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zip0 10th Frame Instruction Manual
10th Frame Instruction Manual 10th-frame-instruction-manual
2020-11-15 English PDF 1.02 MB 636 Download
zip1 1942 - Captain Commando Series Instruction Manual
1942 - Captain Commando Series Instruction Manual 1942-captain-commando-series-instructions
2020-11-15 English PDF 2.14 MB 667 Download
zip2 1942 Instructions

1942 Instructions

2020-11-15 English PDF 759.97 KB 659 Download
zip3 1943 - The Battle of Midway - Instruction Manual
1943 - The Battle of Midway - Instruction Manual 1943-the-battle-of-midway-instruction-manual
2020-11-15 English PDF 1.14 MB 597 Download
zip4 4th & Inches Manual

4th & Inches (by Accolade) Manual

2019-10-04 English PDF 1.42 MB 721 Download
zip5 4th & Inches Team Construction Coaching Guide
4th & Inches Team Construction Coaching Guide 4th-and-inches-team-construction-coaching-guide
2020-11-16 English PDF 1.43 MB 578 Download
zip6 4x4 Off-Road Racing Manual

4x4 Off-Road Racing (Epyx) Manual

2019-10-04 English PDF 2.07 MB 721 Download
zip7 Accolade's Comics Manual

Accolade's Comics Manual

2019-10-04 English PDF 1.26 MB 768 Download
zip8 Aces of Aces Manual

Aces of Aces (Accolade) Manual

2019-10-04 English PDF 1.91 MB 703 Download
zip9 Action Service Manual

Somewhere in Europe ... A top secret training camp where the cream of the crop from the action services must spend a day in order to prepare for top secret missions with the famous Cobra Command! Today it is your tum to volunteer for a perilous mission. Your participation and your role in them ission depends on your performance here.

You should realize that after this ruthless selection, the mission itself will not be a party but an adventure where you risk losing your life. However, there is still time to pack up your kit and retum home!

2023-10-23 English PDF 4.16 MB 140 Download
zip10 Activision's Commodore 64 15-Pack Docs & History

Activision's Commodore 64 15-Pack Docs & History (that's just what I'm calling it) is a compilation of the "help" files included with the 1995 release of the game cd for Windows 95 called "Activision's Commodore 64 15 Pack".  In this archive you'll find 68 pages of compiled documentation, help, history and interviews that were contained in the help files on the CD-ROM.

Thanks to Bruce Thomas for finding and transcribing this hidden treasure that probably went unnoticed by most that owned the CD, into a PDF document for all to enjoy. 

2024-02-17 English PDF 2.6 MB 135 Download
zip11 Adventure Creator Manual

With ADVENTURE CREATOR. you can create your own computer adventure game for others to play or have the computer create an adventure for you to solve. Set up a complex maze of interconnecting rooms. Place treasures. traps and creatures in each room. Choose a goal for your game and then save your adventure to either disk or cassette for future play.

2023-10-20 English PDF 1.47 MB 167 Download
zip12 Adventure Master Program Guide

Welcome to the wortd of adventure games! You probably know a lot about howto play adventure games already. Now you’re going to learn how to create them!

ADVENTURE MASTER puts you in total control. Not only will you set the goals and create the environments your fellow adventure gamers will experience, but you’ll also describe places, plan events, create secret exits, name magic words, hide objects and even illustrate your adventure with the program’s easy-to-use graphics system! With ADVENTURE MASTER an endless number of imaginative, new worlds are yours for the making!

2023-10-20 English PDF 648.37 KB 149 Download
zip13 Adventure Writer HOT

Adventure Writer is a CodeWriter program creation system which allows a person with no programming experience to create adventures in Assembly language.

2019-09-07 English PDF 15.1 MB 1,078 Download
zip14 Aliens Manual
Aliens Manual aliens-manual
2019-10-04 English PDF 1.83 MB 715 Download
zip15 Articfox Manual

Arcticfox Game Manual

2019-09-07 English PDF 15.52 MB 731 Download
zip16 Broderbund's Stealth Manual

The object of the game is to reach and destroy the Dark Tower. One shot will destroy the Tower at level 1. Each successive level will require an additional shot. The Tower will flash each time it is hit.

The game has five levels. You can make three attempts in each level to reach and destroy the Tower.

If you want to pause the action during game play, press the Space Bar. To resume play, press the Space Bar again. You will not be charged for the time the game is stopped.

2023-06-18 English PDF 381.29 KB 150 Download
zip17 Captain Blood Manual

As Captain Blood, you must find your five clones and disintegrate them in the ship's Fridgitorium to replenish the vital fluids you so desperately need. Because you lack these vital fluids, you are continually degenerating. The ship's auto-bionic sensors are gradually replacing your limbs and internal organs with mechanical gizmos. Unless you find your clones and restore your vital fluids, you will eventually become a completely bionic human substitute...a robot.

2023-10-31 English PDF 1.77 MB 124 Download
zip18 Cave of the Word Wizard User's Manual

Cave of the Word Wizard User's Manual - Thank you Don for donating this!

You have wandered into a mysterious cave, and the entrance has been sealed behind you. Suddenly the Word Wizard appears and informs you that in order to leave his cave you must find four magic crystals which
have the power needed to open the cave entrance. You have only a flashlight to help you find your way, and your batteries are running low.

2024-02-26 English PDF 1.35 MB 82 Download
zip19 Crazy Cars II Manual

This time you’re at the wheel of the fabulous Ferrari F40 and in a race against time in a bid to smash a stolen car racket - the only problem is the guys involved in the racket are corrupt policemen!

As you gotearing through four states of America in search of the corrupt police, you will also have problems with the honest road cops who don’t appreciate the sight of a Ferrari F40 crossing their state at 200 miles per hour...... But, it ain’t that easy .......

You must plan your route carefully from the maps of each state which are displayed on screen and which show the actual American freeways that you will travel on - Be careful, the shortest routes aren't always the easiest as the sight and sound of a blue flashing light will soon make you realise. Your Ferrari is equiped with the latest radar which will enable you to detect police road blocks which may have been set up to catch you, therefore keep an eye on the Freeway junctions as you may be forced to change your route!

2023-06-21 English PDF 406.28 KB 141 Download
d64 floppy20 Deadline Manual

Deadline game manual.

2016-10-27 English PDF 1.12 MB 855 Download
zip21 Force 7 Manual

You are the commander of a specially trained squadron consisting of seven crew members. You are ordered to infiltrate the energy production plant on the planet "karis".  You must then free any survivors and destroy all hostile alien forms.

2020-11-15 English PDF 1.04 MB 669 Download
zip22 Into the Eagles Nest Manual

As the game begins, you have smuggled yourself into the Eagle's Nest and are safe for the moment in a small storage room on the ground floor. You are armed and have 99 rounds of ammunition, hardly enough to make a dent in the Nazi hordes you hear in the hallway outside. You are in good health, and luckily, the key to the steel door in front of you is in easy reach.

When you first enter the game, you will start with the first of four missions inside the first castle. Missions one, two, and three each involve the rescue of one of the prisoners, and mission four is to blow up the castle. You will enter a second castle with four new missions once you successfully destroy the first castle.

Into The Eagles Nest Manual
2023-10-28 English PDF 809.61 KB 124 Download
zip23 Jumpman Instruction Manual

Jumpman offers a variety of ways to play: five game variations, thirty game levels, and from one to four players can play. Also, you can choose how fast or slow you wish your Jumpman to move.

The object is to successfully complete all thirty game levels, scoring as many points as you can. You complete each level by making Jumpman collect all the bombs, before the many dangers wipe out
Jumpman's seven lives.

2023-10-28 English PDF 1.5 MB 147 Download
zip24 Leviathan Manual

Leviathan takes you thirty-three seconds into the future, where pop videos inspire crazy fantasies in the minds of ordinary people. Your objective is to seek out and destroy enemy ships in three excitingly different planet zones:

2023-06-19 English PDF 313.66 KB 155 Download
zip25 Magnetron User's Manual

Your mission is to destroy the alien fortresses and save the planet Earth from certain annihilation.

The fortresses are heavily armed satellites placed in orbit around the Earth. They possess tremendous amounts of energy which is channeled into a planet-warping magnetic field. Each fortress derives its energy from a Magnetron Generator.

You attack by flying your Photon Fighter over the surface of the fortresses while bombarding the alien's defense cannons with your own particle beam weaponry. If you knock out all the cannons, the Magnetron Generator will short-out and the fortress will be destroyed. When the cannons are firing back at you, you may protect yourself with a shield around your Photon Fighter. Your Photon Fighter can withstand a few unshielded hits from the enemy cannons, but it takes a lot of fuel to absorb the energy (2000 units per unshielded hit).

As you fly over the surface of a fortress, the magnetic forces you must contend with can be very unpredictable. The force they generate may push you or pull you, you'll never know until it hits you. Sometimes you may be able to nullify the magnetic force by knocking out the Magnetron Generator itself with a direct hit.

The walls of a fortress also have unpredictable properties. Sometimes your Fighter will bounce off a wall, sometimes it will pass right through a wall. Sometimes when you hit a wall your Fighter will explode from the impact. There's only one way to know what kind of wail you face before it's too late: fire on the wall and see what happens.

2023-11-14 English PDF 3.97 MB 128 Download
zip26 PITSTOP II Instruction Manual

PITSTOP II is the first racing game that brings you the thrill of battling on opponent, the excitement of fighting for the lead on the track and the suspense of struggling to be first out of the pits. Realistic first-person graphics and a split-screen display allow you and another player to experience the challenge of auto racing head-to-head. The challenge of true competitive action.

This is racing. The way it's supposed to be. You can't relax when you take the lead, because you know he's right there behind you. Will he try to pass you in the hairpin turn? Or do you think he'll wait for the next straightaway? Six of the world's toughest race tracks are waiting, from Brands Hatch and its hairpin turns to the mile-long straightaway of Watkins Glen. You con practice against the computer ... but nothing will compare to the fun of racing against another person. That's the whole story behind PITSTOP II. It's simple - auto racing was never meant to be a solo sport.

2023-10-29 English PDF 657.51 KB 150 Download
zip27 PuzzlePanic Instruction Manual

PUZZLE NUTS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! Ken Uston, the great blackjack and arcade game player, has put together a galaxy of mind-bogglers that'll have you joysticking in your sleep! PUZZLEPANIC has it all. It has over 40 totally amazing game screens and 11 different action games that dare you to come up with your best logic, coordination, powers of observation, and memory. And, yeah, there's even a nasty little chaser now and then just to keep you on your toes.

After you've outsmarted all the puzzles, with their musical mazes and number tricks and many combinations of colors and shapes, you've got to put all the clues together and try the mighty MetaSequence. Beat that one, and you've got the Grand Solution!

So, put on your thinking cap, grab the joystick. and get ready for many hours of stimulating fun. See if you can beat Ken Uston at his own game!

2023-10-29 English PDF 1016.88 KB 111 Download
zip28 Rick Dangerous Game Manual

Rick Dangerous Game Manual

2021-04-05 English PDF 1.02 MB 591 Download
zip29 SpaceGun Manual

In the year 2039 AD man has begun deep space exploration. However throughout the deep expanse or space there are many unknown dangers awaiting weary travellers and explorers.

From a crippled space ship a distress call is transmitted.  You have received the message.  Will you be able to rescue the helpless hostages Prom the clutches of the astral hijackers?

Travel through corridors and rooms packed with aliens of all sizes searching for survivors and out onto the planet surface to more dangerous regions.

2021-04-04 English PDF 150.8 KB 531 Download
zip30 Summer Games Instruction Manual

Experience the power, the glory, the thrill and the challenge ol Ihe world's greatest athletic competition: the SUMMER GAMES!

The awe-inspiring OPENING CEREMONY focuses on 3.000 years of noble tradition as you proudly look on, ready to give your very best to honor your country.

This is the moment you've worked and trained so long to achieve, to test your skill under pressure against the best of the world's athletes. You will try to excel in a whole spectrum of sports events—in track and field, swimming and diving, gymnastics, and skeel shooting.

Boldness. Skill. Strategy. Determination. The marks of the true champion. If you are victorious, you'll receive the champion's prize—-the coveted GOLD MEDAL—before the cheering multitude. Your triumph might even go down in history as the greatest personal performance ever!

2023-10-31 English PDF 1.79 MB 142 Download
zip31 The Evil Crown Manual

If you were somehow to be taken back in time and found yourself in the Middle Ages, it is probable that you would find life very difficult, without knowing the rules and ethics of that period of history. In this game that is exactly what is going to happen, so we suggest that you read this instruction manual at least once before attempting the game.

2023-06-16 English PDF 1.48 MB 163 Download
zip32 The Faery Tale Adventure Hintbook

Read ye well seeker, this ancient grimoire of lore and Knowledge o! days afore...Study these runes and learn ye these ciphers-and mayhap ye shall solve the riddle o! the Faery Tale Adventure...

2024-04-04 English PDF 17.61 MB 87 Download
zip33 The Magic Candle, Volume 1 Manual

The Magic Candle is a game with many features and options. As you progress, you will need to read the "Sage Advice" later in this book. The advisers of King Rebnard will provide your hero with information he must know.

You should get a feel for the game before you seriously attempt to take care of the problem of the magic candle. Follow these directions for a quick start. Later, you may decide to start over. But, first, go through this process to become familiar with the game system.

2022-10-30 English PDF 3.82 MB 238 Download
zip34 Toobin' Manual

The Game:

Toobin’ - The first game of its kind. Join Biff and Jet, the tube-dudes, as they cruise the baddest rivers in and out of this world!

Getting Started:

A game for one or two, play either Biff or Jet in search of the most outrageous party they can find. Guide the tube dudes to places even your travel agent doesn't know about!

2023-07-01 English Commodore 64 391.9 KB 151 Download
zip35 Turbo Outrun Manual

Turbo Outrun Manual

2021-12-05 English Commodore 64 75.15 MB 537 Download
zip36 Ultimate Wizard Manual

You're the talk of the village, a true success story, your mother brags to all her friends, "My son the Wizard ... " And yet, you're not happy. Throwing fireballs, freezing birds in flight, turning newts into princes, and vice versa just doesn't seem exciting anymore. You want to be the best, the hottest Wizard in all the land. You want to be the Ultimate Wizard!

No easy task, this Ultimate Wizard business; even for a magic-wise bloke of your caliber. But you're determined to try, even though becoming an Ultimate Wizard requires a visit to the dreaded  dungeons of Kaytel (a name that makes even the most stalwart sorcerers wish they had chosen another line of work), ruled by the Shadow Lord and his minions. Fraught with boobytraps, pitfalls, evil magic, and ... wealth beyond belief.

So much wealth you can hardly stand it! Why, just a few minutes in there scooping up treasures and you'll finally be able to open that chain of fast-spell shops you've always dreamt of - Spell in a Box. But can you do it? Do you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Wizard? Don't just stand there scratching your head, find out! And good luck...

2023-10-28 English PDF 2.27 MB 121 Download
zip37 Winter Games Instruction Manual

You're an athlete at the 1988 Winter Games at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You're about to move across snow and ice with as much speed, strength, endurance and grace as you can muster in the blustery cold.

This is the winter portion of the world's foremost amateur sports competition. You'll match your skills against the top athletes from a hundred countries.

Be proud. Today you stand among the elite few whose courage and stamina will be tested by these Winter Games. Listen. A fanfare of trumpets sounds as the WINTER GAMES flag is slowly raised. Thousands of white doves are released, symbolically to fly to the countries of the world with the message of peace-and the news that the Winter Games have begun. This is your chance to go for the Gold!

2023-10-28 English PDF 2.95 MB 153 Download
zip38 Zak McKracken Code Book

If your version of Zak McKracken and the Alien Mind Benders still has protection, you'll need this code book.

2021-08-21 English PDF 2.38 MB 715 Download
zip39 Zak McKracken Hint Book

If you really need to, you can use this hint book to help get you through the game... but try not to, it's more fun and rewarding to get finished without using this.

2021-08-21 English PDF 1.89 MB 680 Download
zip40 Zak McKracken Manual

It's 1997, and the world Is a dumber place than ever... Space aliens have built a stupidity machine that's slowly reducing everyone's IQ to single digits. Worse yet, the only person who can stop them is Zak McKracken, reporter for the disreputable National Inquisitor, who dreams up stories about carnivorous cantaloupes and vegetarian vampires.

2021-08-21 English PDF 1.51 MB 583 Download
zip41 Zaxxon Manual

Strap into the command position of a space·fighter craft. You're rocketing through space prepared for your ultimate encounter with a deadly, armored robot.

On your Journey you can survive only If you can pinpoint your craft through force fields, walls. and other deadly obstacles.

Attack enemy posiltons and capture needed fuel. Draw upon your pilot skills to dodge the constant blitz of enemy fire. All of your skills and control will be needed to survive the challenges of this ultimate space mission.

2023-11-15 English PDF 1.15 MB 125 Download
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