Updated - January 25th, 2024

This is a list of items that we are looking for.  If you have something on the list and you'd be willing to share, please click the "Contact Us" link.  With your permission, anything shared will be posted for others to enjoy / benefit from.  As always, we are also interested in anything that isn't already on the site and may be beneficial to others.  Thank you for visiting.


  • Cardco "Write Now!" manual (C64) -Thank you to one of our visitors for scanning and uploaded the C64 manual.
  • Cardco "Write Now! manual (VIC20) - Link to VIC20 Review
  • Cave of the Word Wizard (Timeworks, 1983) - Thank you Don for the donation
  • Superscript 64 manual
  • Manual for HomeWord word processor (Sierra-Online - 1983) - Found the HomeWord Plus manual (Thanks to DLH over at Bombjack), but still looking for the non-plus manual.
  • Wordcraft 64 manual
  • C-Net 64 BBS 10.0 Sysop Manual
  • C-Net 64 BBS 11.0 Sysop Manual


  • Decision Maker by Creative Software - Thank you M.M. for finding this.
  • No Joker Poker (Game, published April 1987) -  Advertised in Ad Compute!'s Gazette Ad section (Issue 46, Vol 5, No. 4) "LEARN HOW TO BEAT THOSE POKER MACHINES!  
  • Commodore Hayward User Group (C=HUG) disks
  • ARB BBS v7.62 or higher (with the game file Loom of Maya)
  • Commodore Mania BBS v3.0 & v4.0
  • HomeWord Plus (Sierra Online)
  • "Word Processor" by Mirage Concepts - Here's an advert for the program.  There is also a professional version I'd like to find.
    • Quoted from the Compute! Magazine issue 41 - " Mirage Concepts has produced an 80-column word processor for the Commodore 64. The machine language program produces the expanded display without hardware  modifications. The Word Processor allows text to be formatted on the screen exactly as it will appear on the printed page. Other features of the program include word wrap, search and replace, block functions, and more than 70 single-keystroke commands. The $99.95 word processor is designed to work with a variety of printers. 
  • Publish 64
  • Quickwriter III (Educorp)
  • Run Magazine Companion Disks 1-6
  • Script-64 (This was distributed as a cartridge, but a ripped software version may also exist)
  • Speedwriter (BASIC Compiler by Codewriter Corporation) - Thank you Jeff V. for sharing the disk image.
  • Spryte Byter
  • Stop Press Clipart Disks 1 - 7
  • Textomat 64 (Abacus Software)
  • The Whole Bit Word Processor (Applied Technologies)
  • Word Commander 64 (MMG Micro Software)


Found!  (Thank you very much to everyone that has helped)

  • BlueChip D12/10 Diasy Wheel Printer Disk 
  • geoShell Development Package (was a single 1581 disk or three 1541 disks)
  • Fun Graphics Machine Disks: (Found and posted HERE)
    • Fun Graphics Machinve v6.5
    • Fun Graphics Machine: Font Disk
    • Fun Graphics Machine: Clip Art Vol.1a
    • Fun Graphics Machine: Clip Art Vol.2 
    • Fun Graphics Machine:Clip Cat & Clip Art Vol.3
    • Fun Graphics Machine:Clip Art Vol.4 "Holidays"
    • Fun Graphics Machine:Print Shop Graphics Disk No.1

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