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zip.png 800+ C64 Disk Labels HOT

If you haven't checked out the previous collection of Commodore 64 disk labels re-creations / artwork by Sleepwalk7 (AKA Sea7) I posted, I highly encourage you to take a look at this wonderful collection of over 800+ labels (over 400+ new labels since the original post).  Some serious time and talent went into the maticulous re-creation.  Please visit the home of these labels at https://www.dumpclub64.it/ and let the author know how much you appreciate his work.

29-03-20 English Commodore 64 126.99 MB 674.00 Download
zip.png ACCUG (Albany and Corvallis Commodore User Group) Archive

This disk was created for the purpose of preserving our club's public domain software archived on floppy disks. This CD has C64, C128, and Amiga disks as well as multiple megs of Amiga animation, magazine and music disks.

08-07-20 English 475.94 MB 489.00 Download
zip.png Adam's Software

Adam's Software is a collection of 8 disks full of public domain software for the Commodore 64.  This collection has a little of everything, including applications, games, utilities, graphics, music and more.  See the screenshots for a list of files on each disk.

21-08-21 English Commodore 64 1.22 MB 156.00 Download
zip.png alien
14-12-19 885.21 MB 173.00 Download
7z.png apps-n-tools-base-64
14-12-19 107.69 MB 253.00 Download
zip.png ar.c64.org
10-12-19 1.82 GB 245.00 Download
zip.png b-art-&-argus
14-12-19 10.52 MB 142.00 Download
7z.png belgium-collection
14-12-19 114.88 MB 157.00 Download
7z.png binary-zone-pd-c64-disks
14-12-19 30.59 MB 163.00 Download
zip.png blast-compilation-c64
14-12-19 49.26 MB 219.00 Download
zip.png blendo75
14-12-19 511.46 MB 190.00 Download
zip.png brainskull
14-12-19 310.39 MB 170.00 Download
zip.png C16, C116, Plus4 HOT

This is a big collection of games for the Commodore 16, 116 and Plus4 computers.  It also includes an Emulator that you can use to play the games on a PC.

02-05-17 English Plus 4 75.19 MB 1,023.00 Download
zip.png C64 Bad Reception TV Collection

First of all, this collection is awesome!  If you own a 16MB REU of any type, be it a 1541 Ultimate, Chameleon 64, Ultimate 64 or any other 16MB REU, you need to check these out.  Let start by quoting the programmer (Bamse) himself on what Bad Reception TV is:

"Bad Reception TV" is a little player for videos with real audio (converted wave-file), read from a 16mb REU. The video part is charset-animation in all it´s variants, created with CSAMSuper. The audio is either a SID or a converted wave file, classic 4Bit or (close to) 8Bit resolution at up to 44.1KHz via the "Mahoney" method. Since the player has to handle video & audio at the same time, the overall quality is poor - hence the name "Bad Reception TV" ;)

So what is this almost 200MB file?  It's a compilation of many videos in BR-TV format put together by a nice fellow named Tobias Laßmann who graciously provided these for everyone to enjoy.

Check out the Readme.txt file inside the archive for information on how to use / play the videos.

05-03-20 English Commodore 64 192.23 MB 380.00 Download
zip.png C64 Disk Cover Collection HOT

This is a huge collection of floppy disk cover (floppy sleeve) art by various groups and sceners.

09-07-20 English Commodore 64 651.95 MB 591.00 Download
zip.png C64 REU Nuvies HOT

A Nuvie is a kind of video that the C64 with the aid of a 16-MiB REU (RAM Expansion Unit) can be played. The photo sequence is in NUFLI format, which is in HiRes 320x200 pixels and all 16 colors.

This is an archive of many Nuvie movies you can watch on your C64 if you have a 16MB REU such as a RamLink.

11-12-16 English Commodore 64 847.55 MB 2,506.00 Download
zip.png C64 Sensations (1996) Volume 1 HOT

C64 Sensations (1996) Volume 1 - This is a collection of demos, tools and miscellaneous software for the Commodore 64, Amiga and MS-DOS.

13-11-20 English Commodore 64 398.63 MB 1,078.00 Download
zip.png C64 Sensations (1996) Volume 2 HOT

C64 Sensations (1996) Volume 2 - This is a collection of demos, tools and miscellaneous software for the Commodore 64, Amiga, MS-DOS and Windows.

13-11-20 English Commodore 64 415.51 MB 1,125.00 Download
zip.png c64-cd-96 HOT
14-12-19 664.23 MB 1,115.00 Download
zip.png c64-megapack
14-12-19 15.61 MB 305.00 Download
zip.png c64-tribute-cd HOT
14-12-19 226.4 MB 1,244.00 Download
rar.png c64audio HOT
14-12-19 366.95 MB 920.00 Download
7z.png cbm-funet-archive-2003 HOT
14-12-19 595.25 MB 948.00 Download
7z.png cbm-utils-1.0
14-12-19 25.57 MB 249.00 Download
zip.png cbmfiles.com
14-12-19 99.14 MB 444.00 Download
zip.png Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club Library (2008) HOT

This is the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club library collection, released in 2008 as a CD-ROM ISO image.  Contains over 2000 disk images in .d64 format along with newsletters and other goodies.

09-07-20 English Commodore 64 266.53 MB 1,031.00 Download
zip.png commodore-back-to-the-past-collection
14-12-19 1.28 GB 370.00 Download
zip.png commodore-c64-artwork
14-12-19 323.55 MB 326.00 Download
zip.png commodore-dutch-users-group-images
14-12-19 75.74 MB 365.00 Download
zip.png commodore-users-of-norman
14-12-19 7.17 MB 187.00 Download
zip.png commodore-utility-disks
14-12-19 8.95 MB 211.00 Download
7z.png commodore-zone
14-12-19 4.59 MB 147.00 Download
7z.png commodorescene-library HOT
14-12-19 221.3 MB 978.00 Download
zip.png digital-marketing-pd
14-12-19 42.94 MB 303.00 Download
zip.png GameBase20 v0.3 (VIC20) HOT

GameBase20 v0.3 is a collection of 1400+ games for the Commodore VIC-20

08-10-20 English VIC 20 198.08 MB 889.00 Download
zip.png GEnie Commodore File Library HOT

GEnie was an online service from 1985 until the late 90's.  After QLink pulled the plug to start AOL, many Commodore users started using GEnie.  This is the Comodore file area of GEnie just before it went offline.

09-07-20 English Commodore 64 97.24 MB 578.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg IDE64 Games Collection HOT

Huge collection of games specifically for the IDE64 hardware storage add-on to the Commodore 64.

8 ide64apps --> not real games... (for example: aerobics, bodyinfocus or gehirnanalyse...)format: d64, zip

488 ide64games --> big games with more than one file to load. some games works with the command "change" ;-)format: d64,d81,zip (req. idedos 0.91 beta to opening d64 and d81 files and gunzip to open zip)

195 ide64crt --> cartridge filesformat: crt

4201 prg --> big collection of onefilerformat: prg

23-12-16 English Commodore 64 137.21 MB 1,630.00 Download
zip.png IntroBase64 v0.4 HOT

IntroBase64 is a collection of intro ripped from cracked games and compiled into an easy to check out format.

08-10-20 English Commodore 64 349.47 MB 1,223.00 Download
7z.png iso-compuserve
14-12-19 43.28 MB 214.00 Download
zip.png JCH C64 BASIC Sounds Collection

JCH C64 BASIC Sounds collection by Jens is just what it sounds like.  This is a disk full of various sound effects created using BASIC.  Find more details on Jens' site.

31-08-19 English Commodore 64 26.97 KB 317.00 Download