws instead.

Both end brackets are the same: Just mirror it before printing for the left side.

Platform: Windows
Edit Load Address Category: Machine Language ToolsJul-01-2020

Here is a simple BASIC program that can be quite usefull on certain occasions.  Edit Load Address for the Commodore 64 lets you move the location in memory that a program will load into.

Platform: Commodore 64
Wiz-Mon Category: Machine Language MonitorsJun-30-2020

Wiz-Mon by Magic Disk (January 1990 issue) is a machine language monitor for the Commodore 64.  This particular version can be loaded into various memory locations ($1000-$2000, $6000-$7000 & $c000-$d000) and has the instructions built into the program.

Platform: Commodore 64
C*Base BBS v3.3.8+ Category: C-Base BBSJun-30-2020

C*Base v3.3.8+ updated by Holy Moses and Released on July 1st, 2020.  Here's a quick overview of the improvements:

- Up to 38400 bps
- ":" in bbs-list allowed for host-#´s
- Colored, more cooler directories
- Turbomode 48MHz supported by enablebit
- Directories/userlist with autopause
- Visible autopause "on" or "off"

This version of C*Base will run out of the box on the Ultimate64 with SwiftLink emulation and firmware v1.34 (and newer I assume).  Note the support for 48Mhz turbo mode!

Platform: Commodore 64
The Image Reflection (Image BBS) Category: Image BBS MailingsJun-30-2020

The Image Reflection is a short two page mailing that thanks Image BBS Sysops for making the BBS a success and talking about the new enhancements coming to Image BBS v1.1.

Platform: PDF
The Reflection (Image BBS) Category: Image BBS MailingsJun-30-2020

The Reflection is a short six page mailing that talks about the move of New Image headquarters, the release of Image BBS v1.2, events coming up, and a listing of various Image BBSes.

P.S. - You can find all the issues of "The Reflection" newsletter here.

Platform: PDF
NISSA News (Image BBS) Category: Image BBS MailingsJun-30-2020

NISSA News is a short two page mailing that went out to Image sysops and was accompanied by a Plus files disk.  It talks about a upcoming third Pfiles disk and some other events happening in 1989.

Platform: PDF
From the Top (Image BBS) Category: Image BBS MailingsJun-30-2020

From the Top is a 12 page newsletter for Image BBS sysops.  Some of the highlights include a shout out to Ray Kelm (AKA "Professor") and some of the wonderful stuff he did for Image, some reviews of games available for Image BBS, some talk about using an REU with Image BBS, unknown MCI commands, all the changes to Image BBS v1.0 since 10/88 and more.  Give it a read, it's worth the time.

Platform: PDF
Image Reflection (Image BBS) Category: Image BBS MailingsJun-30-2020

This 10 page mailing was supposed to be a full issue of "Image Reflections" but it apparently didn't have enough content to warrant that, so instead it's just a mailing that highlights some of the things coming up in 1989 related to Image BBS.  Some interesting tid bits and history worth reading.

Platform: PDF
C128 Digi Player / Converter Category: Miscellaneous Sound ToolsJun-22-2020

This program plays digis on the C128 without the use of custom assembler routines. The program was inspired by the 8-bit-guys video on "C128 BASIC Hack: Playing Digital Samples". On the C128, it is possible to play a digi using the PLAY command of BASIC 7.0. However, the digi needs to be converted to a sample rate of 6kHz and each sample must be a value between 0 and 9, which is mapped to a volume value between 0 and 15 by the play command. While both, the playback frequency and the resolution are worse than standard digi players in assembler, it is still an interesting hack showing what can be done in BASIC V7.0.

Platform: Commodore 128
Hoxs64 v1.1.0.4 (32 & 64 Bit) Category: Hoxs64Jun-22-2020

Hoxs64 v1.1.0.4 - Released June 19th,2020


1) Prevent ImGUI from saving imgui.ini text files everywhere.

Platform: Windows
Star NL-10 Interface Cartridge User's Guide Category: Hardware ManualsJun-22-2020

This interface cartridge contains all the electronics your printer needs to talk to a computer. To use your printer with a different computer, just install a different cartridge. There is an interface (I/F) cartridge for each popular computer on the market.

This interface cartridge offers full compatibility with any Commodore on the market. It combines the speed and efficiency of a proven winner with the character sets and printer codes used by the Commodore!

Platform: PDF
1,121 Commodore 64 Disk Labels Category: CompilationsJun-22-2020

Sleepwalk7 (AKA Sea7) has been hard at work making his collection of Commdore 64 disk labels bigger and better.  There are over 100+ new labels in the collection and work has started on converting the labels to accurate physical dimensions.  Sea7 has also mentioned that he is doing some work on disk sleeves and tape labels, so stay tuned for future updates.  As always. please check out his site at https://www.dumpclub64.it/ and let him know you appreciate the hard work and time that goes into these.

Platform: Commodore 64
Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.34 Category: Ultimate 64Jun-22-2020

Firmware for the U64 / U64E, version 1.34 - Dated: 2020-06-21

Added features since 1.28

  • Turbo Mode... The 6510 CPU can now be run faster than 1 MHz.
  • Support for Nordic Power cartridge
  • Faster application processor for smoother file browsing experience
  • Significant lower noise floor when using real SIDs
  • From MarkusC64: For Geos 64 - Download D41, D71, D81 and DNP files directly from the file browser into a RAMDISK of the same type.
  • From MarkusC64: For Geos 64 - Save RAMDISK to USB in the appropriate format, directly from the file browser
  • Added freeze function with USB menu (F11 key)

See details on next page for additional information.

Platform: Commodore 64
BackBit Firmware 2.4.3 Category: BackBit FirmwareJun-20-2020

BackBit C64 Firmware Version 2.4.3

- Added support for COMAL 80, WarpSpeed and Mach5 cartridges

Platform: Commodore 64