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FCBPaint v0.9 FCBPaint v0.9

fcbpaint V0.9, 2019-01-29
- rewrote the editor display layer to save space.
- black pixels are now shown as inverted with blue outline in the editor. (toggle with 'O')
- show bytes left for compiler instead of end andress.
- coordinates are now shown correctly rounded in quick fill mode.
- fixed bug where loading a file that is not a picture might crash fcbpaint.
- fixed bug where display of render errors would "stick" in the border area.
- fixed bug where size of rendered data and render errors wasn't cleared after initializing or loading new picture.
- fixed nasty compiler bug where the first change on a line would sometimes be mysteriously optimized away. (reported by Mike)
- rearranged memory layout to allow for future improvements.
- added example pictures by Tokra.


SystemVIC 20
Size102.63 KB