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Homepak 10 [G Homepak 10 [GEOS]

Homepak 10 is another nice collection of GEOS programs for the Commodore 64, that I found in the LLCUG user group collection.  Still not sure if this was some type of official distribution, or just a collection put together by the user group.  Anyway, here is what you'll find on the disk:

  • geoWAR v1.0 - A game of world domination (AKA Risk).
  • MusicBox v1.0 - Pretty cool graphical sound generator.
  • GetDirectory v1.2 - Get a "Directory" into a geoWrite text scrap file.
  • WringisWrite v6.0 - Convert various geoWrite versions amongst each other.
  • IconEdit v2.0 - Change the appearance of a file's icon.
  • AnalogClock v1.2 - An analog clock that ticks and chimes.
  • AnalogClock v1.0 - A program that displays the system time in analog format.
  • GeoDirPrint v1.0 - Print a disk directory.
  • ScrapPeek v2.2 - Peek into your photo scraps and albums.  Supports two drives.
  • Trashpicker 64 v1.0 - Lets you recover a deleted file.
  • Graphic Storm v1.0 - Import several standard graphic file formats into geoPaint / photo album.
  • MacAttack v2.3 - Convert MacPaint files to geoPaint with centering and color options.
  • QuickView v1.0 - Does a sequential listing of a geoWrite file to the screen.
  • Envelope Addresser - Print addresses on business and personal size envelopes.


System Commodore 64
Size77.25 KB


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