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GeoPower T GeoPower Tools

GeoPower Tools by Loadstar and Softdisk is a 2-disk collection of great GEOS programs, utilities, clipart and fonts (each with a geoWrite 1.1 docs file) for the Commodore 64 (running the GEOS operating system) including:

  • AutoBootCreator - Create auto-booting Commodore 128 disks.
  • B82GeoPaint - Convert BASIC 8 '8x2' screens to GeoPaint.
  • CalendarPrinter - Print out the contents of BSW's (GEOS accessory) calendar.
  • DirAid - Edit disk directories.
  • FastAmi - Transfer files between C64/128 and an Amiga.
  • FFTB - A 1541 fast disk formatter.
  • Font Converter - Convert non-GEOS '9 block' fonts to GEOS fonts.
  • GeoFetch - 'Fetch' a photo scrap from an application's screen.
  • GeoLibrarian - Create a 'library' of Print Shop and Print Master images.
  • GeoPaint Viewer - View GeoPaint drawings from within an application.
  • GeoReplication - Print multiple copies of any GeoPaint drawing.
  • GeoSID 2.0 - A SIDplayer for GEOS. Play '.MUS' files in GEOS!
  • GeoCO2 - Disassemble non-GEOS ML files into psuedo source code.
  • Geo File Info - Retrieve info about a file from within an application.
  • GeoPixelPuzzle - Turn any GeoPaint drawing into a perplexing puzzle!
  • InspectorDiskette - Compare two 1541 disks for similarities / differences.
  • Pheonix - Recover DELETED files on a 1541 or a RAM 1541.
  • ProgrammersCalc - Perform HEX, DEC, and BIN conversions. Also perform logical operations.
  • ScreenDump - Send an application's screen to your printer.
  • ShapeThatBaby - Compress Doodle! Koala, and Advanced OCP screens.
  • Sector Editor - A sector editor for GEOS.

Also included on disk 2 are two large photo albums of clipart and the following fonts - Stencil, Elite, Hollow, Cut, Squat, Digital, SpaceBalls, Pica, Magnetic, Rune, Thin, Inflated, HMag, Roman, Gothic and Shaded.


System Commodore 64
Size157.29 KB


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