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Loadstar GEOS Ap Loadstar GEOS Apps 1

Loadstar GEOS Apps 1 is a collection of games and applications for use with the Commodore 64 / 128 and the GEOS operating system.  Included on the disk are:

  • GeoSID v1.0 by Scott E. Resh (10/21/86)
  • GeoFetch v1.0 by Scott E. Resh (9/3/89)
  • GeoPuzzler v1.0 by Scott E. Resh (10/21/86)
  • GeoKey v1.0 by Scott E. Resh (2/11/90)
  • Mind v1.0 by Sean Huxter (2/28/91)
  • Hazard v1.0 by Sean Huxter (11/22/91)
  • Post Notions (a photo album) by John Elliott (7/25/91)

I will post each of the applications and games seperately in the future with more screenshots. There is a printout of the photo album as a screenshot when you view the detailed description.


System Commodore 64
Size46.18 KB


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