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zip0 5.25 Inch Floppy Disk Cover Template HOT

5 Inch Floppy Disk Cover Template - Handy if your want to make your own floppy disk sleeves.

2019-09-21 English PDF 681.1 KB 1,398 Download
zip1 5.25 Inch Floppy Disk Sleeve [docx]

This is a slick Microsoft Word template for a 5 1/4" disk sleeve.  You can edit the text for the front and it prints to the perfect size.

2021-01-15 English Windows 154.82 KB 766 Download
zip2 Arcade Game Assembler

Arcade Game Assembler

2020-02-12 English PDF 670.56 KB 685 Download
zip3 Blue Chip D12/10 Printer Settings for Jane Word Processor

This is just a miscellaneous sheet I found in a printer manual for the Blue Chip D12/10 Daisy Wheel printer.  I assume it is for configuring the Jane C64/128 word processing program to work with this particular printer.

2021-11-26 English PDF 30.72 KB 308 Download
zip4 C64 User Port to Centronics Parallel Cable Pinout

Sometimes when you're looking for something with Google, you run across something unrelated but interesting.  Apparently there are two cartridges for the Commodore 64 that supported printing to a Centronics  printer through the User Port using a custom cable; The Final Cartridge III and Action Replay.  I couldn't find any details other than this schematic and the note at the top, but think I'll file it away for later reference.

Did I mention that Dot-Matrix printing is making a come back?  Ya... probably not.  FYI, the download image is much clearer than the preview.

Another reference -

2021-03-28 English PDF 91.34 KB 559 Download
zip5 Commodore 64 / 128 Buyer's Guide [Winter 1986-87]

Commodore 64 / 128 Buyer's Guide [Winter 1986-87]

2023-09-10 English PDF 16.62 MB 175 Download
pdf6 Commodore 64 Reference Guide HOT

Commodore 64 Reference Guide

2016-12-30 English PDF 64.57 KB 1,084 Download
zip7 Commodore 64/128 Telnet BBS List (12/26/2023)

Found this neat list of Commodore 64/128 telnet BBSes by Jeff Vacha over at Facebook that are up and running as of December 26th, 2023.  Thought it would be a nice time capsule to look back on in twenty years or so.

2023-12-30 English PDF 385.21 KB 136 Download
d64 floppy8 Commodore Buyers Guide - Vol. 3 HOT

Buyer's guide to software and hardware accessories.

Commodore Buyers Guide Vol.3
2016-10-26 English PDF 45.21 MB 1,041 Download
d64 floppy9 Commodore Floppy Sleeve HOT

This is a nicely laid out Commodore floppy sleeve that you can print and cut out.  It was created by Salvo B. from the Lemon64 forums.

Commodore Floppy Sleeve
2016-09-27 English PDF 20.49 KB 1,061 Download
zip10 Commodore Free Website Mirror

This is a complete mirror of the Commodore Free magazine website before the domain was hijacked sometime in 2018.

2020-07-01 English 648.62 MB 749 Download
zip11 Datalogic II

Datalogic II - Advanced Lottery System by Roy Manno (1984, 1987, 1988) - See the screenshots for more information.

2023-06-26 English Commodore 64 9.05 KB 123 Download
d64 floppy12 GEOS Programming Info

This is an article with information about programming GEOS for the Commodore 64.

GEOS Programming Info
2016-11-04 English PDF 23.85 KB 825 Download
d64 floppy13 Lantronix UDS10-100 Manual

The Lantronix UDS10-100 is a pretty cool device that lets you convert a serial line into an ethernet line which acts like a modem for telnet connections.

2016-12-11 English PDF 705.92 KB 746 Download
zip14 Omnitronix Software & Hardware Catalog

AtOMNITRONIX,theoperatingwordisSERVICE.Over50%of our staffusetheVIC-20orC64fortheirownhobbyandenjoyment. OMNITRONIXtotallysupportsyourVIC-20andC64computerwithhardware andsoftwareitemsthatwe havetestedandfoundtobegooduseful products.Thatincludesbecomingveryfamiliarwiththeproductsand howtousethem,sothatwhenyouhaveaquestion,youcantalkto someonewhoknowstheproduct.Weguaranteegoodservice!

2023-04-14 English PDF 15.12 MB 271 Download
zip15 Packers and Crunchers

Found this nice article by Richard of TND that explains the difference between a Packer and a Cruncher.  The original source is at this link, but the internet being the here today gone tommorow source on information, I decided to make a PDF of this great resource and add it here.

2022-12-27 English PDF 24.98 KB 194 Download
zip16 PETSCII - A Character Set and a Creative Platform

Was Googling for some instructions on TBoard Painter and went down a rabbit hole.  I found this interesting article from "Replay - The Polish Journal of Game Studies" by Markku Reunanen, Tero Helkkinen and Anders Carlsson.  I'm not sure if it's OK to re-distribute, so if it isn't, someone please tell me and I'll remove it.  I believe the official source for this is HERE for those interested.  Here is an Abstract:

PETSCII is the built-in character set used on 8-bit Commodore computers, such as the PET, C-64 and Plus/4. The character set and the BASIC environment provided an entry point to rudimentary graphic editing for a generation of hobbyists. Over the years PETSCII has been used for a variety of creative purposes: for example games, demos, telecommunications, videos, books and fine art have been created using the graphical symbols. Through the analysis of existing art works and our own hands-on project – a graphics editor – we dig deeper into the specific properties of the character set. In this article we show how the fixed symbols set the frame for what is possible and how, on the other hand, they provide grounds for creative experimentation, display of skill and recognizable styles.

2023-02-10 English PDF 532.28 KB 245 Download
zip17 Project 64 Website Mirror

This is a mirror of the website on 10/18/2015.

2019-06-29 English Windows 169.72 MB 793 Download
zip18 The Canonical Collection of Light Bulb Jokes

The Canonical Collection of Light Bulb Jokes - Yes you read that right, this is a 15K (6K Compressed) collection of nothing but light bulb jokes someone took the time to type into four sequential files.  I feel like these need to be shared with the world, so to wet your appetite, I'll share just one of the dozens of jokes inside the archive:

Q: How many data base people does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Three: One to write the light bulb removal program,one to write the light bulb insertion program, and one to act as a light bulb administrator to make sure nobody else tries to change the light bulb at the same time.

2023-05-18 English Commodore 64 6.38 KB 132 Download
zip19 The Everything Book for Commodore Amiga (Summer 1989)

Great publication that has a huge selection of Commodore and Amiga hardware and software that was available at the time of publishing.

2023-07-17 English PDF 34.11 MB 167 Download
zip20 Vicsoft Winter 1983 / 84 Catalogue

Vicsoft Winter 1983/84 Catalogue

2020-05-21 English PDF 3 MB 646 Download
zip21 WinVICE 3.5 Cheat Sheet

I forgot I made this a couple years back, but glad I found it!  This is a cheat sheet for WinVice 3.5 with a handy keyboard reference when using the positional mode.  It also has JiffyDOS v6.01 quick reference, along with the full command set, CBM Command hotkeys, GEOS DeskTop shortcuts and GeoWrite Shortcuts.  

2023-02-10 English PDF 328.95 KB 371 Download
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