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zip.png C64 Service Manual (PN-314001-02)

There are three versions of the C64. The C64 with a five pin connector video output (326106), The C64 with an eight pin connector video output (251138}, and the C64B which has improved system clock circuit design (251469).  Most circuit theory explanations will be the same for all three versions. Refer to schematic 326106 unless noted otherwise.

02-07-20 English PDF 1.87 MB 206.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Commodore 128 / 128D Service Manual HOT

Commodore 128 & 128D Service Manual.

13-02-16 English PDF 14.18 MB 626.00 Download
zip.png Commodore 64/64C Service Manual NEW

Commodore 64/64C Service Manual (March 1992) - PN-314001-03

05-04-21 English PDF 4.79 MB 47.00 Download