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C64 Bad Reception TV Collection C64 Bad Reception TV Collection

First of all, this collection is awesome!  If you own a 16MB REU of any type, be it a 1541 Ultimate, Chameleon 64, Ultimate 64 or any other 16MB REU, you need to check these out.  Let start by quoting the programmer (Bamse) himself on what Bad Reception TV is:

"Bad Reception TV" is a little player for videos with real audio (converted wave-file), read from a 16mb REU. The video part is charset-animation in all it´s variants, created with CSAMSuper. The audio is either a SID or a converted wave file, classic 4Bit or (close to) 8Bit resolution at up to 44.1KHz via the "Mahoney" method. Since the player has to handle video & audio at the same time, the overall quality is poor - hence the name "Bad Reception TV" ;)

So what is this almost 200MB file?  It's a compilation of many videos in BR-TV format put together by a nice fellow named Tobias Laßmann who graciously provided these for everyone to enjoy.

Check out the Readme.txt file inside the archive for information on how to use / play the videos.


System Commodore 64
Size192.23 MB