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zip0 HomeWord Word Processor Help

HomeWord was a word processing program by Sierra-Online released in 1983.  I don't think this is the full manual, but it sure does help to use the program.  Thanks to one of our visitors for pointing out this could be found on

Here's a link to the Commodore 64 HomeWord program if anyone's interested in giving it a spin.

2023-02-24 English Commodore 64 28.27 KB 204 Download
zip1 Homework Helper Math Word Problems Manual

HOMEWORK HELPER MATH provides students with a tool for understanding and solving word problems.  It teaches you the "how-to" of translating English sentences into mathematical equations, and techniques for getting correct answers.  It helps you solve your own homework problems .

2020-04-10 English PDF 3.76 MB 620 Download
zip2 Image BBS v1.0 Manual (Revised)

Image BBS v1.0 Manual (Revised)

2020-05-22 English PDF 2.43 MB 583 Download
d64 floppy3 Image BBS v1.2a Documentation

Documentation for the Commodore 64 BBS program called IMAGE.

ImageBBS v1.2a docs
2016-11-24 English PDF 230.5 KB 754 Download
zip4 INQUIRE PAC - Database Manual

INQUIRE PAC is designed to be user friendly for both the computer novice as well as the seasoned expert. It allows for the manipulation of up to 200 individual records with up to 15 distinct fields of information ranging from 1 character up to 250 characters.

2020-06-07 English PDF 1.51 MB 513 Download
zip5 Insta Speed (BASIC Compiler) Manual

INSTA-SPEED is a BASIC compiler for the CBM 64. The programs originate in the United Kingdom and are improved and upgraded versions of DTL BASIC COMPILER, developed for Commodore business computers.

The function of a compiler is to convert a program from its source form (ie. the form in which it is written) into a more efficient form that can run much faster than the original.

INSTA-SPEED has been specially optimized for the CBM 64 and it not only makes every BASIC program a lot faster but will also make each program significantly smaller, except for programs with only a few lines.

INSTA-SPEED is 100% compatible with CBM 64 BASIC. This means that any existing 8ASIC program can be compiled without any alteration, to produce a program that peforms exactly the same, and yet is much faster and requires less memory and disk space.

INSTA-SPEED is designed so that it can be people with no programming knowledge to existing programs. Yet for more experienced range of facilities is provided to enable potential of the CBM 64 to be realized.

2023-11-19 English Commodore 64 2.85 MB 192 Download
zip6 Instant Editor & Assembler Manual

Congratulations! you have just purchased the fastest, most versatile EDITOR ASSEMBLER on the market. lEA is capable of assembling up to 17k source fiIes in less then 4 seconds. Fourteen commands are added to the BASIC editor to create source files that can be assembled by lEA. Useful commands Include FIND. DELETE, RENUMBER, AUTO,UNNEW. APPEND, BLOCK SAVE, HEX TO DECIMAL, and DECIMAL TO HEX to name a few.

2020-05-22 English Commodore 64 20.14 MB 601 Download
zip7 JiffyDOS 6.01 & DOS 5.1 Cheat Sheet

This is a super handy, one page cheat sheet for JiffyDOS 6.01 and DOS 5.1 by Stephen Lark (slark).  You can find the original source along with a lot of other great documents at Stephen's webiste

2023-06-24 English PDF 45.63 KB 260 Download
zip8 JiffyMON/64 v2.0 Machine Language Monitor User's Guide

JiffyMON/64 is a unique and powerful machine language monitor for Commodore 64 and 128 (in 64 mode) computers equipped with the JiffyDOS speed-enhancement ROMs. Like other machine language monitors, JiffyMON lets you inspect and modify individual bytes in your computer's memory; assemble, disassemble, and execute 6510 assembler code programs; and also provides a number of features which assist in debugging and writing assembly language programs.

This fully re-typed and improved manual came from the excellent website.  Please visit them and check out the other fine reference material

2023-02-10 English Commodore 64 92.47 KB 313 Download
zip9 Kick Assembler v5.15 Manual

Welcome to Kick Assembler, an advanced MOS 65xx assembler combined with a Java Script like script language.

2020-05-26 English PDF 766.98 KB 617 Download
zip10 Kipper API Technical Reference
The KIPPER application programming interface (or API) is a set of functions that allow C64 programs to communicate over an IP network without being tied to a specific hardware device. kipper-api-technical-reference
2019-10-05 English PDF 174.04 KB 556 Download
zip11 Kracker Jax C128 Cannon Manual

* THE NIBBLER - Our powerful nibbler work• with aingle or dual 1571/1541 drives!

* FAST COPIER - Great for backing up your data disks or for use with Kracker Jax!

* FILE COPIER - This utility makes file maintenance and manipulation tasks easy!

* 1581 FAST COPIER - created for use with the new generation 3.5 inch disk drives!

* 1581 FILE COPIER - Transfer files with the new hlgh-speed 3.5 inch disk drives!

* MFM COPIER - Allows you to copy unprotected IBM and CP/M format disks!

* TIS EDITOR - Track and sector editor for 1541, 1571, and the new 1581 drives!

* ERROR SCANNER - Full featured error scanner with an on-screen display!

* DENSITY SCANNER - Allows you to check for altered densityes track by track!

* DIRECTORY EDITOR - This utlllly lets you alter and reorganize disk directoriesl

* KRACKER JAX - You also get 100 of our hottest, most popular parameters!

2019-10-13 English PDF 385.39 KB 727 Download
zip12 Kracker Jax: The Hacker's Utility Kit Manual

WelcometoTheHacker’sUtilityKit.Thisprogramrepresentsthefinestsetof diskexaminationandmanipulationtoolseverassembledintoonepackage.Weare confidentyouwillfindittobeoneofthemostusfuldisksinyourlibrary.Eachandeverymoduleincludedinthispackagehasbeenputthroughit’spaces inrealuse.Wefeelyou'llfindthemnotonlyextremelypowerful,butalsouser friendly.ManyextrashavebeenputintoTheHacker'sUtilityKit.Pleasebesuretoreadeachsegmentofthismanualbeforeusinganyofthetools.This willinsurethatyouobtainfulluseofeachandeveryfeature.

2023-04-14 English PDF 8.16 MB 214 Download
zip13 Kwik-Load Manual

KWIK-LOAD! is a software utility program for the Commodore 64 or Executive 64 computer. It speeds up the way the disk drive reads information on a 5 1/4" floppy diskette. It will work with one or two Commodore 1541 disk drives. KWIK-COPY, a second program on the diskette, uses simple screen menus to guide you through otherwise complicated procedures. With KWIK-LOAD! and KWIK-COPY you can:

  • Load programs and data more than 300% faster;
  • Copy diskettes more than 300% faster;
  • Test your disk drive for proper operating speed;
  • Edit information on a diskette directly by track and sector;
  • Display and write diskette directory information in alphabetical order; and
  • Perform DOS (Disk Operating System) operations: format and validate disks, scratch and rename files.

Thanks to Anthony for providing this manual.  It's a bit rough because it's a scan of a photocopy, but I haven't seen it anywhere else on the net, so it's much appreciated.

2024-02-27 English PDF 862.3 KB 126 Download
zip14 Kyan Pascal Manual HOT

The following manual is intended as a reference for both STANDARD Kyan Pascal and ADVANCED Kyan Pascal. Those chapters which apply only to STANDARD Kyan Pascal are marked (STANDARD); those chapters which apply only to ADVANCED Kyan Pascal are marked (ADVANCED). You will find that most chapters apply to both versions.

Thanks BlueCursor for the upload.

2020-06-09 English PDF 32.08 MB 1,286 Download
zip15 Laser Genius Assembler Manual HOT

Laser Genius is a complete machine code development system for the Commodore 64.

2020-05-31 English PDF 19.14 MB 1,461 Download
zip16 Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush Manual

With Chalk Board's PowerPad and Leo's'Lectric Paintbrush, drawing is exciting. You don't need paints, water or crayons.  You don't need scissors or glue. All you need is your imagination.  Your finger becomes an electric paint brush.  Drawing right on PowerPad, you see the design on your TV screen.  You can use Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush to play with your design and change it. You can save the design on your diskette or cassette.  Then you can look at it later or make more changes.

2020-02-19 English PDF 10.78 MB 597 Download
zip17 Lode Runner Manual

Lode Runner Manual

2019-07-02 English PDF 687.89 KB 696 Download
zip18 LogicMaster Users Guide

With PowerPad and LogicMaster, the entire family can enjoy many hours of fun and excitement.  Each game you play sharpens your powers of observation, as well as improves your problem solving abilities. Your goal is to solve LogicMaster's "secret code" by placing properly-colored shapes in their correct positions.  You can play by yourself or with a friend. You can design each game so that it is as complex or as simple as you like.

2020-02-19 English PDF 590.77 KB 551 Download
zip19 Logotron Planner 1295 Instructions

Logotron Planner 1295 is a spreadsheet program from the Logotron Business series of low cost, high quality software.

2021-08-16 English PDF 3.31 MB 499 Download
zip20 Machine Lightning Manual HOT

Machine Lightning Manual - The COMMODORE 64 is widely recognised as having the most powerful sound and graphics hardware available on any home computer, and as a result of this there is a rich selection of video games available for it, the mosst successful of which are written in machine code.  The author of such a game has a major problem too overcome - he has to have some way of designing the graphics to be used in the game, and he has to have a set of debugged machine-code routines to place the graphics on the screen.  Machine Lightning is designed to overcome these problems.

2019-08-31 English PDF 3.59 MB 1,017 Download
zip21 Macrofire Editor / Assembler Manual for the Commodore 64

Instructions can be dull, tedious and uninformative at times, with obscure technical language obfuscating the exposition (what?). In this book we will use explanations and examples that are easy to understand, and straight to the point. We will try to avoid the complications of programming terms, but if it becomes necessary to discuss something of a technical nature, we will attemptto simplify and explain everything each step of the way.

2021-04-03 English PDF 2.55 MB 718 Download
zip22 Magic Disk Kit Manual

Welcome to one of the unique range of Robtek products that you have just bought. You are in possession of a highly sophisticated product that will help you to get a better performance and a longer life from your disk drive. To be able to enjoy the full benefits from this product it is important that you read the instructions carefully. Robteks Magic Disk Kit is simple to use and easy to correct. It is an economical method that not
only cleans and checks your drive but solves most of your problems.

2024-04-04 English PDF 1.59 MB 88 Download
zip23 MECC Expeditions Manual

Expeditions presents three historic journeys for children who love adventure!  Youngsters can travel back in time and relive the hardships and successes of three different groups of Americans. Each expedition directs attention to the history of the development of the North American continent.

2020-03-04 English PDF 1.56 MB 597 Download
d64 floppy24 MegaPatch 3 English Manual HOT

This is a manual for the MegaPatch 3 upgrade to the GEOS operating system.

MegaPatch3 English manual
2015-10-30 English PDF 58.86 KB 1,249 Download
d64 floppy25 MegaPatch 3 Manual HOT

This is the manual for MegaPatch3 and TopDesk 4.1 - These are upgrades to GEOS version 2.0.

MegaPatch 3 Manual
2015-05-04 English PDF 58.49 KB 975 Download
zip26 Merlin 128 Manual

Merlin 128 is an extremely powerful, comprehensive Macro Assembler system for the Commodore 128 computer. It consists of four main modules and numerous auxiliary and utility programs which comprise one of the most complete assembler systems available for anypersonal computer.

2022-10-31 English PDF 1.55 MB 696 Download
pdf27 Merlin 128 Version 1.10 - A Contrived User’s Guide

I found this nicely formatted and concise guide to Merlin 128 while looking through other goodies at the Bombjack site.  I highly recommend you go visit, that's the place to find books, guides, manuals and all sorts of other great retro related stuff.

2022-10-31 English PDF 106.79 KB 308 Download
zip28 Merlin 64 Manual HOT

Merlin 64 by Glen Bredon is a Macro Assembler for the Commodore 64.

2020-05-21 English PDF 16.15 MB 997 Download
zip29 MetaBASIC 64 / 128 & Plus Manual HOT

This is the manual for MetaBASIC 64, MetaBASIC 128 and MetaBASIC Plus.  You can also find this information in the February 1987 issue of Compute!'s Gazette magazine.

2020-05-30 English PDF 3.5 MB 1,061 Download
zip30 MetaBASIC Manual HOT

MetaBASIC (from the April 1985 Compute Gazette) is a utility will change the way you program. It adds 32 new debugging and testing commands to Commodore 64 BASIC, working by itself or in conjunction with a machine language monitor/assembler.

2020-05-30 English Commodore 64 2.33 MB 953 Download
zip31 Microlog SWL Cartridge Manual

Microlog SWL Radio Interface Cartridge for the Commodore 'C-64'

Welcome to the world of digital communications. Your new "SHORT-WAVE-LISTENER" will turn your computer into a complete listening post for those undecipherable coded signals you've heard.

Thanks to Anthony for providing the manual.

2024-02-29 English PDF 766.47 KB 117 Download
zip32 MicroMaestro Manual

Turn your television and computer into a music machine! Using PowerPad and MicroMaestro you can create new songs or play your favorites.  You don't need a grand piano or symphony orchestra - just your fingers, your imagination, your PowerPad and MicroMaestro .

2020-02-19 English PDF 9.92 MB 687 Download
zip33 MicroSpec VIC Data Manager Manual [VIC20]

Welcome to the MicroSpec Ltd. Data Base Manager. This comprehensive package allows you to do most major data management procedures easily without becoming a programming genius or Systems analyst.

2021-10-29 2.07 MB 404 Download
pdf34 Mini Jini Record Keeper Manual [VIC20]

Mini Jini comes in a game cartridge - but it's NOT a game. Mini Jini makes your computer work at home, school, club or office! Put address lists, books and more in order. Track of meetings and valuables. Print labels and reports. Keep almost any records better and more quickly than you can by hand.

Here's a link to the program.

2021-10-28 2.95 MB 398 Download
zip35 Mirage Concepts Word Processor User's Manual

The MIRAGE WORD PROCESSOR was written during the first nine months of 1983 by professional programmers who had obtained Commodore 64 computers for home and recreational uses. Realizing the untapped potential of the machine, and the total void of strong application software available for it, these programmers set out to produce a series of programs which would rival those compatible with computers costing thousands of dollars more. Their guidelines were simple: make the programs powerful, practical, and easy-to-use, while keeping the price in a range deemed reasonable by users from all walks of life. We think they succeeded admirably in reaching these goals, and we think you'll agree!

You can find the program here.

2023-12-17 English PDF 3.52 MB 220 Download
zip36 Mr. Tester Manual

MR TESTER is a multifunction diagnostic program that will check your system for hardware problems that may cause serious data loss or other types of hardware malfunctions. The diagnostics on this disk will test your disk drive, printer, keyboard, screen, SID music chip and many more hardware related functions. MR TESTER is easy and fun to use because it was written for maximum user friendliness. Please read this instruction booklet before embarking on ‘checking out’ your C-64.

Program can be found HERE!

2023-04-22 English PDF 1.93 MB 329 Download
zip37 Multipaint 2020 Manual

Multipaint 2020 Manual - This is the current version as of 3/29/2021 but to get the latest versions, please visit to get the link to the most recent version.  At the moment it's hosted on Google cloud drive, but that could possibly change in the future.

2021-03-29 English PDF 470.85 KB 518 Download
zip38 Nevada COBOL for the Commodore 64

This reference manual assumes you already have the knowledge to program in COBOL and have read the Commodore 64 CP/M Operating System User's Guide.

2020-05-25 English PDF 7.7 MB 850 Download
zip39 News Maker 128 Documentation

News Maker 128 will allow anyone to create professional looking newsletters, reports, signs and posters with a minimum of effort and expense.  News Maker 128 supports the Commodore 128 in its native 80 column mode.

2020-06-09 English PDF 1.36 MB 646 Download
zip40 Novaterm 9.6 User's Guide

Novaterm is the best communications software available for the Commodore 64. It supports today's high-speed modems as well as older Commodore modems; it supports 80-column emulations as well as traditional Commodore color/graphics; it supports a variety of memory expansion devices for capturing text; and it supports all of the most common file transfer protocols, including Zmodem.

Novaterm is perfect for the Internet, for major on-line services, and for local Commodore and non-Commodore bulletin boards. Novaterm provides for all of your telecommunication needs!

2023-11-19 English PDF 12.97 MB 211 Download
zip41 Omni Writer Quick Reference Card

Omni Writer (Hesware) Quick Reference Card

2021-04-04 English PDF 68.79 KB 478 Download
zip42 OpenCBM v0.4.99 Users Guide

OpenCBM v0.4.99 Users Guide

2019-09-05 English PDF 412.05 KB 620 Download
pdf43 Outrageous Pages Loading Instructions

Outrageous Pages Loading Instructions

2016-12-30 English PDF 612.18 KB 738 Download
pdf44 Outrageous Pages Manual

Outrageous Pages Manual

2016-12-30 English PDF 6.48 MB 843 Download
zip45 Oxford Pascal 64 Manual HOT

Oxford Pascal is an implementation of standard Pascal designed specifically for the Commodore 64.  It offers all the features of this powerful language with some useful enhancements for the personal computer user.

2019-10-19 English PDF 40.97 MB 1,623 Download
zip46 Pagefox Manual

A new computer application has been making a splash recently: Desktop Publishing.  This means the complete creation of all kinds of printed matter (letters, advertising, brochures, invitations, etc.) on the computer, including the layout, variation of the fonts used, and the integration of graphics.  Although some conventional word-processing programs already offered such possibilities, there were many restrictions, and the final result was usually only seen when it was printed out.  In desktop publishing, on the other hand, you do the complete design on the screen and see the result there just as it will be printed out later.  WYSIWYG means in computers: “What you see is what you get”.

Translation from German by Robert Bernardo

2020-04-13 English PDF 7.29 MB 720 Download
zip47 Paperback Writer 64/128 Reference Guide HOT

Welcome to Paperback Writer 128 and 64 - probably the best writing tool available for inexpensive home computer systems.  Extraordinarily easy to learn and use, Paperback Writer also offers many sophisticated controls over your documents, on both the video screen and printed paper.

2021-03-28 English PDF 44.61 MB 1,046 Download
zip48 PaperClip 64 User Manual (4th Printing) HOT

PaperClip is designed for ease and simplicity in use, yet is powerful enough to tackle almost any wordprocessing job.  Many advanced features not found with micro-computer wordprocessors are incorporated in PaperClip.  The result is a document which reads better, being created in less time.

2021-03-27 English PDF 12.11 MB 1,181 Download
zip49 PaperClip Publisher

If you'd like to create eye-catching layouts, but don't enjoy playing with scissors and glue, PaperClip Publisher has the solution. This powerful page layout program for the Commodore 64 lets you combine text from your favorite word processor and graphics from your favorite drawing program to create almost any layout you can think up.

2020-05-22 English PDF 9.02 MB 706 Download
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