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Color 64 BBS v8.0 Manual (Revised and Reformatted) Category: Software Manuals [C64]04-04-24

Michael “Nuke” Newkirk reached out to me this week to let me know he has something special to share with all you Color 64 sysops out there - a revised and reformatted manual for the Color 64 v8.0 BBS!  I'm sure you'll appreciate the time and effort that went into this project, thanks Mike for keeping the Commodore 64 BBS dream alive. 

Here is an excerpt from the foreword of this revised manual.  I highly encourage taking a few minutes to read it, because if you were ever a sysop, you will completely relate:

"This document is a capture of the last Color 64 v8.0 txt that is widely available on the internet. I wanted to reformat it and make it an easier table-driven reference as much as possible for my own personal use, and the idea grew to make this something more with distribution to the interested communities in mind. I tried to keep to the author’s original personality and content, but invoked many grammatic changes and some technical that I felt would better serve the new generation of SYSOPs coming in."

Thanks Mike (Nuke)!

Manual updated 4/8/2024 - Some minor tweaks and corrections - See page 160 for editor's notes on CMD HD usage.

Platform: PDF
The Faery Tale Adventure Hintbook Category: Game Manuals [C64]04-04-24

Read ye well seeker, this ancient grimoire of lore and Knowledge o! days afore...Study these runes and learn ye these ciphers-and mayhap ye shall solve the riddle o! the Faery Tale Adventure...

Platform: PDF
The Fun Graphics Machine v6 Reference Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]04-04-24

Welcome to the FUN GRAPHICS MACHINE v.6. This new version of the FGH has been in the making for several years and is a l!!s!.l.Q.I. update over earlier versions of FGH. It includes many new features to make it
faster, smoother, friendlier, and more powerful. FGH has been well tested by some very ruthless and fearless beta testers.

This one program will let you use your COMMODORE 64 to do things that those with Amigas, Apples and IBM's can't do as quickly or easily. Show off your C641 Labels (any size!) should be a snap after you do a
couple, and the higher powered systems are unlikely to do any better. Host computer systems are rendered pretty equal by their printers, just as a good sound system is no better than the speakers.

Platform: PDF
Magic Disk Kit Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]04-04-24

Welcome to one of the unique range of Robtek products that you have just bought. You are in possession of a highly sophisticated product that will help you to get a better performance and a longer life from your disk drive. To be able to enjoy the full benefits from this product it is important that you read the instructions carefully. Robteks Magic Disk Kit is simple to use and easy to correct. It is an economical method that not
only cleans and checks your drive but solves most of your problems.

Platform: PDF
Mega65 User's Guide (February 2024) Category: Hardware Manuals [C64]04-04-24

Congratulations on your purchase of one of the most long-awaited computers in the history of computing! The MEGA65 is community designed, and based on the never-released Commodore® 651 computer; a computer designed in 1989 and intended for public release in 1990. Decades have passed, and we have endeavoured to invoke memories of an earlier time when computers were simple and friendly. They were not only simple to operate and understand, but friendly and approachable for new users.

Platform: PDF
Blue Chip M120/10 Printer Owner's Manual Category: Hardware Manuals [C64]03-13-24

This printer is an attractive, efficient, and versatile printer. The wide variation of character sets and its sufficient function capability allows you to print text and graphic in a wide range of different print styles. The printer is designed to operate through software control, supplied from the any general purpose micro-computer, personal computer, office computer, etc. that has provision of printing data out-put that should
conform with this specification.

Thanks Anthony for providing this manual.

Platform: PDF
C Power Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]03-12-24

C Power by Brian Hilchie - This is the manual for the C Power programming language by Pro-Line Software (4th Printing, October, 1985).

Thanks Anthony for providing this manual.

Platform: PDF
Disky Business Category: Multi Function Tools03-04-24

Disky Business by Jeff Holbrook is a pretty simple set of utility functions for dealing with basic floppy disk tasks on a Commodore 64 with a 1541 floppy drive.  A couple features I like about this program are that it works with drives other than just device #8 and that it has the ability to move a file on the disk into the first position for using load "*",8,1.  The program has many other abilities which you can see in the screenshots.

Platform: Commodore 64
Decision Maker Category: Miscellaneous Applications03-03-24

Decision Maker by Triptych (1984) is a complete learning and applications course based upon the theory of Decision Analysis and Decision Trees. Your purchase consists of three elements:

1) The Text Book which you are now reading. Please bear in mind that you will be using it continuously ih conjunction with the computer, and therefore it has been designed to stand upright in the box lid so
that you can refer to it more easily.

2) The Teaching Program, which will be used to give you a full undérstanding of the concepts of Decision Analysis.

3) The Applications Program, which you will be able to use to solve your own decision analysis problems.

You will find that the Teaching Program is not a simple tutorial on how to use the Applications Program. Once you gain an understanding of the material, you will be able to use decision analysis to solve problems with or without your computer.

If you think that you already have a sound grasp of the principles of decision analysis, then you may wish to try out the Applications Program immediately. If so, simply turn the book around, and find Chapter 12.
There you will discover the detailed instructions for solving your own decision problems.

** Thank you M.M. for the program and manual.

Platform: Commodore 64
Compute's Gazette SID Collection v1.46 [Pics Add-on] Category: Compute's Gazette SID Collection03-03-24

This is a picture add-on for the Compute's Gazette SID Collection v1.46.  I believe when using Compute!'s Sidplayer by Craig Chamberlain and Harry Bratt, you can have a picture included with each song.

Thank you B4r4cud4 for pointing out this new update.

Platform: Commodore 64
Compute's Gazette SID Collection v1.46 Category: Compute's Gazette SID Collection03-03-24

The aim of the Compute's Gazette Sid Collection is to try and preserve as many of those Sidplayer music files in one location as possible.

The current collection (as of March 2024) contains 16441 MUS files, 4357 STR files and 5556 WDS files.

Thanks B4r4cud4 for pointing out this update.

Platform: Commodore 64
Turbo MIRV Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]03-01-24

Turbo MIRV (Multiple Information Recovery Vehicle) by Cosmi is designed to exist concurrently with other programs in the Commodore 64 computer. Turbo MIRV is a combination of six desktop tools which include a Notepad, Calculator, Clock functions, Calendar, Rolodex and Autodialer .

Thanks Anthony for providing another rare manual.

Platform: PDF
Microlog SWL Cartridge Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]02-29-24

Microlog SWL Radio Interface Cartridge for the Commodore 'C-64'

Welcome to the world of digital communications. Your new "SHORT-WAVE-LISTENER" will turn your computer into a complete listening post for those undecipherable coded signals you've heard.

Thanks to Anthony for providing the manual.

Platform: PDF
SuperKey Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]02-28-24

SuperKey is a utility program for the Commodore 64 computer that allows you to redefine up to 96 keys on your keyboard. You can redefine some or all of the keys, and add, change or delete any of the definitions
at any time. The keys that you can redefine are the graphics characters that are accessed by pressing and holding either the SHIFT or Commodore keys prior to pressing one of the graphics keys. Throughout the remainder of this manual the SHIFT and Commodore keys will be abbreviated SH and C=, respectively.

Thanks to Anthony for providing this documentation.  Although it's a scan of a photo copy, so far it's the only manual I've ever seen for this software and it's much appreciated.

Note - If anyone has this utility, I would love to add it to the site.

Platform: PDF
RTC Master 128 Docs Category: Software Manuals [C64]02-28-24

RTC Master 128 Docs - Our friendly neighborhood sleuth,  Colt45, did some digging and uncovered some documentation that was hidden in a .PRG file.  Turns out it was just a .SEQ file that had been renamed. 

If you're curious about RTC Master 128, you can grab it HERE.

Thanks Colt45 for all your help!

P.S. - It is suspected that this program was used with the online service GEnie, can anyone confirm?

Platform: PDF
Kwik-Load Manual Category: Software Manuals [C64]02-27-24

KWIK-LOAD! is a software utility program for the Commodore 64 or Executive 64 computer. It speeds up the way the disk drive reads information on a 5 1/4" floppy diskette. It will work with one or two Commodore 1541 disk drives. KWIK-COPY, a second program on the diskette, uses simple screen menus to guide you through otherwise complicated procedures. With KWIK-LOAD! and KWIK-COPY you can:

  • Load programs and data more than 300% faster;
  • Copy diskettes more than 300% faster;
  • Test your disk drive for proper operating speed;
  • Edit information on a diskette directly by track and sector;
  • Display and write diskette directory information in alphabetical order; and
  • Perform DOS (Disk Operating System) operations: format and validate disks, scratch and rename files.

Thanks to Anthony for providing this manual.  It's a bit rough because it's a scan of a photocopy, but I haven't seen it anywhere else on the net, so it's much appreciated.

Platform: PDF
Cave of the Word Wizard User's Manual Category: Game Manuals [C64]02-26-24

Cave of the Word Wizard User's Manual - Thank you Don for donating this!

You have wandered into a mysterious cave, and the entrance has been sealed behind you. Suddenly the Word Wizard appears and informs you that in order to leave his cave you must find four magic crystals which
have the power needed to open the cave entrance. You have only a flashlight to help you find your way, and your batteries are running low.

Platform: PDF
Ivory BBS v3.2 Category: Ivory BBS02-17-24

Ivory BBS v3.2 for the Commodore 64 by Bill Jackson (1989) - There are much newer versions of this BBS, but I love collecting everything C64 related, and it's sometimes fun to see the variations between versions.

Platform: Commodore 64
Activision's Commodore 64 15-Pack Docs & History Category: Game Manuals [C64]02-17-24

Activision's Commodore 64 15-Pack Docs & History (that's just what I'm calling it) is a compilation of the "help" files included with the 1995 release of the game cd for Windows 95 called "Activision's Commodore 64 15 Pack".  In this archive you'll find 68 pages of compiled documentation, help, history and interviews that were contained in the help files on the CD-ROM.

Thanks to Bruce Thomas for finding and transcribing this hidden treasure that probably went unnoticed by most that owned the CD, into a PDF document for all to enjoy. 

Platform: PDF
Commodore Store Demos Category: Demos02-17-24

I was going through some disks DLH over at Bombjack sent me, and I found this disk that appears to be something Commodore perhaps supplied to retail stores to demo the features of the Commodore 64.  I love the part of the demo that "projects" their popularity.

Platform: Commodore 64
Multiterm 128 v2.0 Category: Terminal Programs [C128]01-28-24

Multiterm 128 v2.0 by Stephen Thompson (1986) - This is one of the earliest versions of this 40/80 column terminal program for the Commodore 128 that I've found as of 1/28/2024.  Thanks to DLH for sharing the collection this was found among.  If you're looking for the newest version, I believe it's Multiterm 128 v3.7 that can be found here.

Platform: Commodore 128
TermX Category: Miscellaneous Terminal Programs01-28-24

TermX by Stephen E. Masters (January 1984) - This C64 BASIC program is not a full terminal program, but rather something custom coded for uploading and downloading from something the author describes in the docs as the "TSP or CMS on the UM computer system".  There is some pretty good documentation included in the archive.  Here is an excerpt from the docs:

TERMX is a terminal emulation program for the Commodore-64. It will work on TSO or CMS on the UM computer system. Some of its features include:

1. File upload and download from CMS using CMS execs and programs.
2. "Bell code" recognition.
3. Multiple line feeds after each line are suppressed.
4. Carrier tone recognition and initial response.

Thanks DLH for sharing.

Platform: Commodore 64
Wild Term! Category: Miscellaneous Terminal Programs01-28-24

Wild Term! by Wizard Soft (1985) - It's been a while since I've discovered a new terminal program, but thanks to DLH for sharing a collection of BBS and terminal programs, I've found this older 300 baud only term.

Platform: Commodore 64
Bible Hangman Category: Word Games01-26-24

Bible Hangman is your classic hangman game with questions based on Bible scriptures. How well do you know your Bible and God? 

Platform: Commodore 64
D64 Disk Image Data Visualizer Category: Amiga Software01-26-24

Although this isn't an actual download, I think it's so cool that I want to share it with everyone!  Here is an excerpt from the size that explains what this handy online tool can do:

Simply pick one of the disk colors above (Heatmap is selected by default), drag a D64 image from your computer to the webpage, and drop it. After a second or two, a visualization of your D64 will appear on the screen.

You can also find this and many other handy links at a new website I'm working on -


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