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Configure 2.1.1 Release 3 [G Configure 2.1.1 Release 3 [GEOS]

GEOS Configure 2.1.1 Release 3 by Paul Murdaugh, released (June 20th, 2021) - This .D81 disk image contains four new Configure files that you can use to replace the original Configure on your GEOS 2.0 disk.  Two of the files are for the Commodore 128, and two for the Commodore 64.  The files named CONFIGUREr and 128 CONFIGUREr should be used with geoRAM expansions, and the ones without the "r" should be used with REU's like the 1764, 1750.  Here is a summary of the new features as written by Paul on this Facebook post:

GEOS FIxes from latest original configure.
REU Support up to 16MB.
RAM 1581 drive bug is fixed. Bug caused "auto copy" to corrupt the REU 1581 ram drive.
DMA option and RBOOT option were backwards. Setting DMA transfers on turned on rboot and turning on rboot activated DMA option. If both were active you would never notice a problem. Fixed to behave as it should.
GEORAM support up to 4MB.
RAM 1581 drive bug fixed. (same bug as above).


System Commodore 64
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