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C64 Dreams v C64 Dreams v0.45

Over the years I've found many great collections of Commodore software, but they are just to big to host myself.  I've recently found a way to share these indirectly, and am hoping this works out so that other people can have a chance to dig through these treasures.  This first attempt is a HUGE 25GB collection called C64 Dreams.  Here is a quote from the person who created this archive:

This is a huge work-in-progress collection of hand-picked C64 games (3000 currently), demoscene demos, SID music, C64 magazines, and diskmags. 100% of the collection has been tested, streamlined and custom-tailored to get you into the games and playing as easily and quickly as possible. It's also portable and doesn't require any front-end to function (though it does come packaged with Launchbox).

Here is a link that has much, much more information about this project and it's contents.  Here is another link to updates and information relevant to the v0.45 release.


System Windows
Size25.2 GB


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