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Lane County Commodore User's Group (Incompl Lane County Commodore User's Group (Incomplete)

A very generous user (thank you James) of this site sent a large collection of Commodore related disks, and in that collection was a good amount of software from the Lane County Commodore User's Group.  Although the collection is incomplete, the 44 unique disks from the club.  Here is what is in this archive:

  • LCCUG Disk of the Month - Oct. 1991, Nov. 1991, Jan. 1992, Feb. 1992, March 1992, July 1993, November 1993, August 1996, Nov. 1996, Dec. 1996, Jan. 1997, Feb. 1997, March 1997, July 1997, Nov. 1998, Dec. 1998
  • LLCUG Disk of the Quarter - Dec. 1996, March 1997
  • LLCUG Miscellaneous - Library 01 & 02, Fall 1998, Misc 01, 02, 03, 04

If you have any disks to help fill the missing gaps, it would be greatly appreciated if you would Contact Us, there is a link in the banner.


System Commodore 64
Size3.61 MB


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