TitleCategoryUpload Date
CMD RAMLink User's Manual Category: hardware-manualsJan-15-2021

CMD RAMLink extends the capabilities and compatibility of RAM expansion units for the Commodore 64 and 128 series of computers.

Platform: PDF
CMD HD User's Manual Category: hardware-manualsJan-15-2021

The CMD HD has been designed to be the easiest-to-use hard drive system available for Commodore 64 and 128 computers.

Platform: PDF
5.25 Inch Floppy Disk Sleeve [docx] Category: miscellaneous-stuffJan-15-2021

This is a slick Microsoft Word template for a 5 1/4" disk sleeve.  You can edit the text for the front and it prints to the perfect size.

Platform: Windows
Datastorm 2017 Demo Party Entries Category: datastormJan-14-2021

Datastorm 2017 demo party entries and results

Platform: Commodore 64
MacGeopaint v1.1 Category: graphics-convertersJan-13-2021

MacGeopaint by J. Hastings-Trew is a graphics conversion utility that will convert a Macpaint image to a GEOS Geopaint image.  I wish I had some sample pictures to include, but I'll be totally honest, I have no idea how you'd get a Mac file onto a Commodore floppy disk.

Platform: Commodore 64
Macview Category: graphic-viewersJan-13-2021

Macview by Daniel Ligas is a graphics viewer for the Commodore 64 that can view MacPaint files saved in the "MacRead" or "Digi" format.  There are two sample pictures included on the disk.

Platform: Commodore 64
GeoRAM System 2.0 Category: georamJan-12-2021

GeoRAM System 2.0 (64er Magazine - December 1992 Issue, Page 36) is a RAM Disk utility & machine code monitor for the Commodore 64.  With this utility you can create a 2015 block storage device that can  be used from BASIC 2.0. 

After the program loads and runs, it will door a warm reboot.  After the reboot, issue SYS 56832 to activate the software.  The built-in help can be access by typing "HELP" at the > prompt

Platform: Commodore 64
@Mon ML Monitor Category: machine-language-monitorsJan-01-2021

@Mon (Pronounced atmon) by Andre Fachat is a machine language monitor for the Commodore 64.  There are two versions in the archive, one that loads at $c000 (49152) and another at $6000 (24576).  Full documentation and source is included.

Platform: Commodore 64
The Famous Sprite Show Series Category: graphics-and-picturesDec-27-2020

The Famouse Sprite Show series by Hackersoft & Vincenzo Mainolfi (1996)  is a set of four sprite shows containing sprites from popular game titles.  This disk was distributed with the "Computer Scene" issue 10 disk magazine.

Platform: Commodore 64
CCGMS 2021 Category: ccgmsDec-25-2020

CCGMS 2021 - Originally by Craig Smith, but heavily updated and improved by Alwyz.  This is one of the best Commodore 64 terminal programs you'll find, if not THE best!  There is so much support now for new C64 peripherals that it's pretty much a must have!

NEW in v2021:

  • Punter stack and Unlisted dialer bugs have been eliminated
  • Support in autodialer for Zimodem and related WiFi device firmware that prefer an ATD prefix to ATDT.

Check out the details page for extended list of capabilities and features.

Platform: Commodore 64
JAL Software's C64 Public Domain Disk 1 Category: compilationsDec-25-2020
JAL Software's C64 Public Domain Disk 1 by James A. Lisowski is a nice collection of utilities and BASIC code samples for the Commodore 64. Many of the utilities have been posted here individually, but there are still a few treasures on this disk that you'll want to check out. In particular there is a program called Alternate Scales and another called Alternate Chords that show off the amazing capabilities of the SID sound chip.
Platform: Commodore 64
Sprite Page Demo v3.1 Category: basic-toolsDec-25-2020
Sprite Page Demo v3.1 by James A. Lisowski is a truly cool BASIC demo of converting standard text into sprites, but it's so much more than that. Being able to move chunks of text data around the screen at will can be very handy, and the data can be changed on the fly! The code is well documented, and there is also an extensive doc file included.
Platform: Commodore 64
Sprite Number Demo v4 Category: basic-toolsDec-25-2020
Sprite Number Demo v4 by James A. Lisowski is an extremely well documented BASIC demo that takes three random digits from a string and converts them to sprites, then scrolls them horizontally across the screen. Great sample code for use in your own programs.
Platform: Commodore 64
DiskX2 Category: disk-checkersDec-25-2020
DiskX2 by James A. Lisowski is a super simple but handy utility for the Commodore 64 and Floppy drive that randomly moves the head between different tracks. Good for checking alignment or running a head cleaning floppy.
Platform: Commodore 64
Scan Seqs v3.0 Category: seq-file-toolsDec-25-2020
Scan Seqs v3.0 by James A. Lisowki is a utility for the Commodore 64 that scans through the first few blocks of selected or all sequential files on a disk to preview the contents. It's for those of us that have bad file naming habits.
Platform: Commodore 64