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Son of GE Son of GEOS 2

Son of GEOS 2 - Found this collection of Commodore 64 GEOS utilities in the Lane County User Group collection.

  • UN-GEOS v1.0 by Master Blaster - Converts a GEOS disk back to a regular disk.
  • Disk Repair v1.1 - View the BAM, repair damage to OPD block, write protect / un-write protect disk.
  • GeoView v1.1 by Stephen R. Bassler - View, scroll and print your geoPaint pictures in full screen mode.
  • Selector v1.0 by John L. Brown - Selector is a fast and easy way to change drivers from within GEOS-64 applications.
  • ADDmerge v1.0 by Frank Schroeder - Combines a series of short geoMerge files into one geoWrite document.
  • Appending - geoWrite document explaining how to merge two or more geoWrite files.
  • Combiner v1.0 by Nick Vrtis - Combine multiple geoWrite documents into one.
  • Retriever v2.0 by Ed Flinn - Retrieve photo scraps from geoWrite, geoFile and geoPublish documents.
  • Springboard by Jim Holloway - Takes geoWrite files and assembles them into GEOS applications.
  • GeoList v2.0 by John F. Howard - List a disk directory to printer or disk file.
  • Blackout v3.0 by Jim Holloway - Use BLACKOUT to keep screen images from being burned into your monitor.
  • FFTB (Fast Format That Baby) v1.0 by Scott E. Resh - Nice disk utility that formats a disk I'd imagine.
  • geoSidPlayer v1.0 by Roger L. Lawhorn - Play SidPlayer .mus files from GEOS.
  • PS Patcher v2.0 by Jim Collette - Patches GEOLASER & GEOPUBLASER to save PostScript files to disk.
  • Q/SGL.PRTv2 by Terry Mills - Quad density driver for Epson FX-80 and compatibles.
  • Q/DBL.PRTv2 by Terry Mills - Quad density double printing driver for Epson FX-80 and compatibles.
  • EPSON DBL.PRT v2.0 by Terry Mills - Modified FX-80 drivers prints 2 passes per line for NLQ effects in all fonts.
  • MegaFont Fix v1.2 by John P. Dalbec - No description.
  • Fonts - RonsWriter 1.2,  17 cpi (emulates condensed font of printer - 17 characters per inch


System Commodore 64
Size83.59 KB


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