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zip0 GEOS 128 User's Manual

Your new Graphic Environment Operating System (GEOS) ushers in a "whole new world" for your Commodore 128™.  GEOS brings to you the power and ease of use that icons, windows, and pop-down menus provide.  A simple click of your input device is all it takes to get the job done.

09-03-20 English PDF 9.83 MB 810 Download
zip1 GEOS 128 User's Manual Addendum

GEOS 128 User's Manual Addendum

09-03-20 English PDF 6.95 MB 627 Download
zip2 GEOS 1764 RAM Upgrade Notes

GEOS 1764 RAM Upgrade Notes

09-03-20 English PDF 118.93 KB 431 Download
zip3 GEOS Collete Utilities Instructions

Thank you for purchasing Collette Utilities. We hope that you'll find many of the programs and desk accessories included in this package useful and that they will further enhance your enjoyment and productivity with GEOS.

09-03-20 English PDF 195.49 KB 522 Download
zip4 GEOS Desk Pack 1 User's Manual

Desk Pack I includes two new programs, the Graphics Grabber and the Icon Editor, two new desk accessories (an appointment calendar and a realistic version of the game blackjack), and updated printer and input drivers used with Commodore computers.

09-03-20 English PDF 1.3 MB 571 Download
zip5 GEOS Deskpack Plus Manual

We hope that you will find DeskPack Plus easy to learn and use, and tha tthis manual provides you with most of the answers to questions you may have about the operation of the programs described in this manual.

09-03-20 English PDF 7.19 MB 492 Download
zip6 GEOS deskTop 1.5 Users Manual HOT

GEOS deskTop 1.5 Users Manual

01-04-19 English PDF 4.76 MB 906 Download
zip7 GEOS Font Pack 1 Manual

GEOS Font Pack 1 provides you with 20 additional fonts for use in geoWrite and geoPaint.  These additional fonts, combined with the six from your original GEOS disk,  wil lallow you to generate a fantastic array of high quality printed output.  For example, this manual was produced using geoWrite and actual font printouts.

09-03-20 English PDF 877.46 KB 472 Download
zip8 GEOS gateWay v2.5 User's Manual

It is important to understand that the gateWay is more than a replacement deskTop, the gateWay represents a whole new philosophy of working with GEOS.  From the creation of a new boot disk, to disk drivers and the gateWay itself, you will perceive a new level of sophistication with GEOS.

09-03-20 English PDF 7.15 MB 649 Download
zip9 GEOS v1.2 Before You Begin Note

GEOS v1.2 Before You Begin Note

10-03-20 English PDF 1.89 MB 488 Download
zip10 GEOS v1.2 User's Manual

Your new Graphic Environment Operating System (GEOS) ushers in a "whole new world" for your Commodore 64 or Commodore 128.  GEOS brings to you the power and ease of use that icons, windows, and pop-down menus provide. A simple click of the joystick is all it takes to get the job done.

09-03-20 English PDF 4.78 MB 638 Download
zip11 GEOS v1.3 Upgrade Note

GEOS v1.3 Upgrade Note

10-03-20 English PDF 99.84 KB 425 Download
d64 floppy12 GEOS V2.0 Manual

GEOS Version 2.0 Manual.

04-05-15 English PDF 20.33 MB 841 Download
zip13 GEOS v2.0 User's Manual

Your new Graphic Environment Operating System (GEOS) ushers in a whole new world for your Commodore 64,64c, or 128.  GEOS brings you the power and ease that icons, windows, and pull-down menus provide.  A simple keyboard command or click of your input device is all it takes to get the job done.

09-03-20 English PDF 20.33 MB 788 Download
zip14 GEOS Wheels 64 Manual

This new operating system comes about ten years after the release of GEOS 2.0.  If you've been a loyal GEOS user all along, then you've likely grown to appreciate the many nice features of GEOS and the common sense that went into the original development of it. GEOS is a remarkable enhancement to the Commodore computer and has had much to do with keeping this computer platform alive all these years.

10-03-20 English PDF 4.15 MB 874 Download
zip15 GEOS Writer's Workshop User Manual

Writer's Workshop expands the "whole new world" created by GEOS (Graphic Environment Operating System).

10-03-20 English PDF 4.23 MB 511 Download
zip16 geoShell v2.2 Extras Manual

This manual describes several "extra" commands that were created for geoSHELL2.2 after geoSHELL was released.  These were available for free downloading to geoSHELL users from various online services and are now being supplied with geoSHELL. Previously, these commands were supplied on a separate disk known as the "geoSHELL extras", but they can now be found on the geoSHELL disk (side 2 in 1541 format).

09-03-20 English PDF 2.3 MB 480 Download
zip17 geoShell v2.2 User's Manual

What is geoSHELL?  geoSHELL is a user interface that is used exclusively with the GEOS operating system on a Commodore 64 or 128.  Much like the DeskTop, geoSHELL can perform most of the functions that a GEOS user needs for managing disk files. Unlike the DeskTop, however, geoSHELL is almost entirely text-based, rather than using icons and pull-down menus.  This does not mean that icons and menus cannot be used, however.  Therefore, the initial appearance of geoSHELL leads one to believe that it is not user-friendly. However, once you become familiar with it, you will find yourself getting around in GEOS to be much faster and easier.

09-03-20 English PDF 5.53 MB 674 Download
zip18 GeoWorks Announcement and Information

GeoWorks Announcement and Information

10-03-20 English PDF 1.07 MB 761 Download
zip19 geProgrammer User's Manual

geoProgrammer is a sophisticated set of assembly language development tools, designed specifically for building GEOS applications.  geoProgrammer is a scaled-down version of the UNIX™ based development environment Berkeley Softworks actually uses to develop GEOS programs.  In fact, nearly all the functionality of our microPORT system has been preserved in the conversion to the Commodore environment.

09-03-20 English PDF 28.34 MB 513 Download
zip20 Glass Tracks Manual

Glass Tracks Manual

11-03-20 English PDF 5.82 MB 457 Download
zip21 Gnome Speed 128 - The BASIC 7.0 Compiler Manual

This guide is intended to help you learn how to use the SM COMPILER 128.  Even if you are an experienced programmer and are familiar with other compliers, you should review this guide thoroughly.  And always use it as a reference when writing a BASIC program that you intend to compile.

11-03-20 English PDF 3.85 MB 576 Download
zip22 grafDOS Manual

Congratulations!  You have just purchased one of the most valuable programs for your Commodore 64.  grafDOS was designed to both overcome some of the limitations of Commodore DOS and enhance the BASIC programming language primarily in the graphics area.  In general, to make life easier.

11-03-20 English PDF 3.09 MB 546 Download
zip23 Grafix Sampler Manual

An Intro to Commodore 64 Graphics.

22-05-20 English PDF 1.11 MB 446 Download
zip24 Grafix-Link

Graftx-link Is a program to convert your Hi-res pictures and graphics flies to and from GEOS geoPaint format.  It has the ability to convert a Billboard Maker Sign directly into a geoPaint file and a full eighty column width and fifty row high geoPaint file into a Billboard Maker Sign. As with all Solutions Unlimited programs, It is menu driven and easy to use.  Through the use the cursor keys, all of the program functions are accessed.

11-03-20 English PDF 1.38 MB 459 Download
zip25 Graphics Designer

Supersoft 16 - Graphics Designer

11-03-20 English PDF 202.2 KB 423 Download
zip26 Graphics Designer 64 Manual

Graphics Designer 64 (Abacus) is a graphics design aid and slide show maker for the Commodore 64

09-02-21 English PDF 2.16 MB 362 Download
zip27 Graphics Expander Volume 1 Manual (Printshop)

You know how much fun it can be to make your own banners, signs, cards and letterhead with The PrintShop.  Well, now you can make your creations look even better with the GRAPHICS EXPANDER!

09-04-20 English PDF 1.74 MB 431 Download
zip28 Graphics Master Reference Manual

Welcome to Graphics Master, the advanced software program that allows you to create high-resolution graphics for your home, business, school, or club.  You can draw graphs, charts, cartoons - in fact, almost any visual representation you need - with ease and precision. 

Using a few simple commands, Graphics Master creates and stores your drawing for later viewing or printing.  In a matter of minutes, Graphics Master can transform the casual doodler into a polished graphics artist.

22-03-20 English PDF 3.91 MB 504 Download
zip29 Graphics Scrapbook Collection Chapter III: School

Introducing the Graphics Scrapbook an entire collection of graphics each covering a different theme.  Create cards, signs, invitations, stationery and banners using Graphics Scrapbook and The Print Shop and PrintMaster in over 100 impressively drawn images on each disk.  Chapter III: SCHOOL covers every angle from geometry to driver's ed.  From New Year's Day to birthdays.  From raising funds to raising the roof.  From campus elections to field trips.

22-03-20 English PDF 1.66 MB 443 Download
zip30 Hack-Pack 128 Manual

The Commodore 128 provides a very powerful and friendly editor for BASIC programs.  Unfortunately, certain features which are normally regarded as essential in a programmers' editor have unaccountably been omitted by CBM.  In particular, there is no way on the 128 to find a string in a BASIC program much less to search for and replace one string by another.

The HACK-PACK toolkit attempts to fill this need.  Once loaded, the HACK-PACK toolkit fits unobtrusively into an area at the top of RAM in bank 0.  From this elevated position it provides the programmer with a number of totally new editing features.  The HACK-PACK toolkit does not waste memory by providing nonsense commands that no one ever uses such as BEEP and FLASH!  Instead it adds to BASIC eight really useful commands, all designed to improve programming efficiency and productivity.

22-03-20 English PDF 926.5 KB 519 Download
zip31 Handic Forth 64 User's Guide & Reference Manual

C64-FORTH is a fourth-generation programming language that in many respects is very different from other lanquages. In relation to its size, its power is unequalled. In just 8K, a typical minicomputer FORTH version supplies structured, compact and extremely fast code, virtual memory, a resident macro assembler and a resident editor, as well as multitasking capability. FORTH is even able to extend itself and its compiler. It is a metalanguage.

29-11-21 English PDF 9.97 MB 403 Download
zip32 Hayden Software SAT - Algebra

Welcome to the MATH MODULE of the HAYDEN SCORE IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM FOR THE SAT, one of three modules designed to help you raise your SAT scores. This Algebra Section is an effective tool to begin your  preparation for the Mathematical section of the Scholastic Aptitude Tests. The system is easy to operate so that you can concentrate on its content. All of the information you need to complete examples or answer test questions appears on screen, as do instructions for moving from one part of the program to onother. More detailed explanations follow in this manual. You can also read the instructions on screen by selecting the System User's Guide option after you load the program.

The ALGEBRA SECTION provides instruction and practice in solving the entire range of algebra problems of the types found on the SAT: linear and literal equations, systems of linear equations, quadratic and radical equations, and reducing algebraic fractions. In addition, this manual contains an ANALYSIS OF THE SAT which gives you insight into the workings of the actual exam - its organization and scoring, plus test-taking strategies and tips for
raising your scores.

The other areas in the Mathematical section of the SAT are Geometry and Quantitative Comparisons and Word Problems; separate sections in the Hayden System provide review material in these areas.

25-06-23 English PDF 3.22 MB 35 Download
zip33 Hayden Software SAT - Geomertry

Welcome to the GEOMETRY MODULE of the HAYDEN SAT SCORE IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM, one of six modules designed to help you raise your SAT scores. This Geometry Module is an effective tool to begin your
preparation for the Mathematical section of the Scholastic Aptitude Tests. The system is easy to operate so that you can concentrate on its content. All of the information you need to complete examples or answer test questions
appears on screen, as do instructions for moving from one part of the program to another. More detailed explanations follow in this manual. You can also read the instructions on screen by selecting the System User's Guide option after you load the program.

This GEOMETRY MODULE provides instruction and practice in solving the entire range of geometry problems found on the SAT. All figures needed to solve the problems are illustrated on the screen.

25-06-23 English PDF 3.76 MB 33 Download
zip34 Hayden Software SAT - Quantitative Comparisons

Welcome to the MATH MODULE of the HAYDEN SCORE IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM FOR THE SAT* one of three modules designed to help you raise your SAT scores. This Quantitative Comparisons and Word Problems Section is an effective tool to use in your preparation for the Mathematical section of the Scholastic Aptitude Tests. The system is easy to operate so that you can concentrate on its content. All of the information you need to complete examples or answer test questions appears on screen, as do instructions for moving from one part of the program to another. More detailed explanations follow in this manual. You can also read the instructions on screen by
selecting the System User's Guide option offer you load the program.

The QUANTITATIVE COMPARISONS AND WORD PROBLEMS SECTION provides review material on the areas in the Mathematical section of the SAT exclusive of Algebra and Geometry which are separate sections in the Hayden System. Quantitative comparison problems - problems that emphasize reasoning skills used to determine which of two quantities is larger - improve skills in algebra and geometry as well as in
other areas of mathematics.

25-06-23 English PDF 2.71 MB 36 Download
zip35 Help Master 64 Manual

Your Commodore 64 will HELP You learn BASIC programming.

22-03-20 English PDF 351.94 KB 417 Download
zip36 HES Writer 64 Instruction Manual

This program allows you to enter text Program Commands into the computer via the computer keyboard, then edit and format the text before printing it.

22-03-20 English PDF 6.89 MB 547 Download
zip37 HESMON 64 Instruction Manual

HESMON 64 is a Machine Language Monitor for the Commodore 64.

22-03-20 English PDF 7.76 MB 669 Download
zip38 Hesware Graphics BASIC Manual HOT

Graphics BASIC gives you and your Commodore 64 a powerful extended BASIC.  You have over 100 new commands and features combining incredible power and flexibility with simplicity and readability.

11-03-20 English PDF 11.64 MB 1,029 Download
zip39 Home Design CAD for the C128 Manual

This program is designed to give the user the ability to create detailed drawings and sketches.  There are basically two different types of CAD packages. The first type is based on bit mapped graphics. This means that all data entered into the program is stored in the bit mapped screen display.  The accuracy of the final product is therefore, limited to the resolution of your computer's display.  The second type, which includes this program, is object oriented.  In this type program, the data is stored in the form of individual lines, circles and text strings, not pixels to be turned on and off.  The drawing seen on the screen is a representation of this data scaled to whatever view the user has selected.  When you magnify or "zoom in on" an area in the first type of program,your display will consist of "fat" dots representing the bit, map. In this program, "zooming in" will actually increase the resolution of the area in question.

22-03-20 English PDF 1.61 MB 511 Download
zip40 Home Inventory 1 & 2 Instruction Guide

The Home Inventory package consists of two (2) parts designed to run on the minimum VIC to simplify the process of generating an inventory of the contents of your home.  Although this package is called Home Inventory, it can also be used for an inventory of your store or office, securities and financial holdings, personal library, etc. Its applications are unlimited.

22-03-20 English PDF 1.91 MB 456 Download
zip41 Home Office Writer Manual

The Home-Office Writer is a powerful word processor which speeds up your ability to write letters, reports and other text documents.

09-04-20 English PDF 568.68 KB 352 Download
zip42 Home Organizer Cheque Book Manual

This program is one of our titles in the HOME ORGANIZER series. This series was designed specifically for the Commodore 64 home computer.  It is based on our professional database program called The Consultant (formerly Delphi's Oracle) which is one of the best selling database management systems for the Commodore 64.

09-04-20 English PDF 945.75 KB 364 Download
zip43 HomePak User Manual

Congratulatlons!  You've bought three excellent programs - a word processor, database manager and telecommunications program - for less than the price you would expect to pay for any one of them from anyone else! But you're not buying just run-of-the-mill software with HomePak; you've got yourself three of the best programs of their type on the market.

09-04-20 English PDF 20.95 MB 467 Download
zip44 HomeWord Plus User's Guide

HomeWord is designed to lead you through all the steps of word processing with ease. This book will help; begin by browsing through it. You can use the table of contents and index to find specific things you want to know. Each page is labeled in the top corner to help you find what you're looking for.

Note - Looking for a disk image if anyone has it and would like to share.

22-04-23 English PDF 11.94 MB 78 Download
zip45 HomeWord Reference Card

This is a quick reference card for the HomeWord word processing program by Sierra-Online. 

22-04-23 English PDF 1.18 MB 73 Download
zip46 HomeWord Word Processor Help

HomeWord was a word processing program by Sierra-Online released in 1983.  I don't think this is the full manual, but it sure does help to use the program.  Thanks to one of our visitors for pointing out this could be found on archive.org.

Here's a link to the Commodore 64 HomeWord program if anyone's interested in giving it a spin.

24-02-23 English Commodore 64 28.27 KB 81 Download
zip47 Homework Helper Math Word Problems Manual

HOMEWORK HELPER MATH provides students with a tool for understanding and solving word problems.  It teaches you the "how-to" of translating English sentences into mathematical equations, and techniques for getting correct answers.  It helps you solve your own homework problems .

10-04-20 English PDF 3.76 MB 444 Download
zip48 Image BBS v1.0 Manual (Revised)

Image BBS v1.0 Manual (Revised)

22-05-20 English PDF 2.43 MB 410 Download
d64 floppy49 Image BBS v1.2a Documentation

Documentation for the Commodore 64 BBS program called IMAGE.

ImageBBS v1.2a docs
24-11-16 English PDF 230.5 KB 594 Download
zip50 INQUIRE PAC - Database Manual

INQUIRE PAC is designed to be user friendly for both the computer novice as well as the seasoned expert. It allows for the manipulation of up to 200 individual records with up to 15 distinct fields of information ranging from 1 character up to 250 characters.

07-06-20 English PDF 1.51 MB 368 Download
zip51 Instant Editor & Assembler Manual

Congratulations! you have just purchased the fastest, most versatile EDITOR ASSEMBLER on the market. lEA is capable of assembling up to 17k source fiIes in less then 4 seconds. Fourteen commands are added to the BASIC editor to create source files that can be assembled by lEA. Useful commands Include FIND. DELETE, RENUMBER, AUTO,UNNEW. APPEND, BLOCK SAVE, HEX TO DECIMAL, and DECIMAL TO HEX to name a few.

22-05-20 English Commodore 64 20.14 MB 414 Download
zip52 JiffyDOS 6.01 & DOS 5.1 Cheat Sheet

This is a super handy, one page cheat sheet for JiffyDOS 6.01 and DOS 5.1 by Stephen Lark (slark).  You can find the original source along with a lot of other great documents at Stephen's webiste slark.me/c64.

24-06-23 English PDF 45.63 KB 56 Download
zip53 JiffyMON/64 v2.0 Machine Language Monitor User's Guide

JiffyMON/64 is a unique and powerful machine language monitor for Commodore 64 and 128 (in 64 mode) computers equipped with the JiffyDOS speed-enhancement ROMs. Like other machine language monitors, JiffyMON lets you inspect and modify individual bytes in your computer's memory; assemble, disassemble, and execute 6510 assembler code programs; and also provides a number of features which assist in debugging and writing assembly language programs.

This fully re-typed and improved manual came from the excellent slark.me/c64 website.  Please visit them and check out the other fine reference material

10-02-23 English Commodore 64 92.47 KB 142 Download
zip54 Kick Assembler v5.15 Manual

Welcome to Kick Assembler, an advanced MOS 65xx assembler combined with a Java Script like script language.

26-05-20 English PDF 766.98 KB 462 Download
zip55 Kipper API Technical Reference
The KIPPER application programming interface (or API) is a set of functions that allow C64 programs to communicate over an IP network without being tied to a specific hardware device. kipper-api-technical-reference
05-10-19 English PDF 174.04 KB 409 Download
zip56 Kracker Jax C128 Cannon Manual

* THE NIBBLER - Our powerful nibbler work• with aingle or dual 1571/1541 drives!

* FAST COPIER - Great for backing up your data disks or for use with Kracker Jax!

* FILE COPIER - This utility makes file maintenance and manipulation tasks easy!

* 1581 FAST COPIER - created for use with the new generation 3.5 inch disk drives!

* 1581 FILE COPIER - Transfer files with the new hlgh-speed 3.5 inch disk drives!

* MFM COPIER - Allows you to copy unprotected IBM and CP/M format disks!

* TIS EDITOR - Track and sector editor for 1541, 1571, and the new 1581 drives!

* ERROR SCANNER - Full featured error scanner with an on-screen display!

* DENSITY SCANNER - Allows you to check for altered densityes track by track!

* DIRECTORY EDITOR - This utlllly lets you alter and reorganize disk directoriesl

* KRACKER JAX - You also get 100 of our hottest, most popular parameters!

13-10-19 English PDF 385.39 KB 552 Download
zip57 Kracker Jax: The Hacker's Utility Kit Manual

WelcometoTheHacker’sUtilityKit.Thisprogramrepresentsthefinestsetof diskexaminationandmanipulationtoolseverassembledintoonepackage.Weare confidentyouwillfindittobeoneofthemostusfuldisksinyourlibrary.Eachandeverymoduleincludedinthispackagehasbeenputthroughit’spaces inrealuse.Wefeelyou'llfindthemnotonlyextremelypowerful,butalsouser friendly.ManyextrashavebeenputintoTheHacker'sUtilityKit.Pleasebesuretoreadeachsegmentofthismanualbeforeusinganyofthetools.This willinsurethatyouobtainfulluseofeachandeveryfeature.

14-04-23 English PDF 8.16 MB 58 Download
zip58 Kyan Pascal Manual HOT

The following manual is intended as a reference for both STANDARD Kyan Pascal and ADVANCED Kyan Pascal. Those chapters which apply only to STANDARD Kyan Pascal are marked (STANDARD); those chapters which apply only to ADVANCED Kyan Pascal are marked (ADVANCED). You will find that most chapters apply to both versions.

Thanks BlueCursor for the upload.

09-06-20 English PDF 32.08 MB 947 Download
zip59 Laser Genius Assembler Manual HOT

Laser Genius is a complete machine code development system for the Commodore 64.

31-05-20 English PDF 19.14 MB 910 Download
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