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Blue Chip D12/10 Printer Driver [G Blue Chip D12/10 Printer Driver [GEOS]

Blue Chip D12/10 GEOS Printer Driver v2.1 by David Durran (5/29/90) -This is an ASCII only printer driver for GEOS because the Blue Chip D12/10 is a 12 CPS daisy wheel printer.  I've seen rumor that there is actually a graphics driver somewhere that uses the . (period) printed over and over to create graphics.  If you know of where this can be found, please use the "Contact Us" link. 

P.S. - Also looking for the manual to this printer.

P.S.S. - Here's a YouTube link if you want to see the printer in action.

P.S.S.S - Make sure all the dip switches are in the down position EXCEPT for #3 on the printer when using this driver.

* NOTE - Also included in the archive is a bluechip.seq file that contains the driver.  You can put that file on a floppy disk and use the GEOS Convert 2.5 program to turn it back into a GEOS file.


System Commodore 64
Size2.28 KB


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