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zip0 Configure 2.1.1 Release 3 [GEOS]

GEOS Configure 2.1.1 Release 3 by Paul Murdaugh, released (June 20th, 2021) - This .D81 disk image contains four new Configure files that you can use to replace the original Configure on your GEOS 2.0 disk.  Two of the files are for the Commodore 128, and two for the Commodore 64.  The files named CONFIGUREr and 128 CONFIGUREr should be used with geoRAM expansions, and the ones without the "r" should be used with REU's like the 1764, 1750.  Here is a summary of the new features as written by Paul on this Facebook post:

GEOS FIxes from latest original configure.
REU Support up to 16MB.
RAM 1581 drive bug is fixed. Bug caused "auto copy" to corrupt the REU 1581 ram drive.
DMA option and RBOOT option were backwards. Setting DMA transfers on turned on rboot and turning on rboot activated DMA option. If both were active you would never notice a problem. Fixed to behave as it should.
GEORAM support up to 4MB.
RAM 1581 drive bug fixed. (same bug as above).
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zip1 Dual Top v2.5 [GEOS]

Dual Top v2.5 by Paul B. Murdaugh (Dated 7/11/1991) is an EXCELLENT replacement for the GEOS DeskTop.  If you've used GEOS for any amount of time, you'll know that the DeskTop interface gets a bit clunky when dealing with many files.  Dual Top to the rescue!  Dual Top forgoes page after page of icons in exchange for a simple but powerful two panel interface for getting at your program and documents.  Please see the documentation included in the archive for further info.

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zip2 GEOS Desk Pack 1

GEOS Desk Pack 1(Released in 1986 by BSW) - This collection of programs and upgrades for GEOS include the following:

  • Graphics Grabber - lets you convert artwork from other popular Commodore 64 programs for use in GEOS applications, like geoWrite and geoPaint.
  • Icon Editor - converts non-GEOS files to the special GEOS format, and lets you customize the icons of those files.
  • Calendar - is a desk accessory which allows you to make notes about and keep track of important engagements.
  • Blackjack is a desk accessory which simulates the popular game of the same name.
  • deskTop and Drivers - GEOS deskTop version 1.3 and new and enhanced input and printer drivers.

The manual has much more detail and instructions for each of the programs on the disk.  I found it interesting that the main reason for the GEOS 1.3 upgrade was to prevent people from copying over the boot disk, and / or preventing the boot disk from working because they moved the deskTop file to some other page.  There's also a neat description in Appendix A on the difference between a normal formatted floppy and a GEOS formatted floppy.

P.S. - There is a file called Magic Mouse on side A that changes the pointer, but I don't think that was part of the original disk.  Please let me know if I'm wrong.

UPDATE (May 6th, 2023) - I have located what I believe is a real (unfondled) copy of Desk Pack 1 Side A image and have replaced it in the archive. I left the original disk I had in the archive also and labeled it with "(misc)".  Credit for the new disk image goes to the My64 / My128 website.

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d64 floppy3 MegaPatch 3 ver. 3 English HOT

MegaPatch 3 is a major enhancement for the GEOS operating system.  Manual is also on this site.

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zip4 TopDesk 64 v5.0 [GEOS]

TopDesk 64 v5.0 Release .01 (October 17th, 2021) by "TD64-Friends" - TopDesk is a replacement DeskTop for GEOS running the MegaPatch 3.3 (Release 6 or newer) updates.  There are versions for both the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 including builds for German, Spanish and English. I haven't used this extensively, but I like what I've seen so far.  

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zip5 Wheels 64 v4.4 [Fixed by Dmackey] HOT

Wheels 64 v4.4 Fixed - Full version of Wheels64

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