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ARM2SID Quick Installation G ARM2SID Quick Installation Guide

ARM2SID is a new replacement for 2 Commodore SID music chips and more. ARM2SID is a bigger brother of our well known ARMSID, which is a real "plug & play" solution and fully replaces both the MOS6581 and MOS8580 chips.
ARM2SID comes whenever 2 SID chips are needed, usually for stereo. If you have 2 SID sockets, just place the ARM2SID in the primary socket, SID2 in the secondary socket, connect both of them with the provided 5 or 10 cm cable, configure with the provided C64/C128 utility and go.
If you have just one socket and are not afraid of soldering, you can get even more. Use the provided connector cable, connect the 6 wires to your C64/C128 and you get the 2nd SID for stereo, the 3rd SID for 3SID music and OPL FM synthesis compatible with FM Sound Expander!
Enjoy your ARM2SID!


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