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Category: C64 General Books
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zip0 CBM 64 Graphics
This book is a compendium of graphics programs to assist the CBM 64 user to gain the greatest advantage from his computer. New users will find this book of great value once they understand Basic computing. cbm-64-graphics
02-10-20 English PDF 4.55 MB 134 Download
zip1 Commodore Reference Diary 1985 [Jim Butterfield]

I don't remember where I got this, and it isn't really anything I would normally keep, but since it has Jim Butterfield's name on the cover I'm making an exception.  Check out the pages towards the end of the book, they have some interesting reference material.

19-05-20 English PDF 2.79 MB 214 Download
zip2 Getting the Most Out of Your Epson Printer

Learn how to control and customize your Epson printer. Make it do everything you want it to do. Produce professional, good-looking documents quickly and easily. This complete guide will show you how. And if you're a first-time buyer, l will help you choose the Epson dot-matrix printer that's exactly right for your microcomputer and your kind of work.

28-11-21 English PDF 78.72 MB 198 Download
zip3 InfoWorld's Essential Guide to the Commodore 64

Welcome to Info World's Essential Guide to the Commodore 64. This book will help you get the most out of your Commodore 64. Whether you already own a Commodore system or are trying to decide which computer to buy, we think
you'll find this guide essential.

31-10-21 English PDF 31.23 MB 235 Download
zip4 Introducing Your Commodore 64

This book will show you how to write computer programs using your Commodore 64, but what is a program, and why do you need one? The simplest answer is that a program tells acomputer to do something, and you need it because without it the machine can do only very simple things.

28-09-20 English PDF 8.44 MB 171 Download
zip5 Q-Link Public Domain Software Directory 1990-1991

Q-Link Public Domain Software Directory 1990-1991 is a neat listing of all the public domain software available on the Q-Link service back in the days.

10-10-19 English PDF 23.28 MB 202 Download
zip6 The Best of TORPET

The Best of The TORPET was difficult to edit. Not because the material was difficult to understand, or poorly organized, or of poor quality, but simply because there was so much good stuff to choose from and squeeze into 320 pages. I started out with nearly 1500 pages of material and squeezed, squeezed and squeezed.

Link - Program Disk

23-09-19 English PDF 12.52 MB 271 Download
zip7 The Everything Book for Commodore Computers - Fall 1988
The Everything Book for Commodore Computers - Fall 1988 the-everything-book-for-commodore-computers-fall-1988
03-02-20 English PDF 28.67 MB 250 Download
zip8 The Everything Book for Commodore Computers - Summer 1988
The Everything Book for Commodore Computers - Summer 1988 the-everything-book-for-commodore-computers-summer-1988
03-02-20 English PDF 53.96 MB 153 Download
zip9 The Software Protection Handbook for the C-64

This book is written as an information guide for those who wish to learn about and experiment with software protection and duplication methods.

Here's a link to the disk that accompanies the book.

27-10-21 English PDF 17.6 MB 153 Download