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Homepak 9 [G Homepak 9 [GEOS]

Homepak 9 for the GEOS operating system on the Commodore 64 is a collection of GEOS programs I found in the LLCUG user group collection.  There are other Homepak disks, so I'm not sure if this was an official distribution, or just something put together by the user group.  Included in the collection:

  • US - The "Ultimate Stage" animation program.
  • Culture - A desk accessory version of the classic "Life" routine.
  • Copy Editor - Indexes a document to find word and sentenct counts.
  • Cluster Wars v1.1 - Another bloody control-the-universe strategy game.
  • QwikTop v2.0 - Replacement deskTop for GEOS
  • Convert v2.0 - Converts GEOS files to Commodore SEQ and back.
  • Font Editor 2.2 - Edit existing fonts or create new ones.
  • geoGraph - Create line graphs


System Commodore 64
Size73.76 KB


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