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CBUS I (Cartridge Backup System) Manual Category: Hardware ManualsNov-05-2022

CBUS stands for Cartridge Back-Up System. CBUS I produces backup copies of cartridges for the Commodore 64. Using CBUS I saves wear and tear on ths Commodore 64  expansion connector by tricking the computer into running an image of the cartridge without having the cartridge physically present. Up to 17 cartridges can be stored on a single diskettae. With CBUS I, cartridges can be storad out of harms way rather than cluttering up the work area. CBUS I incorporates a RESET switch allowing you to perform a COLD Start without having to turn the machine off and on again. This permits study of cartridge object code, opening up the possibility of custom modifications.

Platform: PDF
Commodore 128 40/80 Column Video Adapter v5.1 Manual Category: Hardware ManualsNov-05-2022

I have one of these adapters and although it's not the 5.1 version, I figure someone else might benefit from the manual, so here it is.

Find much more info here.

Platform: PDF
Sav64 Manual (2017 Version) Category: Hardware ManualsNov-05-2022

The SaV64 is an over-voltage protection device for Commodore 8-Bit computers that require both 5VDC and 9VAC power sources. It monitors the 5VDC voItage level and automatically disconnects both the AC and DC from the computer when it rises above the trip voltage.

Note - This manual is from 2017 and came with batch 4 of this product.  Future versions may be different.

Lemon64 forum thread 

YouTube video


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Triangular uOS 1.25 for the C64 User's Manual Category: Software ManualsNov-05-2022

TRIANGULAR μOS is GUI (graphic user interface) operating system for 8-bit Commodore computers. This User’s Manual pertains to TRIANGULAR μOS 1.25/C64 version for Commodore 64.

Here's a link to the complete package (Software, Manual, Changelog)


Platform: PDF
Triangular uOS 1.25 (Commodore 64) Category: Operating SystemsNov-05-2022

Triangular uOS 1.25 for the Commodore 64, by Michael Goral, Released August, 2022.  Included in the archive is the operating system, full documentation and a complete change log.  See the extended description to see what's new in version 1.25

It's really amazing what has come out for our humble Commodore 64 over the years, and this piece of software is a good example.  Written entirely in BASIC, this is a complete OS!!!  It even has applications integrated.  I strongly recommend you check this out.  Here are some links to additional information / resources:

Lemon64 forum thread can be found here.

YouTube video can be found here.


Platform: Commodore 64
Ultimate Documentation (Sept. 2022) Category: Ultimate 64Nov-04-2022

This is a PDF version of the documentation for the 1541 Ultimate II, 1541 Ultimate II+ and the Ultimate 64 dated September 2022.  This documentation covers Firmware 3.10 / Core 1.41.

Platform: PDF
CCGMS Future v0.1 Category: CCGMSNov-04-2022

CCGMS Future v0.1 - Released in August 2021 by Mist64 is the next step in evolution for the beloved CCGMS terminal program originally written by Craig Smith, then later updated by Alwyz. New features include:

  • Fixed timing for PAL in User Port and UP9600 drivers
  • Implemented XMODEM-1K
    • protocol XMODEM-1K forces 1K on upload
    • any XMODEM protocol will accept 1K blocks on download
  • XMODEM-CRC autodetect on upload
    • protocols XMODEM-CRC/-1K will force CRC on download
    • any XMODEM protocol will accept CRC on upload

NOTE - This isn't the newest version, but I'm adding it to keep the lineage as complete as possible.

Platform: Commodore 64
CCGMS Future v0.2 Category: CCGMSNov-04-2022

CCGMS Future v0.2 - Released in March 2022 by Mist64 is the next step in evolution for the beloved CCGMS terminal program originally written by Craig Smith, then later updated by Alwyz and Michael Steil.  New features include:

  • Added support for a software 80 column screen mode
    • F8 now cycles: 40c PETSCII -> 40c ASCII -> 80c PETSCII -> 80c ASCII
    • All menus, transfers etc. temporarily switch back to 40 col screen. The 80 column contents will be preserved when temporarily switching.
    • In 80 color ASCII mode, the characters ^_`{|}~ are available, matching ASCII (unlike 40 col ASCII).
  • Fixed ASCII-PETSCII conversion of codes 0x60 and 0x7B
  • Changed some wording to be clearer (imho):
    • "Graphics" and "C/G" to "PETSCII"
    • "Anscii" to "ASCII"
    • "Author's Message" to "Instructions"
  • Internal changes
    • rewrote RS232 driver model
    • cleaned up code memory layout

Additional changes since CCGMS 2021:

  • Fixed timing for PAL in User Port and UP9600 drivers
  • Implemented XMODEM-1K
  • XMODEM-CRC autodetect on upload
Platform: Commodore 64
BasEdit.Net v1.4.7 Category: BasEdit.NetNov-01-2022

A CBM BASIC Editor for Windows written by Björg Stojalowski in VB.NET 2010

- tried to fix probs with things auto-selecting via the mouse when maximising window or loading new files
- repaired issue of Shift+F3 search not scrolling down screen sufficiently to display next found item

Platform: Windows
BasEdit.Net v1.4.6 Category: BasEdit.NetNov-01-2022

A CBM BASIC Editor for Windows written by Björg Stojalowski in VB.NET 2010

- Attempted to add abbreviated token support (see "TokenList_BasicV2_ed.txt")
- Added keymap for suit WinVICE on Swedish keyboard (see "KeyMap_Swe_WinVICE.txt")
- Added "Cut Block", "Copy Block" and "Paste Block" menu items triggering on CTRL+Shift+X, CTRL+Shift+C and CTRL+Shift+V, respectively.
- Ctrl+Shift normally toggles between the upper & lowercase charsets, but I've disabled this behaviour if you use the right-hand-side CTRL key.
- Added in Schlowski's fix relating to a ctrl-left/ctrl-right issue of the display going out-of-sync and showing a lot of spaces before the first character.
- Fixed a prob when moving down from the end of a long-line to a short line, if you did a ctrl-left, it would get an exception due to trying to perform a .substring() on a shorter string.

Platform: Windows
Fast Hack'Em v9.9a [Fixed] Category: Disk CopiersOct-31-2022

Fast Hack'Em v9.9a (Mike J. Henry / Basement Boys) - Fixed, patched and updated by Joe Bunt, 2022

It's pretty amazing the lengths our fellow Commodore(ian) went through to fix issues and bugs from various versions of Fast Hack'Em, to finally put together this version which is believed to be bug free.  Please check out the extended description to see Joe's comments about the process and updates he's applied.

Platform: Commodore 64
AutoClock v1.6 Category: GEOS Auto ExecsOct-31-2022

AutoClock v1.6 is a GEOS Auto-Exec utility that can set the time and date on boot-up.  It works with both the Commodore 64 and 128 versions of GEOS.  Back in 1991 when Rick Koch wrote this, there was a bug that caused the text in the box to get cut off when used on the Commodore 128 in 80 Column mode.  Bruce Thomas fixed this positioning error back in October 2021, but just today made one last tweak that now lets it properly save the date when used with the new version number.  

In the archive are both a GEOS format program and one in CONVERT format.

Platform: Commodore 64
Merlin 128 Version 1.10 - A Contrived User’s Guide Category: Software ManualsOct-31-2022

I found this nicely formatted and concise guide to Merlin 128 while looking through other goodies at the Bombjack site.  I highly recommend you go visit, that's the place to find books, guides, manuals and all sorts of other great retro related stuff.

Platform: PDF
Merlin 128 Manual Category: Software ManualsOct-31-2022

Merlin 128 is an extremely powerful, comprehensive Macro Assembler system for the Commodore 128 computer. It consists of four main modules and numerous auxiliary and utility programs which comprise one of the most complete assembler systems available for any personal computer.

Platform: PDF
TheC64 Firmware 1.6.1 Category: TheC64Oct-30-2022

This firmware update (v1.6.1) is applicable to THEC64, THEC64 Mini and THEVIC20.

Features introduced in version 1.6.1

  • [All models] Adds Commodore 1351 mouse support to the C64
  • [All models] Adds support for up to four joysticks
  • [All models] Adds support for THEMOUSE
  • [All models] Adds support for THEGAMEPAD
  • [All models] Adds a new game Space Lords, a multi-player game that utilises the new mouse and multi-joystick support
Northcastle Stuctured BASIC v1.7 Category: BASIC ExtensionsOct-30-2022

Northcastle Structured BASIC v1.7 by Mike Roche (June 1984) - This is very similar to Waterloo BASIC, in fact it will run most programs written for Waterloo. I found a nice article about this language in issue 23 of TPUG Magazine (May 1986).  Included on the disk is several versions that can be loaded into different parts of memory so it can co-exist with other utilities.  There is also instructions, source code (written in PAL assembler) and several sample programs.  I would consider this a complete package.

Platform: Commodore 64
CP/M Plus v3.1 - Y2K Patched [.D71] Category: C128 - CP/M SoftwareOct-30-2022

This is an unofficial release of CP/M for the Commodore 128 on a .d71 disk image that I found over at the H2Obsession website.  This version is the last official release from Commodore with a Y2K patch.  Please visit the H2Obsession site for more information and possibly a newer version

Platform: Commodore 128
Total Telecommunications System BBS 64 v4e Category: Miscellaenous BBS ProgramsOct-30-2022

I found this rather obscure BBS program for the Commodore 64, written back in 1986 by Charles Van Lingen, while rooting around archive.org.  Although the program disk is labeled as v4e, the program itself shows v4c as you can see from the screen shots.  The program is mostly written in BASIC, so it's highly customizable and might be useful for learning purposes.  One thing to note as pointed out in the archive.org posting is that there is likely a backdoor in the system that allows the bypassing of passwords.

Here is a link to the Toronto CBM mailing list from the peson who uploaded this to archive.org.  There is some additional information in the thread you might find interesting.

Platform: Commodore 64
The Magic Candle, Volume 1 Manual Category: Game ManualsOct-30-2022

The Magic Candle is a game with many features and options. As you progress, you will need to read the "Sage Advice" later in this book. The advisers of King Rebnard will provide your hero with information he must know.

You should get a feel for the game before you seriously attempt to take care of the problem of the magic candle. Follow these directions for a quick start. Later, you may decide to start over. But, first, go through this process to become familiar with the game system.

Platform: PDF
Lisp 64p V4 Category: LispOct-30-2022

This release of Lisp 64p V4 by "Hamster" is a fixed version of the original, released in the German magazine Input64 dated April 1986.

Platform: Commodore 64
Lisp 128 Release 1.00 Category: Lisp [C128]Oct-30-2022

Lisp 128 Release 1.00 for the Commodore 128 - Included in the archive is the source code, binaries (on .d64 floppy image) and documentation (in German).

Lisp is the second-oldest high-level programming language still in common use. Only Fortran is older, by one year.

Platform: Commodore 128
Commodore 128 CP/M System Disk [May 1987] Category: C128 - Operating SystemsOct-30-2022

Here are two bootable CP/M System disk images for the Commodore 128.  One image is a .d64 and will need to be used with a 1571 floppy drive (won't work with a 1541) and the other is a .d81 for use with a 1581 floppy drive.  Although the screen shots show this as CP/M 3.0, it is interesting to note that there is actually no such thing, and this is actually CP/M Plus 3.1.  If you're interested in details about this and CP/M history, check out this link over at H2Obsession.  For other CP/M System disks, check out the Zimmer File Archive.

Platform: Commodore 128
CP/M Kit Companion Disk Category: C128 - CP/M SoftwareOct-30-2022

This is a recreation of the CP/M Kit Companion Disk that came with the book "CP/M Kit for the Commodore 128". Included in this archive are two .d81 floppy disk images and the book in PDF format. One disk image contains a bootable CP/M 3.0 System Disk and the other is a .d81 floppy disk image of the CP/M Kit Companion Disk.  See the associated screenshots for listings of the contents on both disks.

I found this disk image on archive.org, and while doing some research, also found this thread on Lemon64.  Here is a link to the book elsewhere on this site.

Platform: Commodore 128
CCS64 v3.9.3 Category: CCS64 EmulatorOct-29-2022

CCS64 v3.9.3 (Released Nov. 15, 2021) is a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows 7 / 8 / 10.  The only information I've seen on the difference between this version and the last one (v3.9.2) is that it now fully supports Windows 10.

Platform: Windows
Okidata Okimate 20 Printer Handbook Category: Hardware ManualsOct-29-2022

Your OKIMATE printer can print almost anything you create on your Commodore computer screen: letters, reports, charts, and graphic designs (in black or in color). It can underline phrases, print them in italics, or write them in eyecatching headlines. With its superscripts and subscripts, OKIMATE can print footnotes, exponents for math problems, and chemical formulas.

This printer handbook explains all you need to know about setting up and printing with OKIMATE. Just read through these first few pages, and OKIMATE will soon print its self-test pattern, and demonstrate its printing style for you.

Platform: PDF