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Power Plan 64 Ma Power Plan 64 Manual

As you probably know, POWER PLAN is a "spreadsheet". All types of calculations may be carried out with the aid of POWER PLAN. As an example of a calculation, let's calculate the selling price for an item based on the specified cost price. This is a calculation which a retailer has to make every day.

The cost price of an article is a combination of various factors. The most significant ones are the actual cost price, the additional costs (rent, etc.) and the retailer's profit margin. To calculate the selling price, the retailer needs various implements. For example, a sheet of paper, a pencil and in most cases, a pocket calculator. In this case you can already see that it is very sensible to use a computer for these calculations, as it offers advantages in a number of ways.

With suitable software, the computer is able to replace the above-mentioned implements. And you have this software right in your hands.

POWER PLAN not only replaces these implements, but offers you many other advantages.


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