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Joe's Paint M Joe's Paint Magic

Paint Magic by Mark Riley (1984) - I was doing some data recovery tonight on a batch of disks I got many years ago with a Commodore 64 and ran across a couple Paint Magic disks.  One of the disks appears to be a bunch of custom art by a person named Joe.  So if your name is Joe and you used Paint Magic back in the day, this might be your handy work.

As a hint to anyone desperate to get data off a dirty mildew covered floppy; carefully cut the top of the disk open, gently pull the floppy out of the sleeve, and clean it with 70% rubbing alchohol with a drop of dish detergent mixed in using a soft cloth. Find a new or at least clean donor disk that you can slide the cleaned floppy back into. You'd be surprised at how often this works.

P.S. - don't forget to clean the heads of the floppy drive you used the disk in before revocery.  Use the same 70% alchohol with a Q-tip.


System Commodore 64
Size66.28 KB


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