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zip0 Collette Utilities [GEOS]

Collette Utilities for GEOS and the Commodore 64, is likely one of the best collection of useful utility programs you'll find, all on one double sided floppy disk.  Each utility comes with full docs in geoWrite format.  Here's an overview:

  • Font Editor 2.5 - create standard, MEGA and Perfect Print fonts
  • Font Changer - change fonts and point sizes in geoWrite documents
  • geoWizard - run one GEOS program without closing the one already in use
  • geoWizDump - screen dumper for use with geoWizard
  • MiniDesk - Desk Accessory (DA) for copying and deleting files
  • Select Printer - Desk Accessory (DA) for changing printer drivers
  • DOS_Wedge - Desk Accessory (DA) for sending commands to disk drives
  • AutoAlbumAdd - Desk Accessory (DA) for eaiser handling of Photo Scraps
  • PS. Processor - create customized PostScript output
  • PS. Patch(disk) - patch geoPubLaser for disk output
  • PS. Patch(GC) - patch geoPubLaser for geoCable output
  • LaserWrtr 2.1 GC - geoCable version of LaserWriter Printer Driver
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zip1 Compute!s Gazette GEOS Collection

Compute!s Gazette Geos Collection is a disk packed with 13 programs written for the Commodore 64 and the GEOS operating system.  There is something for everyone, from games to powerful programming applications and disk utilities.  Included on the disk are:

  • Skeet - Shotgun-and-clay-pigeon game
  • Quick Clock - Handy desk accessory for displaying the time in large characters
  • GeoPuzzle - A Rubick's Cube type multi-dimensional puzzle
  • Help Pad - Helps you design your own custom pop-up help screens
  • Screen Dumper - A machine language desk accessory for dumping the screen
  • SlideShow - Build slideshow presentations with graphics from geoPaint, geoChart or any GEOS program capable of saving to photo scraps
  • Super Printer Driver - Near-laser-quality printouts for several popular dot matrix printers
  • File Converter - Convert non-GEOS files to GEOS format with a simple double-click 
  • WordCount - Utility for geoWrite 1.2, 1.3 or 2.0 
  • Directory Printer - Creates complete printouts of GEOS disk directories
  • File Retriever - Lets you recover GEOS or Commodore files that have been deleted or thrown in the trash basket
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zip2 GeoPower Tools

GeoPower Tools by Loadstar and Softdisk is a 2-disk collection of great GEOS programs, utilities, clipart and fonts (each with a geoWrite 1.1 docs file) for the Commodore 64 (running the GEOS operating system) including:

AutoBootCreator, B82GeoPaint, CalendarPrinter, DirAid, FastAmi, FFTB, Font Converter, GeoFetch, GeoLibrarian,GeoPaint Viewer, GeoReplication, GeoSID 2.0, GeoCO2, Geo File Info, GeoPixelPuzzle, InspectorDiskette, Pheonix, ProgrammersCalc, ScreenDump, ShapeThatBaby, Sector Editor and two large photo albums of clipart and the following fonts - Stencil, Elite, Hollow, Cut, Squat, Digital, SpaceBalls, Pica, Magnetic, Rune, Thin, Inflated, HMag, Roman, Gothic and Shaded.

See the extended description for further information on each of the programs.

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zip3 Homepak 10 [GEOS]

Homepak 10 is another nice collection of GEOS programs for the Commodore 64, that I found in the LLCUG user group collection.  Still not sure if this was some type of official distribution, or just a collection put together by the user group.  Anyway, here is what you'll find on the disk:

  • geoWAR v1.0 - A game of world domination (AKA Risk).
  • MusicBox v1.0 - Pretty cool graphical sound generator.
  • GetDirectory v1.2 - Get a "Directory" into a geoWrite text scrap file.
  • WringisWrite v6.0 - Convert various geoWrite versions amongst each other.
  • IconEdit v2.0 - Change the appearance of a file's icon.
  • AnalogClock v1.2 - An analog clock that ticks and chimes.
  • AnalogClock v1.0 - A program that displays the system time in analog format.
  • GeoDirPrint v1.0 - Print a disk directory.
  • ScrapPeek v2.2 - Peek into your photo scraps and albums.  Supports two drives.
  • Trashpicker 64 v1.0 - Lets you recover a deleted file.
  • Graphic Storm v1.0 - Import several standard graphic file formats into geoPaint / photo album.
  • MacAttack v2.3 - Convert MacPaint files to geoPaint with centering and color options.
  • QuickView v1.0 - Does a sequential listing of a geoWrite file to the screen.
  • Envelope Addresser - Print addresses on business and personal size envelopes.
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zip4 Homepak 9 [GEOS]

Homepak 9 for the GEOS operating system on the Commodore 64 is a collection of GEOS programs I found in the LLCUG user group collection.  There are other Homepak disks, so I'm not sure if this was an official distribution, or just something put together by the user group.  Included in the collection:

  • US - The "Ultimate Stage" animation program.
  • Culture - A desk accessory version of the classic "Life" routine.
  • Copy Editor - Indexes a document to find word and sentenct counts.
  • Cluster Wars v1.1 - Another bloody control-the-universe strategy game.
  • QwikTop v2.0 - Replacement deskTop for GEOS
  • Convert v2.0 - Converts GEOS files to Commodore SEQ and back.
  • Font Editor 2.2 - Edit existing fonts or create new ones.
  • geoGraph - Create line graphs
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zip5 Loadstar GEOS Apps 1

Loadstar GEOS Apps 1 is a collection of games and applications for use with the Commodore 64 / 128 and the GEOS operating system.  Included on the disk are:

  • GeoSID v1.0 by Scott E. Resh (10/21/86)
  • GeoFetch v1.0 by Scott E. Resh (9/3/89)
  • GeoPuzzler v1.0 by Scott E. Resh (10/21/86)
  • GeoKey v1.0 by Scott E. Resh (2/11/90)
  • Mind v1.0 by Sean Huxter (2/28/91)
  • Hazard v1.0 by Sean Huxter (11/22/91)
  • Post Notions (a photo album) by John Elliott (7/25/91)

I will post each of the applications and games seperately in the future with more screenshots. There is a printout of the photo album as a screenshot when you view the detailed description.

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zip6 Son of GEOS

Son of GEOS is a collection of handy applications, utilities and fonts for GEOS on the Commodore 64.  I found this disk in the Lane County User Group collection, but was unable to locate any information on whether this was an official distribution or just something a user put together.  There is a also a disk called "Son of GEOS 2" I will post soon.   

  • LASERMATRIX Editor v1.0 by Bill Pendergast - Reconfigure a LASERMATRIX driver for another printer.
  • Photo Print v1.1 by Dave Hunt - Prints photo albums in neat order and will number them.
  • Qwik Top v2.1 by John F. Howard - Replacement for the GEOS deskTop
  • Convert v3.0 - Convert GEOS files to Commodore SEQ and back.
  • WormDesk v4.0 by Payton Snider - Replacement for the GEOS deskTop.
  • GEOMATH by Richard & Lynn Rardin - Math tutor for GEOS.
  • IdentiFont v3.2 by Dennis N. Seitz - Identify fonts contained in geoWrite documents or on disk.
  • Custom Print v1.0 by Terry Van Camp - Customize "Text Print" accessory to recognize your printer's commands.
  • Text Print v1.0 by Terry Van Camp - A desktop accessory to print geoWrite v2.1 documents using your printers resident fonts.
  • Paint Scrap v1.0 by Dennis N. Seitz - Place an entire geoPaint page in a photo scrap.
  • BigClipper v2.1 by Nick Vrtis - A program to make big clippings from a geoPaint picture.
  • Several Fonts - Dingbats, Graffiti24, Gallia, Gallery, Futhark Runes, Scribble, DigiFont
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zip7 Son of GEOS 2

Son of GEOS 2 - Found this collection of Commodore 64 GEOS utilities in the Lane County User Group collection.

  • UN-GEOS v1.0 by Master Blaster - Converts a GEOS disk back to a regular disk.
  • Disk Repair v1.1 - View the BAM, repair damage to OPD block, write protect / un-write protect disk.
  • GeoView v1.1 by Stephen R. Bassler - View, scroll and print your geoPaint pictures in full screen mode.
  • Selector v1.0 by John L. Brown - Selector is a fast and easy way to change drivers from within GEOS-64 applications.
  • ADDmerge v1.0 by Frank Schroeder - Combines a series of short geoMerge files into one geoWrite document.
  • Appending - geoWrite document explaining how to merge two or more geoWrite files.
  • Combiner v1.0 by Nick Vrtis - Combine multiple geoWrite documents into one.
  • Retriever v2.0 by Ed Flinn - Retrieve photo scraps from geoWrite, geoFile and geoPublish documents.
  • Springboard by Jim Holloway - Takes geoWrite files and assembles them into GEOS applications.
  • GeoList v2.0 by John F. Howard - List a disk directory to printer or disk file.
  • Blackout v3.0 by Jim Holloway - Use BLACKOUT to keep screen images from being burned into your monitor.
  • FFTB (Fast Format That Baby) v1.0 by Scott E. Resh - Nice disk utility that formats a disk I'd imagine.
  • geoSidPlayer v1.0 by Roger L. Lawhorn - Play SidPlayer .mus files from GEOS.
  • PS Patcher v2.0 by Jim Collette - Patches GEOLASER & GEOPUBLASER to save PostScript files to disk.
  • Q/SGL.PRTv2 by Terry Mills - Quad density driver for Epson FX-80 and compatibles.
  • Q/DBL.PRTv2 by Terry Mills - Quad density double printing driver for Epson FX-80 and compatibles.
  • EPSON DBL.PRT v2.0 by Terry Mills - Modified FX-80 drivers prints 2 passes per line for NLQ effects in all fonts.
  • MegaFont Fix v1.2 by John P. Dalbec - No description.
  • Fonts - RonsWriter 1.2,  17 cpi (emulates condensed font of printer - 17 characters per inch
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