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HomeWord by Sierra-Online (1983) - This is a neat word processor that came early in the Commodore 64's existence but had the neat feature of being able to see a live preview of the documents layout as it would be when printed out even though you only had 40 columns for editing.  I haven't been able to find any documentation for this rare find.  In fact, it's so rare that there isn't even a cracked version of this that I could find.  That said, let me tell you a bit about what's in this archive.  So there is both a .g64 and .d64 disk image, and both of them have some mild copy protection still in tact.  The odd thing about the .d64 image is that it will work in VICE, and on the Ultimate II+ with Firmware 3.9, but won't work on an Ultimate 64 with Firmware 3.10, hence the .g64 image which I created by putting the .d64 on the Ultimate II+ and using Shotgun II nibbler to create a real floppy, then using Nib copy on a PC with a XUM1541 with parralel adapter to read back the floppy into a .g64 which the Ultimate 64 is ok with.

Thanks to DLH over at the Bombjack site, we now have some documentation!  Although the manual is for HomeWord Plus, I'm sure most of it applies to this version also


System Commodore 64
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