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Color 64 BBS v8.0 Manual (Revised and Reformat Color 64 BBS v8.0 Manual (Revised and Reformatted)

Michael “Nuke” Newkirk reached out to me this week to let me know he has something special to share with all you Color 64 sysops out there - a revised and reformatted manual for the Color 64 v8.0 BBS!  I'm sure you'll appreciate the time and effort that went into this project, thanks Mike for keeping the Commodore 64 BBS dream alive. 

Here is an excerpt from the foreword of this revised manual.  I highly encourage taking a few minutes to read it, because if you were ever a sysop, you will completely relate:

"This document is a capture of the last Color 64 v8.0 txt that is widely available on the internet. I wanted to reformat it and make it an easier table-driven reference as much as possible for my own personal use, and the idea grew to make this something more with distribution to the interested communities in mind. I tried to keep to the author’s original personality and content, but invoked many grammatic changes and some technical that I felt would better serve the new generation of SYSOPs coming in."

Thanks Mike (Nuke)!

Manual updated 4/8/2024 - Some minor tweaks and corrections - See page 160 for editor's notes on CMD HD usage.


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