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Son of Son of GEOS

Son of GEOS is a collection of handy applications, utilities and fonts for GEOS on the Commodore 64.  I found this disk in the Lane County User Group collection, but was unable to locate any information on whether this was an official distribution or just something a user put together.  There is a also a disk called "Son of GEOS 2" I will post soon.   

  • LASERMATRIX Editor v1.0 by Bill Pendergast - Reconfigure a LASERMATRIX driver for another printer.
  • Photo Print v1.1 by Dave Hunt - Prints photo albums in neat order and will number them.
  • Qwik Top v2.1 by John F. Howard - Replacement for the GEOS deskTop
  • Convert v3.0 - Convert GEOS files to Commodore SEQ and back.
  • WormDesk v4.0 by Payton Snider - Replacement for the GEOS deskTop.
  • GEOMATH by Richard & Lynn Rardin - Math tutor for GEOS.
  • IdentiFont v3.2 by Dennis N. Seitz - Identify fonts contained in geoWrite documents or on disk.
  • Custom Print v1.0 by Terry Van Camp - Customize "Text Print" accessory to recognize your printer's commands.
  • Text Print v1.0 by Terry Van Camp - A desktop accessory to print geoWrite v2.1 documents using your printers resident fonts.
  • Paint Scrap v1.0 by Dennis N. Seitz - Place an entire geoPaint page in a photo scrap.
  • BigClipper v2.1 by Nick Vrtis - A program to make big clippings from a geoPaint picture.
  • Several Fonts - Dingbats, Graffiti24, Gallia, Gallery, Futhark Runes, Scribble, DigiFont


System Commodore 64
Size74.81 KB


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