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folder0Commodore Technical User Group (C=TUG)
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zip0 Lane County Commodore User's Group (Incomplete)

A very generous user (thank you James) of this site sent a large collection of Commodore related disks, and in that collection was a good amount of software from the Lane County Commodore User's Group.  Although the collection is incomplete, the 44 unique disks from the club.  Here is what is in this archive:

  • LCCUG Disk of the Month - Oct. 1991, Nov. 1991, Jan. 1992, Feb. 1992, March 1992, July 1993, November 1993, August 1996, Nov. 1996, Dec. 1996, Jan. 1997, Feb. 1997, March 1997, July 1997, Nov. 1998, Dec. 1998
  • LLCUG Disk of the Quarter - Dec. 1996, March 1997
  • LLCUG Miscellaneous - Library 01 & 02, Fall 1998, Misc 01, 02, 03, 04

If you have any disks to help fill the missing gaps, it would be greatly appreciated if you would Contact Us, there is a link in the banner.

2022-12-29 English Commodore 64 3.61 MB 261 Download
d64 floppy1 North West Arkansas Computer Users Association Disk Collection HOT

This is a 5 disk collection from the North West Arkansas Computer Users Association.  See readme text file inside archive for more info.

2017-04-08 English Commodore 64 215.11 KB 922 Download
zip2 Starter Kit

Starter Kit by the Northwest Users Group is a collection of applications, games and utilities for the Commodore 64.

Over the years I'm sure I've posted most of these programs individually because they just show up randomly in other collections, and I may have already posted this disk before, but I couldn't find it on the site using search or looking in places I thought I would have put it, so here it is.  Nice to finally have them all together from the collection they originated in.

2023-06-23 English Commodore 64 78.17 KB 152 Download
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