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zip.png Advanced Art Studio v1.2b

Advanced Art Studio v1.2b for the Commodore 64, developed by Chris Saunders based on the original program by James Hutchby.  Back in the day this was one of the best hi-res graphics editors and this particular version supports an Amiga mouse in joystick port 2.

28-06-19 English Commodore 64 24.45 KB 231.00 Download
zip.png Advanced Art Studio v1.3 HOT

Rainbird Software, (c)1987 by E.E.C Ltd. This is v1.3 of the highly regarded hi-res paint program Advanced Art Studio. This version only supports joystick controls.

30-03-15 English Commodore 64 71.22 KB 517.00 Download
zip.png Amica Paint v1.5e (PAL)

Amica Paint was devloped by Oliver Stiller and first published in 64'er (German magazine) special issue 27 in 1988, as a type-in program that filled 25 pages of the magazine.  This version has been converted to English and requires a PAL Commodore 64 or emulation. 

03-07-19 English Commodore 64 21.98 KB 144.00 Download
zip.png Amica Paint v1.8e (PAL)

Amica Paint v1.8e is a hi-res drawing package originally programmed by O. Stiller for the German magazine 64'er.  This version has been updated and improved by P. Schwarzfischer (Sky) and translated to English (Although it requires PAL mode).  Lots of extra utilities on the disk related to the program.  FYI, rumor has it you need to load the input driver of choice before the main program.

03-07-19 English Commodore 64 110.26 KB 155.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Art Studio 1351

This is by far one of the best hi-res paint programs I have run across. The 1351 mouse control makes this program easy to use and there are a ton of features including custom fonts and printing.

30-03-15 English Commodore 64 39.38 KB 471.00 Download
zip.png Art Studio v1.1 NEW

Art Sudio v1.1 (1986)(PAL+NTSC) by Chris Saunders & James Hutchby - One of the great hi-res graphics editors for the Commodore 64.

30-11-20 English Commodore 64 33.07 KB 10.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Designers Pencil

1984 written by Garry Kitchen, cracked by Stellar Storm - Designers Pencil is a hi-res drawing package.

30-03-15 English Commodore 64 13.8 KB 398.00 Download
zip.png Doodle!

Doodle has to be the most famous hi-res graphics painting programs for the Commodore 64.  It's quite amazing what you can do with this program which you can find out by loading it up and checking out the many pictures already created on the disk.  I've included one of them in the screen shots to wet your appetite.

Here's a link to the manual.

10-07-20 English Commodore 64 53.65 KB 153.00 Download
zip.png FCBPaint v0.9

FCBPaint is a (PAL) VIC-20 (requires 32kb expander) editor for a special software defined graphics mode with 168*192 pixels with 8x4 char color and inline color splits.

27-03-19 English VIC 20 102.63 KB 243.00 Download
zip.png Flexidraw 4.0

Flexidraw 4.0 by Inkwell Systems is a graphics package that came with a LightPen for the Commodore 64.  This archive contains two disk images.  The second disk contains extra pictures and a tutorial of sorts in picture format.

28-06-19 English Commodore 64 101.45 KB 150.00 Download
zip.png Flexidraw 5.0

Flexidraw 5.0 by Inkwell Systems is a graphics package that came with a LightPen for the Commodore 64.

28-06-19 English Commodore 64 127.87 KB 146.00 Download
zip.png Flexidraw 5.5

Flexidraw 5.5 by Inkwell Systems is a graphics package that came with a LightPen for the Commodore 64.

28-06-19 English Commodore 64 188.41 KB 152.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg FLI Graph v1.1

Coded by ASP of Black Mail - FLI Graph is one of the earliest FLI Picture editors.

30-03-15 English Commodore 64 22.88 KB 349.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Funkpaint v0.43b

Funkpaint is a multi format editor supporting hires, multi, multicolor interlaced and DTV pictures. It runs on a Commodore 64/128 or DTV and supports various input devices and memory expansions. The disk image contains versions of the program for C64,C128 and DTV.  Also included in the archive is a PDF version of the manual.

27-04-15 English Commodore 64 216.58 KB 393.00 Download
zip.png Funkpaint v0.45a

Funkpaint is a multi format editor supporting hires, multi, multicolor interlaced pictures. It runs on a Commodore 64/128 and supports various input devices and memory expansions.


  • Runs natively on the target platform (or emulated)
  • Hires, multi and multicolor interlace support
  • Various input devices supported, including mice
  • With keyboard only it's still good for pixeling work in zoom editor
  • Can use memory expansions for full undo/redo history
  • Even without extra memory it can undo a limited set of smaller changes
  • Full screen mode with toolbar for preview and drawing
  • High resolution zoom editing with preview window for hires/multicolour
  • Can draw with patterns and different brush sizes
  • Brushes, shapes, copy etc. are available in zoom mode too
  • Can do filled polygons, curved lines or flood filling
  • Block copy for duplicating/shifting parts
  • Bit patterns viewable and changable for low level tuning
  • Easy to use save file format and saves executables as well
24-09-17 English Commodore 64 77.01 KB 386.00 Download
zip.png FunkPaint v0.45d

Funkpaint is a multi format editor supporting hires, multi, multicolor interlaced pictures. It runs on a Commodore 64/128 and supports various input devices and memory expansions.

- 0.45d - Fix toolbar flickering in zoom mode with joy/c128 keys and keyboard input.Pressing restore at the right time could crash with cartridges

31-08-19 English Commodore 64 79.57 KB 136.00 Download
zip.png Funpaint 2.4 Pro NEW

Funpaint 2.4 Pro is an interlaced FLI graphics editor for the Commodore 64.

01-12-20 English Commodore 64 15.91 KB 3.00 Download
zip.png Funpaint II NEW

Funpaint II (Translated to english by Dr. Lecter of Creatures) is an Interlaced FLI graphics editor for the Commodore 64.

01-12-20 English Commodore 64 23.18 KB 2.00 Download
zip.png Graphics Master NEW

Welcome to Graphics Master, the advanced software program that allows you to create high-resolution graphics for your home, business, school, or club.  You can draw graphs, charts, cartoons - in fact, almost any visual representation you need - with ease and precision. 

23-11-20 English Commodore 64 43.41 KB 12.00 Download
zip.png Gunpaint NEW

Gunpaint by Jan Zimmermann (1994) is a hi-res interlaced-FLI graphics editor for the Commodore 64.  Included on the disk are three sample .gun image files.  

19-11-20 English Commodore 64 21.91 KB 18.00 Download
zip.png HiRes Master v1.0

HiRes Master v1.0 by Jens Niehaus of TPU (1990) - Nice graphics package but only supports a joystick.

01-09-19 English Commodore 64 18.98 KB 128.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Koala Light Pen Painter

Koala Light Pen Painter - Released in 1983 by Audio Light.  Obviously this program requires a light pen and a crt monitor to work.  Included on the disk are several sample graphics files.

12-05-15 English Commodore 64 40.19 KB 373.00 Download
zip.png MCI Editor v1.0 NEW

MCI Editor v1.0 released by Chromance on January 30th, 1995 is a Multi Color Interlace editor.  According to this list of graphic modes, MCI is the same as IFLI except multicolor mode. Normally used as 4 color multicolor images flicked to create 4 color 320x200 (although there is a possibility of around 9 shades).

16-11-20 English Commodore 64 11.59 KB 11.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg OCP Art Studio

Cracked on 1/12/87 by The Silicon Force. Pretty nice drawing package, but the joystick controls are brutal. FYI, this is a single file version without any of the extra fonts, etc. I'd skip this version unless you are a collector.

30-03-15 English Commodore 64 28.95 KB 343.00 Download
zip.png Paint Magic

Paint Magic by Mark Riley, cracked in 2001 by Jedi (although I doubt there was much cracking involved).  This is a fairly simple and straight forward hi-res graphics editor that is pretty easy to use.

Heres a nice site with a great review of Paint Magic:


27-03-18 English Commodore 64 6.93 KB 333.00 Download
zip.png Paint Magic w/Pics NEW

Paint Magic is a hi-res graphics editor for the Commodore 64.  This version is an original version with an extra picture disk.  Check out this website for a great review of the program.

19-11-20 English PDF 66.27 KB 13.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Paint Now!

By Computer Applications, Inc. 1984 - Black and White Hi-Res drawing package. Easy to use and has some nice drawing features. This version comes with Graph Now on the disk but it doesn't appear to work, although the Pain Now! works 100%

26-05-15 English Commodore 64 58.17 KB 336.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Paint Now!

This version of Paint Now! is basically the same as the other version on this site except that it has some different pictures on the disk and it doesn't have an intro screen that offers the option to load Graph Now, which doesn't work on either disk.

30-03-15 English Commodore 64 52.31 KB 319.00 Download
zip.png Paint-Box 64 (PAL)

Paint-Box 64 by Holger Gehrmann and released by (Golden Games) - Fairly straight forward hi-res graphics package for the Commodore 64 (Doesn't work on NTSC machines).  Not to be confused with Paintbox 64 by Audiogenic.

03-07-19 English Commodore 64 11.79 KB 140.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Pdraw

1984 by C. Heilman - Pdraw is a high resolution graphic screen editor with pop-up menus and keyboard commands that control over 42 actions. Docs are on disk.

Update the archive to include documentation.
30-03-15 English Commodore 64 40.38 KB 317.00 Download
zip.png Saracen Paint

Saracen Paint is a graphic program that can transform your Commodore 64/128 into a powerful drawing tool. Saracen Paint enables you to start drawing immediately, with its intuitive icon-driven system, and its easy-to-use pull down menu. With Saracen Paint you can touch up your drawing in the smallest details with the help of a large range of colors and two zoom options. Saracen Paint is fully compatible with KOALA PAINT and supports all well-known paint programs.  It works at low resolution with 160 x 200 16-color-pixels. You can use either the mouse or the joystick.

Documentation is included in the archive.

17-05-18 English Commodore 64 1.1 MB 401.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Super Hi-es Editor 1.2

Super Hi-Res Editor 1.2 is a...  uh... well not really sure.  Doesn't really look like a hires editor but more like a character editor. No docs and Google search again turns up nothing.  Guess the guy that wrote this was to lazy to document it other than the in program help.

05-10-15 English Commodore 64 11.85 KB 309.00 Download