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FunkPaint v0.45d FunkPaint v0.45d


  • Runs natively on the target platform (or emulated)
  • Hires, multi and multicolor interlace support
  • Various input devices supported, including mice
  • With keyboard only it's still good for pixeling work in zoom editor
  • Can use memory expansions for full undo/redo history
  • Even without extra memory it can undo a limited set of smaller changes
  • Full screen mode with toolbar for preview and drawing
  • High resolution zoom editing with preview window for hires/multicolour
  • Can draw with patterns and different brush sizes
  • Brushes, shapes, copy etc. are available in zoom mode too
  • Can do filled polygons, curved lines or flood filling
  • Block copy for duplicating/shifting parts
  • Bit patterns viewable and changable for low level tuning
  • Easy to use save file format and saves executables as well


System Commodore 64
Size79.57 KB