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zip0 1541 Ultimate Docs (12-20-2018) HOT

This 60 page doc covers all three of the 1541 Ultimate units (1541u, 1541u II, 1541u II+).

1541 Ultimate Documentation0
20-01-19 English Windows 3.69 MB 2,801 Download
zip1 1541 Ultimate ii/ii+ & Ultimate 64 Docs [03-30-2020]

This documentation is basically for all three of Gideon's supported hardware [1541 Ultimate II, 1541 Ultimate II+ & Ultimate 64] projects using firmware up to v3.7 (Which is 1.28 on the Ultimate 64).  Anyway, you can find the most current documentation here online.  The reason I put snapshots of it online is because someday (possibly) someone will want to look back and see the progression of this awesome piece of hardware.

19-05-20 English PDF 10.22 MB 780 Download
zip2 ARM2SID Quick Installation Guide

ARM2SID is a new replacement for 2 Commodore SID music chips and more. ARM2SID is a bigger brother of our well known ARMSID, which is a real "plug & play" solution and fully replaces both the MOS6581 and MOS8580 chips.
ARM2SID comes whenever 2 SID chips are needed, usually for stereo. If you have 2 SID sockets, just place the ARM2SID in the primary socket, SID2 in the secondary socket, connect both of them with the provided 5 or 10 cm cable, configure with the provided C64/C128 utility and go.
If you have just one socket and are not afraid of soldering, you can get even more. Use the provided connector cable, connect the 6 wires to your C64/C128 and you get the 2nd SID for stereo, the 3rd SID for 3SID music and OPL FM synthesis compatible with FM Sound Expander!
Enjoy your ARM2SID!

28-12-22 English PDF 1.04 MB 186 Download
zip3 Blue Chip D12/10 Daisy Wheel Printer User's Guide

Despite rumors of a forthcoming 'paperless' society brought about by the innovations of electronics technology, computer user of today still derive much satisfaction and have great need for seeing the results of their efforts on a hard copy printout. This introductory section is provided to offer some general observations on what printers are and how they work. It is intended as an introduction for novice users and a base upon which they can expand their knowledge.

25-11-21 English PDF 8.61 MB 433 Download
zip4 Cannon BJ-200e Printer User's Manual

Cannon BJ-200e Printer User's Manual

26-01-21 English PDF 2.22 MB 607 Download
zip5 Cardco Cardriter Light Pen Instructions

This manual and the programs on the cassette show you how to use the Cardriter 1 Light Pen for selecting items from a menu, for responding to prompts, for answering multiple-choice questions, and for playing games. We'll also give you details on programming for the light pen and on how the pen works.

27-05-20 English PDF 17.6 MB 628 Download
zip6 CBUS I (Cartridge Backup System) Manual

CBUS stands for Cartridge Back-Up System. CBUS I produces backup copies of cartridges for the Commodore 64. Using CBUS I saves wear and tear on ths Commodore 64  expansion connector by tricking the computer into running an image of the cartridge without having the cartridge physically present. Up to 17 cartridges can be stored on a single diskettae. With CBUS I, cartridges can be storad out of harms way rather than cluttering up the work area. CBUS I incorporates a RESET switch allowing you to perform a COLD Start without having to turn the machine off and on again. This permits study of cartridge object code, opening up the possibility of custom modifications.

05-11-22 English PDF 1008.61 KB 172 Download
zip7 CMD FD Series Floppy Drive User's Manual [4th Edition]

The CMD FD-2000 and FD-4000 are 3.5 inch floppy disk drives which have been designed utilizing the latest in micro-floppy technology. While retaining backward compatibility with Commodore 1581 formatted diskettes(800K), these drives are also capable of utilizing high density (HD) disks fora storage capacity of up to 1.6 Megabytes. The FD-4000 model can also use the newer enhanced density (ED) diskettes for a storage capacity of up to 3.2 Megabytes.

16-02-21 English PDF 4.34 MB 802 Download
zip8 CMD HD User's Manual

The CMD HD has been designed to be the easiest-to-use hard drive system available for Commodore 64 and 128 computers.

15-01-21 English PDF 6.57 MB 847 Download
zip9 CMD RAMLink User's Manual

CMD RAMLink extends the capabilities and compatibility of RAM expansion units for the Commodore 64 and 128 series of computers.

15-01-21 English PDF 12.85 MB 852 Download
zip10 CMD Turbo232 User's Guide

The Turbo232 cartridge is a high-speed RS-232c modem interface which allows you to connect standard external modems to your Commodore 64 or 128 computer. When used with appropriate terminal software, this cartridge allows you to connect to communications networks at speeds up to 230,400 bps (230Kbps). The interface plugs easily into the cartridge port of any Commodore 64 or 128 computer, and provides an industry standard DB-9 port for attaching external modems.

cmd-turbo232- users-guide
30-09-23 English PDF 3.81 MB 55 Download
zip11 Commodore 128 40/80 Column Video Adapter v5.1 Manual

I have one of these adapters and although it's not the 5.1 version, I figure someone else might benefit from the manual, so here it is.

Find much more info here.

c 128-40-80-column-video-adapter-v5.1-manual
05-11-22 English PDF 444.02 KB 206 Download
zip12 Commodore 1351 Mouse User's Guide

The Commodore 1351 Mouse is a controller designed for use with the Commodore 64 or Commodore 128 computers.  It features two buttons on the top, and a ball on the underside that is rolled upon a flat surface to manipulate on screen activity.

28-05-20 English PDF 16.99 MB 746 Download
zip13 Commodore 1351 Mouse User's Manual

Basically, this manual is divided into two parts. The first part includes the introduction, mouse cleaning, and tips for general care of the mouse. That part is for the user with mouse-compatible software, who wants simply to plug in the mouse and begin using it. The second part of the manual contains information needed by those who wish to develop software for the mouse.

28-05-20 English PDF 2.21 MB 657 Download
d64 floppy14 Commodore 1764 RAM Expansion Manual HOT

Commodore 1764 RAM Expansion Manual.

11-12-16 English PDF 1.86 MB 1,230 Download
zip15 Commodore 64 User's Guide

Outstanding color . . . sound synthesis . . . graphics . . . computing capabilities . . . the synergistic marriage of state-of-the-art technologies. These features make the Commodore 64 the most advanced personal computer in its class.

The Commodore 64 User's Guide helps you get started in computing, even if you've never used a computer before. Through clear, step-by-step instructions, you are given an insight into the BASIC language and how the Commodore 64 can be put to a myriad of uses.

For those already familiar with microcomputers, the advanced programming sections and appendices explain the enhanced features of the Commodore 64 and how to get the most of these expanded capabilities.

12-09-23 English PDF 18.77 MB 167 Download
zip16 Commodore 64 User's Manual

The Commodore 64 user's manual is an easy-to-use guide that 64 can be put to an assortment of fun and valuable uses.

Introductory topics discussed in this manual include:

  • How to set up your computer
  • BASIC programming for beginners
  • Sprite graphics
  • Creating sound

For those of you already familiar with microcomputers, the advanced programming sections help to explain the special features of the Commodore 64. Learn to expand your present programming capabilities through such Informative sections as:

  • Advanced BASIC
  • Advanced color and graphic commands
  • Advanced data handling

Also supplied is an informative appendix which contains charts, tables and error messages.

12-09-23 English PDF 36.09 MB 173 Download
d64 floppy17 Commodore MPS 1200 Dot Matrix Printer User's Guide HOT

Commodore MPS 1200 Dot Matrix Printer User's Guide

24-12-16 English PDF 13.32 MB 1,196 Download
d64 floppy18 Commodore MPS 1230 Dot Matrix Printer User's Guide HOT

Commodore MPS 1230 Dot Matrix Printer User's Guide

25-12-16 English PDF 9.37 MB 1,070 Download
d64 floppy19 Commodore MPS 1250 Dot Matrix Printer Manual HOT

Commodore MPS 1250 Dot Matrix Printer Manual.

11-12-16 English PDF 18.46 MB 945 Download
zip20 Commodore MPS 802 Printer User's Guide

Commodore MPS 802 Printer User's Guide

26-01-21 English PDF 2.81 MB 564 Download
zip21 Commodore MPS 803 Dot Matrix Printer Users Guide

Commodore MPS 803 Dot Matrix Printer Users Guide - A Friendly Introduction to Your MPS-803 Dot Matrix Printer

19-05-20 English PDF 6.38 MB 852 Download
d64 floppy22 Commodore MPS-1000 Dot Matrix Printer Manual

Commodore MPS-1000 Dot Matrix Printer Manual

26-12-16 English PDF 29.95 MB 867 Download
zip23 Commodore Plus4 User Manual HOT

You've made a wise purchase... the Plus/4 is the first home computer ever designed especially for productivity applications.  Of course, it's still able to do all the other things a home computer can be used for. This manual is designed to help you learn those "other things" yourPlus/4 can do.

17-05-20 English PDF 33.88 MB 1,716 Download
zip24 Epson EX-800/1000 Printer User's Manual
Epson EX-800/1000 Printer User's Manual epson-ex800-printer-users-manual
25-01-21 English PDF 1.85 MB 561 Download
zip25 Epyx FastLoad Cartridge Manual HOT

Epyx FastLoad Cartridge Manual

20-05-20 English PDF 656.81 KB 1,125 Download
pdf26 EZ-232 RS-232 Interface HOT

The EZ-232 Interface, designed by Jim Brain, provides a low-speed serial port for Commodore 8-bit computers. It can operate at speeds of up to 2400bps, when configured as a standard interface, and at speeds of up to 9600bps, when configured as a UP9600 interface.

EZ-232 RS-232 Interface
02-05-17 PDF 3.33 MB 921 Download
zip27 Final Cartridge III User Manual HOT

Final Cartridge III User Manual [English]

** Nice webpage with pictures of the original and newer Final Cartridge III+ . Also check out the Wiki for more details.

18-05-20 English PDF 168.23 KB 1,219 Download
pdf28 IDE64 Instruction Manual for v0.89 HOT

IDE64 Instruction Manual for v0.89

30-12-16 English PDF 1.48 MB 902 Download
zip29 IDE64 Users Guide [February 24th ,2019]

IDE64 Users Guide [February 24th ,2019]

31-08-19 English Commodore 64 890.85 KB 680 Download
zip30 JiffyDOS 6 User's Manual [2016] - Print Version

Today on the C64 OS Discord channel a user named Kroc pointed out this link to a completely recreated JiffyDOS 6 User's Manual by Martin Maciaszek done sometime in 2016.  This version is ready for professional printing.

08-08-23 English PDF 1.29 MB 138 Download
zip31 JiffyDOS 6 User's Manual [2016] - Screen Optimized Version

Today on the C64 OS Discord channel a user named Kroc pointed out this link to a completely recreated JiffyDOS 6 User's Manual by Martin Maciaszek done sometime in 2016.  This version is optimized for viewing on a screen.

08-08-23 English PDF 638.17 KB 182 Download
zip32 JiffyDOS v6.01 User Manual

Complete & searchable PDF version of the JiffyDOS v6.01 Users Manual.

01-09-19 English PDF 280.92 KB 846 Download
zip33 Kerberos MIDI Flash C64 / C128 Interface Developer's Guide

Kerberos MIDI Flash C64 / C128 Interface Developer's Guide

06-10-19 English PDF 165.78 KB 604 Download
zip34 KeyDOS v2 User Manual HOT

KeyDOS ROM is a chip that contains 20 new function key definitions and 20 great utilities. KeyDOS ROM is easy to install in the empty ROM socket in any C128 or C128D. KeyDOS ROM can also be installed in the space for an empty socket in Commodore 1700, 1764, and 1750 RAM Expansion Units.

22-09-19 English PDF 7.84 MB 1,429 Download
zip35 Magnum Load Instructions

MAGNUM LOAD!  Doesn't that just sound official... I mean seriously, do you want just another "fast load" or something serious like MAGNUM LOAD!

19-05-20 English PDF 1.37 MB 583 Download
zip36 Master Adapter Supplement [Turbo Master]

Master Adapter Supplement [Turbo Master]

08-10-19 English PDF 693.88 KB 574 Download
zip37 Mega65 - BASIC 65 Reference (May 2022)

Comprehensive documentation of all BASIC 65 commands, functions and operators for the Mega 65 computer.

Please visit the official Mega65 files page to get the latest version.

23-10-22 English PDF 3.96 MB 274 Download
zip38 Mega65 - Chipset Reference (May 2022)

This refence describes the MEGA65’s native memory map, that is, where all of the memory, I/O devices and other features appear in the 28-bit ad- dress space. We will then explain how C64 and C65 compatible memory maps are accessed from this 28-bit address space.

Please visit the official Mega65 files page to get the latest version.

23-10-22 English PDF 4.94 MB 197 Download
zip39 Mega65 User's Guide (October 2021)

Congratulations on your purchase of one of the most long-awaited computers in the history of computing.The MEGA65 is a community designed computer, based on the never-released Commodore® 651computer; a computer designed in 1989 and intended for public release in 1990. Decades have passed, and the MEGA65 invokes an earlier time when computers were simple and friendly. They were not only simple to operate and understand how they work, but friendly and approachable for new users.

15-10-21 English PDF 30.84 MB 641 Download
d64 floppy40 Mini X-Pander - Arkanix Labs

Manual / Docs for the Mini X-Pander by Arkanix Labs.  The Mini X-Pander is a cartridge port expander for the C64 / 128 that lets you use more than one cartridge at a time.  It also includes a reset switch.

Mini X-Pander Arkanix Labs
10-09-16 English PDF 1017.12 KB 822 Download
zip41 miniGANGCART Manual v1.6

The miniGANGCART cartridge supports fast loading and writing procedures for stations 1541, 1541C, OCEANIC 9900, 1541II,1570/1571 (in GCR1541 mode) and 1581, SD2IEC for the PAL / NTSC Commodore 64 version. The area that can be uploaded and burned using quick procedures is included in almost the entire C64 memory, that is from $0400 to $ FFFF.

01-07-20 English PDF 5.53 MB 774 Download
zip42 Mitey Mo User's Manual

USI International created Mitey Mo because we felt that sending and receiving information with computers over phone lines (telecommunicating) should be easy, inexpensive, and fun. We wanted a modem and software package friendly enough for the novice user and advanced enough for the most sophisticated user regardless of age. We started with this mighty little modem that combines the latest in technology with the convenience of small size and easy installation. To that we added software written specifically for this modem that gives directions on the screen in plain English. We wrote a manual that is thorough, easy to understand, and enjoyable to read. Further more, we've included phone cables and a function key template in our package to make it complete. Our total system makes it easy for you to get started while at the same time bringing out the full capacity of your Commodore 64.

11-09-23 English PDF 11.09 MB 89 Download
d64 floppy43 MMC Replay Users Manual

Users manual for the MMC Replay (updated 2/7/2008 - BIOS v0.51).

02-05-15 English PDF 281.69 KB 834 Download
zip44 NEOS Mouse & Cheese for the C64/128 Instruction Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of the NEOS MOUSE & CHEESE.  The NEOS MOUSE is an excellent input device with which you can give various instructions singlehanded to a computer while watching the TV screen,etc.  Before using the mouse read this manual carefully to get the most out of the NEOS mouse and the software ''CHEESE".

02-03-20 English PDF 827.61 KB 599 Download
d64 floppy45 Network Flyer Users Guide v1.1

Network Flyer (http://retroswitch.com) User's Guide v1.1

19-05-15 English PDF 976.21 KB 783 Download
zip46 OC-118N Floppy Drive Manual

The OC-118N Disk Drive is a versatile and efficient disk drive built for the Commodore series or personal computers. This drive is fully compatible with the Commodore 64 computer and directly replaces the Commodore 1541 Disk Drive, giving much better performance in terms of data loading and writing speed and memory buffer size.

16-08-21 English PDF 877.56 KB 445 Download
zip47 Okidata Okimate 20 Printer Handbook

Your OKIMATE printer can print almost anything you create on your Commodore computer screen: letters, reports, charts, and graphic designs (in black or in color). It can underline phrases, print them in italics, or write them in eyecatching headlines. With its superscripts and subscripts, OKIMATE can print footnotes, exponents for math problems, and chemical formulas.

This printer handbook explains all you need to know about setting up and printing with OKIMATE. Just read through these first few pages, and OKIMATE will soon print its self-test pattern, and demonstrate its printing style for you.

29-10-22 English PDF 7.73 MB 279 Download
zip48 Okimate 10 Printer Manual [Revised July 1985]

This handbook will help you install and use your new OKIDATA printer. It contains everything you need to know to print with your OKIMATE's special features.

25-09-20 English PDF 15.55 MB 640 Download
zip49 Sav64 Manual (2017 Version)

The SaV64 is an over-voltage protection device for Commodore 8-Bit computers that require both 5VDC and 9VAC power sources. It monitors the 5VDC voItage level and automatically disconnects both the AC and DC from the computer when it rises above the trip voltage.

Note - This manual is from 2017 and came with batch 4 of this product.  Future versions may be different.

Lemon64 forum thread 

YouTube video

05-11-22 English PDF 953.95 KB 167 Download
d64 floppy50 SDrive 1564 Users Manual HOT

This is the users manual for the SDrive 1564 which is SD card based drive emulator.

SDrive 1564 Users Manual
27-05-15 English PDF 71.16 KB 1,206 Download
zip51 Star Gemini 10x & 15x User's Manual

Congratulations on having purchased a serial, impact dot matrix printer that offers you more quality, greater flexibility and convenience, and superior reliability than you could find in any other printer in the same price range. As you already know (or are about to learn), the Gemini-lox and Gemini-15X let you print both regular and italicized alphabets, as well as normal, elite (smaller), condensed, enlarged, emphasized, and double-strike characters. You can print on regular stationery, multiple-sheet forms, fanfold computer paper, or paper fed from a roll (European style).

The graphics capability provided by the Gemini printers is limited only by your graphic talents, and includes three bit-image modes: Low Resolution (60 by 72 dots per square inch), High Resolution (120 by 144) and Ultra High Resolution (240 by 144). With all this printing power at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

This User’s Manual is organized to serve both the first-time user and the sophisticated computer buff. The first five chapters provide the basics you need for putting your printer to work in most home and office applications. Chapters 6 through 10 deliver information for intermediate and advanced users, supported by technically rich appendices. If you are a beginner, you might want to look at Chapters 6-10 sometime in the future, when your curiosity about how the printer does what it does has replaced your initial interest in what it can do.

22-04-23 English PDF 6.6 MB 93 Download
zip52 Star Gemini 10x Printer User's Manual

The graphics capability provided by the Gemini printers is limited only by your graphic talents, and includes three bit-image modes: Low Resolution (60 by 72 dots per square inch), High Resolution (120 by 144) and UltraHigh Resolution (240 by 144). With all this printing power at your fingertips, what are you waiting for?

17-01-21 English Commodore 64 6.6 MB 560 Download
zip53 Star Micronics NP-10 Printer User's Manual

Star Micronics NP-10 Printer User's Manual

01-02-21 English PDF 4.57 MB 509 Download
zip54 Star Micronics SG-10C Printer User's Manual

Congratulations on your selecting the printer of choice for both the sophisticated as well as the first-time user/owner - the new SG-10C!  Your new printer offers full compatibility with any Commodore on the market.  It combines the speed and efficiency of a proven winner with the character sets and printer codes used by the Commodore!

30-03-21 English PDF 5.15 MB 495 Download
zip55 Star NL-10 Interface Cartridge User's Guide

This interface cartridge contains all the electronics your printer needs to talk to a computer. To use your printer with a different computer, just install a different cartridge. There is an interface (I/F) cartridge for each popular computer on the market.

This interface cartridge offers full compatibility with any Commodore on the market. It combines the speed and efficiency of a proven winner with the character sets and printer codes used by the Commodore!

22-06-20 English PDF 7.76 MB 684 Download
zip56 Star NL-10 Printer User's Manual

Star NL-10 Printer User's Manual

29-01-21 English PDF 346.36 KB 588 Download
zip57 Star NX-10 Printer User's Manual

Star NX-10 Printer User's Manual

01-02-21 English PDF 6.34 MB 582 Download
zip58 StarDOS Installation Manual

These installation instructions describe the installation of theStarDOS system into your disk drive and computer.  If your StarDOS was installed by your dealer, then skip this!

21-01-21 English PDF 4.58 MB 464 Download
zip59 StarDOS Manual

StarDOS Cartridge manual by Starpoint Software (1988)

19-05-20 English PDF 5.81 MB 615 Download
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