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zip0 COBOL 64 Software System Manual

This manual provides a complete description of the COBOL 64 System as implemented for use on the Commodore 64 computer or equivalent.  The COBOL 64 programming language is designed along the guidelines of the American National Standards Institute(ANSI) X3.23- 1974.

2020-02-21 English PDF 3.91 MB 733 Download
zip1 Coco2 Reference Manual [VIC20] HOT


CoCo2 is a tool for developing video games for the VIC-20. Think of it as a sort of SEUCK for the VIC. Why is this program called COCO 2? Because there is a COCO. The first COCO teaches computer techniques, computer programming, a basic language and problem solving. COCO 2 allows you to create your own computer games. But COCO 2 really does much more.

By the time you have played and programmed with COCO 2 you will have learned:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Animation
  • Real-Time Programming
  • Computer-Human Interaction
  • Logic

And you thought you were just having fun!

2021-08-15 English PDF 6.27 MB 939 Download
zip2 CodeWriter Manual

This manual was written to be unique and useful as the CODEWRITER SYSTEM itself.  This Is a tall order. Please believe us when we say that everyone at Dynateoh Microsoftware worldwide has worked to make CODEWRITER among the most valuable programs you can own.

2020-02-22 English PDF 4.85 MB 708 Download
zip3 Color 64 BBS v7.3 Manual

This BBS program is written mostly in BASIC with just enough machine code to allow a 300/1200/2400 baud modem to transmit and receive at full speed. The main purpose for writing a BBS in BASIC is for ease of modification by the you the SYSOP. If you can do a little BASIC programming, then you should be able to make almost any changes to the BBS you may want. But if you ever do need or want any help in a making a modification, feel free to ask me about it.

2023-10-02 English Commodore 64 3.15 MB 143 Download
pdf4 Color 64 BBS v8.0 Manual (Revised and Reformatted)

Michael “Nuke” Newkirk reached out to me this week to let me know he has something special to share with all you Color 64 sysops out there - a revised and reformatted manual for the Color 64 v8.0 BBS!  I'm sure you'll appreciate the time and effort that went into this project, thanks Mike for keeping the Commodore 64 BBS dream alive. 

Here is an excerpt from the foreword of this revised manual.  I highly encourage taking a few minutes to read it, because if you were ever a sysop, you will completely relate:

"This document is a capture of the last Color 64 v8.0 txt that is widely available on the internet. I wanted to reformat it and make it an easier table-driven reference as much as possible for my own personal use, and the idea grew to make this something more with distribution to the interested communities in mind. I tried to keep to the author’s original personality and content, but invoked many grammatic changes and some technical that I felt would better serve the new generation of SYSOPs coming in."

Thanks Mike (Nuke)!

Manual updated 4/8/2024 - Some minor tweaks and corrections - See page 160 for editor's notes on CMD HD usage.

2024-04-04 English PDF 1.7 MB 91 Download
zip5 Color 80 Manual

The C O L O R 80 program turns on the hires bit map mode described in the Programmer's Reference Manual (start page 122).  The screen starts at $E000 (57344 decimal) and the color starts at $D800 (55296 decimal). To poke into color memory, first switch out I/O.

2020-02-22 English PDF 29.78 KB 493 Download
zip6 Colortone Keyboard Owners Manual HOT

Welcome to the world of Waveform, where tones have colors and anyone can play beautiful music; where learning about music is effortless, because you learn while playing music.  Your doorway to this amazing world is the Colortone Keyboard 'No Fault Music' System for the Commodore 64.

2020-02-22 English PDF 8.07 MB 986 Download
zip7 COMAL 80 Manual HOT

Welcome to the world of COMAL programming!  Many feel that COMAL is close to being an ideal programming language for microcomputers, incorporating as it does the best features of both BASIC, Logo and Pascal.

2020-02-22 English PDF 10.81 MB 1,702 Download
zip8 Comet64 / V1541 Setup Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Comet64 Internet Modem from  With it, you will be able to access the Internet like never before!  We know you're anxious to get started, so we've developed this guide to be as quick and easy as possible.  If you purchased your Comet64 as a kit, you'll find a link to assembly instructions at the bottom of

2020-02-22 English PDF 41.44 KB 470 Download
zip9 Commodore 64 CP/M User's Guide

Your purchase of the Commodore Z80 add-on microprocessor cartridge puts you in the elite group of owners of a dual processor home microcomputer.  No one but Commodore the originator of the home microcomputer - could design and manufacture an inexpensive home or personal computer that accommodates the two most common microprocessors in the microcomputer industry:

• the Commodore MOS 6510 (6502 type) microprocessor

• the Z80A microprocessor

2020-02-24 English PDF 5.43 MB 891 Download
zip10 Commodore 64 Forth+

Now with C64 FORTH+ you can program your Commodore 64 with a language even more flexible than BASIC, yet almost as powerful as machine code.

C64 FORTH+ is a high level language that will enable you to run programs up to fifty times faster than those written in BASIC, without the tedious programming requirements of machine language.  You can even re-define the language to suit your own programming requirements! C64 FORTH+ is the tool for programmers who want to squeeze as much power and speed from the Commodore 64 as possible.

2019-06-30 English PDF 306.78 KB 776 Download
zip11 Commodore 64 Macro Assembler Development System Manual HOT

The Commodore 64 MACRO ASSEMBLER DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM software package allows you to program in the native 6500 series Assembly language code, directly on the Commodore 64 computer.  It provides you with a very powerful macro Assembler, editor, loaders and two machine language monitors along with other support routines. These development tools operate like and provide the same level of direct machine interface as the Assemblers on much larger computers.

Thank you BlueCursor for the manual and software

2020-06-02 English PDF 9 MB 3,260 Download
zip12 Commodore 64 Mastercode Assembler HOT

Mastercode is a substantial and complex program, providing a host of features of use to anyone interested in machine code programming on the Commodore 64, Despite its complexity Mastercode is designed with the user in mind and is far easier to use than many inferior assembler/disassemblers. All of Mastercode's many facilities are called up by means of clear menus and prompts which appear as the program runs. There are no obscure commands to enter to make full use of Mastercode and with an hour or so's practice you will be making the most of its power.

2020-10-28 English PDF 5.98 MB 1,077 Download
zip13 Commodore Assembler Tutor

Our friend Tomse over at was kind enough to reach out and share this Commodore 64 treasure with us.  Not only do we have the beautiful scan to share, he also made images of the two original disks that come with the package.  These are pretty rare as only a cracked version with some missing files has been spotted over at  The two .d64 disk images are imbedded in the PDF file, but I'll also post them as a seperate download. 

Thanks Tomse!

2020-12-03 English PDF 2.48 MB 694 Download
zip14 Commodore BASIC 3.5 Manual v2.1 HOT

Commodore BASIC v3.5 Manual 

According to Wikipedia, BASIC 3.5 was the first version to add a number of commands for graphics and sound support.  Here's a link to an extension from the June 1990 Issue of 64'er for the Commodore 64 to allow running those programs.

2020-05-17 English PDF 709.61 KB 1,267 Download
zip15 Commodore Programmer's Utilities

A while back I either got an email or read somewhere on the internet that early 1541 disk drives came with a disk of programmer's utilities.  Here is the manual for those utilities.

If you are reading this and were the one to source this nice scan, please let me know so I can give you credit for sharing this rare information.

2022-12-27 English PDF 4.37 MB 283 Download
zip16 Commodore Public Domain Business Series Instructions

The set of programs in this package is one in a series of twenty-seven sets in the Commodore Public Domain Series. This series of prepackaged software is designed to introduce you to the many practical, educational, and fun applications your home computer offers.  The programs in this series show you things like how to make a mortgage table, convert decimal numbers into hexadecimal, follow a flow chart, and play word games on your computer.

2020-02-12 English PDF 250.04 KB 532 Download
zip17 Computer Diet Food Reporting and Meal Planning Guide

Welcome to The Original Boston Computer Diet.  If you haven't already done so, go now to the other manual included in your package and read the opening chapters entitled "Welcome" and "Getting Started." You will be directed back to this manual at the appropriate time.

2020-02-26 English PDF 5.38 MB 538 Download
zip18 Computer Diet Manual

Even if you are a computer expert-or an old pro at dieting! - TheOriginal Boston Computer Diet will be a brand new experience for you.  This is the first time an expert system of this sophistication has been widely available to help people modify their lifestyle and improve their health.

2020-02-26 English PDF 34.01 MB 651 Download
zip19 Computerized Publishing

Paul Norman's Computerized Publishing Co. creates regular or custom print characters and text combined with graphics or fonts for newsletters, banners, letterheads, cards, labels, or as part of a screen display.

2020-02-26 English PDF 3.69 MB 579 Download
zip20 Concept / Concept+ Manual

The integrated assembler / linker package for Wheels 64 and Wheels 128.Operates in both 40 and 80 column modes on the 128.

2020-02-25 English PDF 39.62 KB 509 Download
zip21 Connect 64 Manual

Welcome· to the world of telecomputing with CONNECT 64, the intelligent termlnal program that lets you use your Commodore 64 to communicate with other computers automatically over telephone lines.

2020-02-25 English PDF 1.46 MB 585 Download
zip22 Copy II 64/128 Manual

This manual describes Copy II 64/128, which includes both a powerful disk utility package and a sophisticated Bit Copy program.  The disk utilities allow you to prepare diskettes for use(format), erase files from a disk (delete) and load files faster than ever before.  The Bit Copy program can make backups of valuable software that has been copy protected.  You can also use it as a general purpose disk copy program to make backups of your important programs and data files.

2020-02-26 English PDF 4.2 MB 732 Download
zip23 Copy II 64/128 v3.1 Manual

Copy II 64/128 v3.1 Manual

2019-07-24 English PDF 5.29 MB 748 Download
zip24 Copy II 64/128 v4.0 Manual

Copy II 64/128 v4.0 Manual

2019-07-24 3.05 MB 697 Download
pdf25 Copy II 64/128 v4.0 Manual

Copy II 64/128 v4.0 Manual

2020-10-11 English PDF 3.05 MB 575 Download
zip26 Copy-Q v3.0 Manual

Copy-Q 3.0 is a hiqh-speed diskette backup program the Commodore 64 computer that backs up your copy-protected software.  Copy-Q 3.0 is designed for ease of use, speed, and reliability.  Copy-Q 3.0 will make backup copies of almost any diskette-based program for the Commodore 64.

2020-02-11 English PDF 2.13 MB 726 Download
zip27 CP/M Kit for the Commodore 128 Manual HOT

This manual is intended to get you, the C128 owner, started in CP/M. Keeping in mind a first time user, you will go through step by step procedures for such tasks as loading the CP/M system, viewing a directory, formatting a disk, copying files, printing files, etc. But not only that, you will learn how to obtain more software from bulletin boards if you have a modem.

Here is a link to the companion disk.

2020-02-26 English PDF 3.03 MB 1,131 Download
zip28 Create a Calendar Manual

CREATE A CALENDAR is an amazingly easy, yet powerful tool used to create daily, weekly,monthly, and annual calendars.  With CREATE A CALENDAR, you can create a calendar to fit your every need.  Design calendars at home to keep track of doctors appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, and social engagements.  Create calendars for school to keep track of sports events, homework assignments, after school events and holidays.  Generate calendars at work to keep track of business meetings, seminars, and vacations.

2020-02-26 English PDF 982.52 KB 606 Download
zip29 Creating Chiptunes with Sid Wizard

Welcome to this revised expanded manual for the excellent music tracker SID-Wizard2 for Commodore 64. I will try to go into detail of most aspects of the tracker and I will also try to explain the functions of the wonderful SID chip as we go along. The reason why I expanded the work of Mihaly's manual is that there is some stuff left out that SID gurus know but beginners don't.

This guide covers SID Wizard versions up to 1.6 and is still helpful with 1.7 & 1.8, but version 1.8 has many changes compared to 1.6.

2021-11-06 English PDF 1.12 MB 606 Download
zip30 Creative Calc Manual

Congratulations!  You have just purchased the most complete home and personal electronic spreadsheet· program available for your Commodore 64 computer.  This program lets you join the hundreds of thousands of people who have found electronic spreadsheets to be the most versatile and useful program they own.

2020-02-26 English PDF 1.89 MB 629 Download
zip31 Creative Calc Quick Reference Summary

Creative Calc Quick Reference Summary

2020-02-26 English PDF 59.01 KB 499 Download
zip32 Creative Filer Manual

Congratulations!  You have just purchased the most complete home and personal electronic filing program available for your Commodore 64 computer.  By using this program you will be able to handle all sorts of information in ways that were not possible manually.

2020-02-26 English PDF 2.32 MB 576 Download
zip33 Creative Software - Home Inventory Manual

Home Inventory is a single program designed to run on the Commodore 64 computer, and comprises a complete system for tracking your home inventory with a computer.  The program is available on either tape or disk.  The tape version requires the Commodore Datassette recorder, while the disk version requires the VIC-1541 floppy disk unit.

2020-03-22 English PDF 1.48 MB 570 Download
zip34 Creative Software Decision Maker

Decision Maker is extremely flexible, and allows you to come to conclusions and make decisions in a way that you may find difficult to do without a computer.  It encourages the use of both emotion and logic, and strengthens your skills in formulating the alternatives and factors involved in a decision in a reasonable and manageable way.

2020-03-01 English PDF 1.84 MB 571 Download
zip35 Cut & Paste Command Summary

Cut & Paste Command Summary

2020-02-26 English PDF 1.06 MB 518 Download
zip36 Cut & Paste The Manual

Home users generally do not use their word processing programs every day.  Cut & Paste was designed to make remembering whatyou can do next and how to do it as simple as looking at the top and bottom lines on the screen.

2020-02-26 English PDF 3.85 MB 569 Download
zip37 Darkstar '88 BBS Manual

DarkStar '88 is the NEW MultiModular BBS from Dark.Star Systems Software that will Astound YOU with its Never Ending Opportunities for Expansion and Expression.  This Magic is accomplished through the Mysterious Use of External, User-Definable, System Access Modules, that can be Loaded from ANY of 255 Disk Drives.  Certain Modules, like the Message Base, Feature Multiple Sub Bases, with Independantly Assigned Access Levels.Beyond this, the Possibility of ANY Further Expansion becomes Reality, through the ReGeneration Process of Module Cloning.

2020-02-26 English PDF 66.57 MB 610 Download
zip38 Darkstar CBBS v3.0 Manual

In order to save time and space, this manual has been made in a very summarized format, and may tend to be vague in places.  But we believe that everything you need to know will be included here. If you feel unsure about anything, or would like to know how to get full potential from this BBS,  then send a SASE to us, and we will try to help you out.

2020-02-26 English PDF 9.69 MB 550 Download
zip39 Darkstar CBBS v3.0/3.1 Manual

Darkstar CBBS v3.0 / 3.1 Manual - This manual contains information on both versions.

2020-02-26 English PDF 15.97 MB 571 Download
zip40 Darkstar CBBS v3.1 Modual Expansion Toolkit Overlink Library #1

We hope you enjoy this first library/expansion disk. We are breaking new ground with our Unique Approach!  We Invite All comments and suggestions relating to ideas that you would like to see implemented in future-library editions!  If you can provide us with a basic version of your idea, we will take every reasonable effort to convert it to ML for the BBS!

2020-02-27 English PDF 6.22 MB 571 Download
zip41 Data Manager 128 Manual

Welcome to DATA MANAGER 128, the complete information management system for your Commodore 128.  DATA MANAGER 128 is a fast and efficient way to keep track of all types of information - customer files, inventory, address lists, market trend statistics, even phone numbers and recipes - and you can retrieve that information at the touch of a key.

2019-09-21 English PDF 4.69 MB 704 Download
zip42 Data Manager 2 User Manual

Just think how nice it would be to look up someone's name and address without having to look through an address book, or how much faster and easier it would be to find specific information from a single floppy disk, instead of having to search through mounds of paper.  Better yet, think how much time could be saved by tabulating information with a computer instead of spending hours doing calculations manually.  DATA MANAGER 2 does this work for you. Your data is stored on space-saving disks - no more bulky, messy files.  DATAMANAGER 2 searches and displays data quickly, easily, and most of all, painlessly.

2020-02-28 English PDF 6.76 MB 671 Download
zip43 DATA20 Plan Manager Instruction Manual

DATA20 Plan Manager (Electronics Spreadsheet) Instruction Manual

2020-02-28 English PDF 3.75 MB 621 Download
zip44 DATA20 Word Manager Instruction Manual

DATA20 Word Manager Word Processing Instruction Manual

2020-03-01 English PDF 1.23 MB 513 Download
zip45 Decision Maker Manual

Decision Maker is a complete learning and applications course based upon the theory of of Decision Analysis and Decision Trees.

2020-02-28 English PDF 11.36 MB 646 Download
d64 floppy46 DesTerm 128 v3.02 Manual HOT

DesTerm 128 v3.02 Manual.

desterm 128 v3.02 docs
2015-05-02 English PDF 129.4 KB 1,089 Download
zip47 DesTerm 128 v3.02 User Guide

Before you use DesTerm for too long, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents of this User Guide. DesTerm has a whole host of features to help you telecommunicate - if you know how to use them.

2020-03-01 English PDF 129.4 KB 849 Download
zip48 dFile 128 DBMS File Utilities Manual

This utility disk contains many useful programs which increase the capacity and flexibility of dfile128 by allowing you to manlpulate and modify your record flIes.  These programs were created because they were requested, even demanded, by loyal users of dflle 128.  Of course, lf you do not have the dfile128 Database Management System, these special utilities will not do you much good since they only perform operations on dfile128 record files.

2020-03-01 English PDF 2.03 MB 531 Download
zip49 dFile 128 Manual

dfile128 is a fully featured easy-to-use database management system. This program was developed by listening to the inputs of several thousand users, like yourself, and implementing those features which most of you found desirable to have.

2020-03-01 English PDF 3.22 MB 564 Download
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