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zip0 Blackbird User's Guide

BLACKBIRD is Professional music editing software for the Commodore 64.  BLACKBIRD belongs to a family of music editors known as trackers, where musical data is organised into tracks. Conceptually, BLACKBIRD shares many features with other tracker programs, but it also breaks new ground in a number of areas.

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zip1 Blazzing Paddles Illustrator Manual

BLAZING PADDLES is a very powerful and easy to use drawing program.  It allows you to use almost any input device to create drawings, diagrams, and text. It is easy enough for young children to use like a coloring book, yet sophisticated features are included for the serious computer artist.

2020-02-12 English PDF 496.33 KB 607 Download
zip2 Blitz 128 BASIC Compiler Manual HOT

Blitz BASIC Compiler for the Commodore 128

2019-09-07 English PDF 2.74 MB 1,043 Download
zip3 Blitz Manual HOT

BLITZ is a versatile and easy to use compiler for Commodore computers which makes BASIC programs run much faster.  Most programs can be compiled without any alteration whatsoever(although you may wish to take advantage of some of the features that BLITZ adds to standard BASIC), and the whole compiling process usually takes no more than a few minutes!

Here's a link to the program.

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zip4 Blue Chip Word Processor Quick Guide

The Blue Chip D12/10 Daisy wheel printer included a decent word processor in the bundle.  Thanks to Thomas Shaw, we now have the accompanying disk image.

You can find the full manual for the printer here. You can also find the GEOS printer driver here

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zip5 BobsTerm Pro for the Commodore 128 Manual

Welcome to the world of telecommunications on your Commodore 128. BOBSTERM PRO is a sophisticated terminal communications program designed to make interacting with other computer systems a simple and rewarding experience.  This Program allows the user to control virtually every communications parameter that is likely to be encountered, and even offers adjustments and escape routes to handle some of the RS232 limitations ofthe C128.

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zip6 Buddy 64/128 Assembly Development System Manual HOT

Buddy 64/128 Development System actually encompasses three stand-alone machine language development systems. There are two for writing 8500 (the system microprocessor) code : One uses the Basic editor (enhanced by string search and replace commands) for writing its memory based source and the other its own powerful ASCII editor . There is also a complete Z/80 ( C/PM microprocessor) cross assembler which has all the powerful commands and features of the other two. As a bonus there is also an assembler completely compatible with Pro-Line's C-POWER shell, editor, linker and ramdisk.

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zip7 Business Card Maker Manual

 Business Card Maker is an entertainment and productivity program designed to allow you to easily and efficiently print business cards.

2020-12-03 English PDF 3.3 MB 611 Download
zip8 C Power Manual

C Power by Brian Hilchie - This is the manual for the C Power programming language by Pro-Line Software (4th Printing, October, 1985).

Thanks Anthony for providing this manual.

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d64 floppy9 C64 Datatool Docs HOT

Datatool for the Commodore 64 is a unique type of spreadsheet program.  Here are the docs / manual converted to PDF from

C64 Datatool Docs
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zip10 C64 Debugger v0.64.56 Manual HOT

C64 Debugger by SLAJEREK/SAMAR is a Commodore 64 and Atari XL/XE code and memory debugger that works in real time.  It is a quick prototyping tool where you can play with Commodore 64 machine and its internals.

C64 Debugger embeds VICE v3.1 C64 emulation engine created by The VICE Team and Atari800 v3.1.0 emulation engine created by the Atari800 team.

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zip11 C64 Forth Manual [Performance Micro Products]

C64 Forth Manual [Performance Micro Products].

2020-02-12 English PDF 14.54 MB 768 Download
zip12 C64 Instant Music Manual

Instant Music is for the musician in us all. If you find yourself strumming air during your favorite guitar riff, or drumming along on your car steering wheel, but the only real musical insturment you can play is your stereo, then Instant Music may be just what you've been waiting for.

2020-02-12 English PDF 7.16 MB 679 Download
zip13 C64 Tutor Instruction Manual

C64 TUTOR was designed to help you discover the capabilities of your Commodore 64. C64 TUTOR consists of two programs, TUTOR and UTILITIES.  TUTOR is an interactive tutorial that introduces you to the C64.  UTILITIES creates a learning environment in which you can explore the 64’s calculating, text processing, graphic, and music capabilities.  You can use UTILITIES for a quick sprite or music demonstration.  With a little more experience you can use the letter writer to create letters, pictures, or even a slide show presentation.  Students can use the calculator to learn how computers represent and process numbers.  You are shown the settings you need to know to add what you have created with UTILITIES to your own programs.

2020-02-12 English PDF 2.79 MB 583 Download
zip14 C64List v4.0 Users Guide

C64List is a command-line utility to convert BASIC programs from a friendly text format to its native C64 PRG format and back. You can also add assembly code that gets loaded at the end of a BASIC program. There are a many other features. Visit the Bit 64 Blog for more information.

2020-02-20 English PDF 639.75 KB 806 Download
zip15 C64S Emulator User's Manual

Welcome (back) to the world of the Commodore 64. This powerful software emulator will allow you to run most of the original Commodore 64 software onyour PC. C64S is an evolving program and will provide more and more compatibility as time progresses.

2021-01-21 English PDF 6.49 MB 758 Download
zip16 CADMaster 64/128 User Instructions

The TROJAN CADMASTER PACK comprises of a Graphics program plus a Light Pen and this instruction booklet.  The pack is intended for use by micro users of all ages and any level of expertise.  It can be used to produce any type of picture from a full colour art display to a black and white technical drawing. The 'Pin Point' function in the program allows pixel accuracy and the various line thicknesses can beused to dramatic effect. Please experiment with all the functions which when combined with all 16 colours and the three pens give more choices than we mention in this booklet.

2020-02-12 English PDF 163.58 KB 576 Download
zip17 CADPAK-128 Instruction Manual

CADPAK-128 is a program for the Commodore 128 which helps you draw pictures and graphics designs easily and accurately. The drawings have a resolution of 640 points wide by 360 points high.  When completed, the pictures are printed using a dot matrix printer in various sizes, depending on the printer.  The drawings may be saved on disk, both as a protection against loss due to power failure and also for later recall and display.

2020-02-12 English PDF 7.07 MB 723 Download
zip18 CADPAK-64 Instruction Manual HOT

CADPAK-64 is a program for the Commodore-64 which helps you draw pictures and graphic designs easily and accurately. The pictures have a resolution of 320 points wide by 200 points high.  When completed, the pictures are printed using a dot matrix printer in either a small or large size.  The pictures may also be saved on diskette for later recall.

2020-02-12 English PDF 6.03 MB 971 Download
zip19 CADPAK-64 Instruction Manual [7th Printing]

CADPAK-64 is a program for the Commodore-64 which helps you draw pictures and graphic designs easily and accurately. The pictures have a resolution of 320 points wide by 200 points high.  When completed, the pictures are printed using a dot matrix printer in either a small or large size.  The pictures may also be saved on diskette for later recall.

2020-02-13 English PDF 6.03 MB 603 Download
zip20 CADPAK-64 Instruction Manual [9th Printing]

CADPAK-64 is a program for the Commodore-64 which helps you draw pictures and graphic designs easily and accurately. The pictures have a resolution of 320 points wide by 200 points high.  When completed, the pictures are printed using a dot matrix printer in either a small or large size.  The pictures may also be saved on diskette for later recall.

2020-02-13 English PDF 1.92 MB 616 Download
zip21 Calc Result

CALC RESULT is a new business software package from HANDIC SOFTWARE.  With their knowledge and experience of earlier 'spreadsheet' programs they felt it possible to create a program that would be easier to understand and at the same time be more powerful than those which already existed. These ideas gave birth to CALC RESULT.

2020-02-13 English PDF 114.33 MB 856 Download
pdf22 Cardco Cardware D08 Super Printer Utility Programs

Cardco Cardware D08 Super Printer Utility Programs

2016-12-30 English PDF 2.33 MB 779 Download
zip23 Cardco File Now! Instructions

A set of index cards used on a computer is the PERFECT form of information storage.  FileNow! combines the familiarity of index cards with the power of the computer.

2020-02-13 English PDF 1.06 MB 568 Download
zip24 Cardco Super Printer Utility Programs Manual

Cardco Super Printer Utility Programs Manual.

2020-02-13 English PDF 2.33 MB 563 Download
zip25 CartoGraph v1.4 Manual

Cartograph is a native Commodore 64 application created for designing tile-based maps/levels. This versatile tool allows you to create maps and levels for your games, matrices and data for demos and tools and much more.  Here is the manual in PDF format.

2019-07-29 English Commodore 64 128.75 KB 852 Download
zip26 CBase BBS v3.01 Manual

Welcome to C BASE v3.01 This program is the culmination of many years of work and effort not only from the author but from all the people that have supported C BASE over the years. From modifying other BBS programs a long time ago, to 1.09 release many years ago, to 2.09 creation last year, and to 3.0's release in 1991, C BASE has always progressed at a steady and fastpace! And now this is a result of that work.

2020-02-13 English PDF 3.37 MB 599 Download
zip27 CBM 64 Database Manager System Manual

Welcome to the MicroSpec Ltd. Commodore 64 Data Base Manager System.  This comprehensive, menu-driven system is designed and written to be "user- friendly", requiring a minimum of input to operate.  All functions are initiated through "multiple choice" selections and can be easily exited from in the event they are reached in error. 

2020-02-28 English PDF 3.45 MB 657 Download
zip28 CBM Command Documentation HOT

CBM-Command is a tool for many Commodore machines that helps to manage files easily.

2020-02-13 English PDF 363.3 KB 969 Download
zip29 CBUS I - Cartridge Backup System Manual

CBUS Stands for Cartridge Back-Up System. CBUS I produce produces backup copies of cartridges for the Commodore 64.

2020-02-13 English PDF 1.2 MB 577 Download
zip30 CCS64 v3.9.2 Manual HOT

CCS64 v3.9.2 Manual - converted to PDF from HTML.  The original HTML page is included with the binary distribution of the software obtained at

CCS64 Documentation
2019-07-05 English PDF 192.62 KB 980 Download
zip31 Centipede 128 BBS Owners Manual

Welcome to the world of Centipede. You now hold in your hands the most powerful, flexible, and extensible bulletin board system ever created for a Commodore 8-bit computer. This is not a one time claim; Bugsoft Is commited to retaining this title through continued development.

2020-02-13 English PDF 2.2 MB 707 Download
zip32 Certificate Library Volume 1 Operating Instructions

Do you know a Life of the Party? A Big Spender? Or the World's Greatest Cook?

Would you like to give someone a Movie Critic's License? A Best DancerAward? Or a Coupon for a Hug?

Does someone you know deserve a Gold Star Award? A Green Thumb Award? Or a Graduation Certificate?

Congratulations! Certificate Library Volume 1 makes it possible for you to create these and many other awards and certificates.

2020-02-13 English PDF 2.79 MB 560 Download
zip33 Certificate Maker Instruction Manual

Certificate Maker is an easy-to-use program that enables you to create attractive, personalized awards.  Even if you have never used a computer, with Certificate Maker you can make a certificate in only a few minutes---on your first try!

2020-02-13 English PDF 3.76 MB 613 Download
zip34 Chalk Board BearJam Manual

Bearjam is an educational game which helps children prepare for reading.  Children learn to recognize simple shapes and colors (flavors) and their relative position. While playing Bearjam, children learn the concepts of sameness, similarity and difference.

2020-02-13 English PDF 704.75 KB 520 Download
zip35 Chalk Board BearJam Overlay

Chalk Board BearJam Overlay

2020-02-13 English PDF 1.87 MB 502 Download
zip36 Chalk Board PowerPad Programming Kit Manual

The Chalk Board PowerPad offers an alternative to the typewriter-style keyboard in working with your home computer.  For many people this development makes contact with the computer less frustrating and more fun.  But for those who have mastered the computer keyboard and are familiar with the BASIC programming language, PowerPadoffers some exciting and powerful new dimensions to writing and executing programs. While you learn to write programs for PowerPad, you gain a deeper working knowledge of your own home computer.

2020-02-19 English PDF 12.38 MB 621 Download
zip37 Chalk Board PowerPad Users Guide

With your purchase of the Chalk Board PowerPad, you are ready to begin one of the most exciting experiences your home computer has to offer. Limitless applications with the Chalk Board libraries of software will lead you to a new level of understanding your computer and making use of its capabilities.

2020-02-19 English PDF 501.26 KB 546 Download
zip38 CHARTPAK-128 Instruction Manual

CHARTPAK-128 lets you create data charts easily. It also includes a simple data entry / update facility that allows you to create and adjust your statistical data for charting.

2020-02-20 English PDF 7.82 MB 609 Download
zip39 CHARTPAK-64 Instruction Manual

CHARTPAK-64 lets you create data charts easily!  It also includes a simple database facility to allow you to create and adjust your statistical data for charting.

2020-02-19 English PDF 3.2 MB 628 Download
zip40 CHARTPAK-64 V3 Instruction Manual

C H A R T P A K - 6 4 lets you create data charts easily!  It also includes a simple data entry / update facility to allow you to create and adjust your statistical data for charting.

2020-02-20 English PDF 1.57 MB 593 Download
zip41 CHARTPLOT-64 Instruction Manual

CHARTPLOT-64 is a program for the Commodore - 64 which allows users to quickly and easily create charts from data.  The plots are drawn on the ’64 screen in the same proportion as the plotter so the user can adjust scales, bar widths, & select chart types, etc.

2020-02-20 English PDF 2.16 MB 604 Download
zip42 CheckServer 64 Manual

CheckServer 64 is designed to meet all of your checkbook accounting and budget planning needs.  Through this program you will be able to manage your checkbook with almost magical ease.  Budget planning and expense tracking are automatic features of CheckServer 64.

2020-02-20 English PDF 2.02 MB 558 Download
zip43 Chem Lab

Chern lab is designed to be fun. The user's guide is written for you.  Read it and you will learn all sorts of interesting things about the program, chemistry, and science. There are some things you should know about the experiments before you start.

2020-02-19 English PDF 8.71 MB 662 Download
zip44 Circuit Symbols for Home Designer

Circuit Symbols for Home Designer

2020-06-07 English PDF 319.73 KB 524 Download
zip45 Clone Machine for the 1571 Manual

Congratulations on purchasing one of the most advance copiers for the Commodore 128 computer and 1571 disk drive. Many month of research have gone into developing this copier. Before we start, | must say a few words about copying software. This software has been designed strictly to allow the user to make legal archival backups. When copies are made and distributed illegally, the software industries losses money. If this happens, software authors may be turned away from developing software.

2023-10-08 English Commodore 128 998.81 KB 151 Download
zip46 CMD gateWay 128 Addendum

CMD gateWay 128 Addendum

2020-02-21 English PDF 471.51 KB 564 Download
zip47 CMD gateWay 64 Addendum

CMD gateWay 64 Addendum

2020-02-21 English PDF 460.16 KB 592 Download
zip48 CMD gateWay Users Manual

It is important to understand that the gateWay is more than a replacement deskTop - the gateWay represents a whole new philosophy for working with GEOS.  From the creation of a new boot disk, to disk drivers and thegateWay itself, a new level of sophistication is brought to GEOS.

2020-02-21 English PDF 4.57 MB 702 Download
zip49 CMD gateWay v2.5 Addendum

CMD gateWay v2.5 Addendum

2020-02-21 English PDF 357.9 KB 554 Download
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