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zip0 5.25 Inch Floppy Disk Cover Template HOT

5 Inch Floppy Disk Cover Template - Handy if your want to make your own floppy disk sleeves.

21-09-19 English PDF 681.1 KB 598 Download
zip1 5.25 Inch Floppy Disk Sleeve [docx]

This is a slick Microsoft Word template for a 5 1/4" disk sleeve.  You can edit the text for the front and it prints to the perfect size.

15-01-21 English Windows 154.82 KB 352 Download
zip2 Arcade Game Assembler

Arcade Game Assembler

12-02-20 English PDF 670.56 KB 371 Download
zip3 Blue Chip D12/10 Printer Settings for Jane Word Processor

This is just a miscellaneous sheet I found in a printer manual for the Blue Chip D12/10 Daisy Wheel printer.  I assume it is for configuring the Jane C64/128 word processing program to work with this particular printer.

26-11-21 English PDF 30.72 KB 100 Download
zip4 C64 User Port to Centronics Parallel Cable Pinout

Sometimes when you're looking for something with Google, you run across something unrelated but interesting.  Apparently there are two cartridges for the Commodore 64 that supported printing to a Centronics  printer through the User Port using a custom cable; The Final Cartridge III and Action Replay.  I couldn't find any details other than this schematic and the note at the top, but think I'll file it away for later reference.

Did I mention that Dot-Matrix printing

28-03-21 English PDF 91.34 KB 257 Download
pdf5 Commodore 64 Reference Guide HOT

Commodore 64 Reference Guide

30-12-16 English PDF 64.57 KB 609 Download
d64 floppy6 Commodore Buyers Guide - Vol. 3 HOT

Buyer's guide to software and hardware accessories.

Commodore Buyers Guide Vol.3
26-10-16 English PDF 45.21 MB 747 Download
d64 floppy7 Commodore Floppy Sleeve HOT

This is a nicely laid out Commodore floppy sleeve that you can print and cut out.  It was created by Salvo B. from the Lemon64 forums.

Commodore Floppy Sleeve
27-09-16 English PDF 20.49 KB 610 Download
zip8 Commodore Free Website Mirror

This is a complete mirror of the Commodore Free magazine website before the domain was hijacked sometime in 2018.

01-07-20 English 648.62 MB 488 Download
d64 floppy9 GEOS Programming Info HOT

This is an article with information about programming GEOS for the Commodore 64.

GEOS Programming Info
04-11-16 English PDF 23.85 KB 517 Download
d64 floppy10 Lantronix UDS10-100 Manual

The Lantronix UDS10-100 is a pretty cool device that lets you convert a serial line into an ethernet line which acts like a modem for telnet connections.

11-12-16 English PDF 705.92 KB 470 Download
zip11 Project 64 Website Mirror HOT

This is a mirror of the project64.c64.org website on 10/18/2015.

29-06-19 English Windows 169.72 MB 556 Download
zip12 Vicsoft Winter 1983 / 84 Catalogue

Vicsoft Winter 1983/84 Catalogue

21-05-20 English PDF 3 MB 317 Download