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zip0 6502 Applications

This book presents practical application techniques for the 6502 microprocessor.  It assumes an elementary knowledge of microprocessor programming on the level of the preceding book in this series (Reference C202: Programming the 6502).  Understanding how to program the microprocessor chip itself (the 6502) is only a prerequisite for the actual programming of a microprocessor board connected to real devices.

16-05-20 English PDF 8.37 MB 592 Download
zip1 6502 Applications [Alternate Cover #2]

This book presents practical application techniques for the 6502 microprocessor.  It assumes an elementary knowledge of microprocessor programming on the level of the preceding book in this series (Reference C202: Programming the 6502).  Understanding how to program the microprocessor chip itself (the 6502) is only a prerequisite for the actual programming of a microprocessor board connected to real devices.

15-05-20 English PDF 8.74 MB 357 Download
zip2 6502 Applications [Alternate Cover]

This book presents practical application techniques for the 6502 microprocessor.  It assumes an elementary knowledge of microprocessor programming on the level of the preceding book in this series (Reference C202: Programming the 6502).  Understanding how to program the microprocessor chip itself (the 6502) is only a prerequisite for the actual programming of a microprocessor board connected to real devices.

15-05-20 English PDF 11.72 MB 357 Download
zip3 Advanced BASIC and Machine Code for the Commodore 64

This book aims to teach you the rudiments of machine code programming, with a couple of chapters on BASIC just to limber up. Commands are introduced slowly, with plenty of explanation and sample listings to work from. A feature used throughout the book is a small arcade game, which is gradually built up from chapter to chapter, using commands introduced in each chapter.

Advanced BASIC And Machine Code For The Commodore 64
16-09-19 English PDF 3.55 MB 640 Download
zip4 Advanced Machine Code Programming for the Commodore 64

This book is intended to complement Ian Sinclair's Introducing Commodore 64 Machine Code. The word 'Advanced' appears in the title although this should in no way deter beginners providing they possess tenacity and sufficient dedication. It is assumed, however, that readers already have a little experience with BASIC.

22-09-19 English PDF 8.24 MB 690 Download
zip5 Beginner's Guide to Programming

"Beginner's Guide to Programming" for the Commodore 64 by The Board of Education for the City of Hamilton - Now there is a mouth full!  Seriously though, this is actually a really nice document not only explaining the fundamentals of creating a game in BASIC, it specifically guides the new user on how to use things like the cursor keys and color options on the Commodore keyboard.

07-02-23 English PDF 4.3 MB 201 Download
zip6 Better Programming for your Commodore 64

This book has been written for people who want to realize the full potential of their Commodore 64 and at the same time improve their own programming techniques. The authors assume no special knowledge to begin with, but quickly and efficiently they get the reader started on programming in BASIC. Then follow chapters on structured programming, numeric functions and logical operators, character string manipulation, arrays, nesting loops, audio-visual program enhancement, and debugging.
Over 90 original programs are included which, together with the exercises and examples, put you and your Commodore enjoyably through your paces.

28-11-21 English PDF 12.08 MB 816 Download
zip7 CBM 64 PROGRAMS Volume 1

This book provides the reader with useful and interesting programs for the 64. Topics covered include - Hi Res Graphics - Music - Games - Utilities - Sprites and User Defined Characters - Functional Programs, etc. There is a detailed explanation of Hi Res Graphics and the necessary machine code routines to implement them, along with demonstration programs. An exciting version of Star Trek is also included as well as a full length adventure game. Among the functional programs is a Personal Information Retrieval package which enables you to create and manipulate up to 365 records.

28-11-21 English PDF 8.14 MB 787 Download
zip8 Commodore 64 Assembler Workshop NEW

The Commodore 64 Assembler Workshop is aimed at those of you who have been delving into the delights of programming at machine code level. It is a natural progression from Commodore 64 Assembly Language, but will be invaluable even if you learned assembler and machine code using any of the other relevant books available. It provides a bench full of useful assembly language routines and utilities programs and examines the techniques involved.

28-03-23 English PDF 10.71 MB 39 Download
zip9 Commodore 64 Machine Code

The Commodore 64 has become one of the most popular home computers in Europe and the USA. It is a versatile and interesting machine. The aim of this book is to show you how to enhance its abilities still further, by learning the rudiments of Machine Code programming. Want to fill the TV screen with a grid of symbols, in the twinkling of an eye? Move sprites around fast enough to playa reasonable game? Count how many times the REM character occurs in a program? Then it's Machine Code you'll need. It places many more demands on the programmer than BASIC does; but as a reward, it expands the range of tasks that your computer can do.

16-12-22 English PDF 7.51 MB 230 Download
zip10 Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide

The COMMODORE 64 PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE GUIDE has been developed as a working tool and reference source for those of you who want to maximize your use of the built-in capabilities of your COMMODORE 64. This manual contains the information you need for your programs, from the simplest example all the way to the most complex. The PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE GUIDE is designed so that everyone from the beginning BASIC programmer to the professional experienced in 6502 machine language can get information to develop his or her own creative programs. At the same time this book shows you how clever your COMMODORE 64 really is.

Here's a link to the disk image containing all the type in listings.

28-10-21 English PDF 14.09 MB 847 Download
zip11 Commodore 64 Whole Memory Guide
Commodore 64 Whole Memory Guide is much more than a memory map. Instead of just giving memory locations it gives you a detailed description of each location, explaining what it's for, how it is used by the computer, and, more importantly, how it can be used by the programmer. commodore-64-whole-memory-guide
03-02-20 English PDF 113.3 MB 786 Download
zip12 Complete Commodore Machine Coding Course for the C64 & C128
This book takes a different approach. Instead of choosing between the machme code programming expert and the professional communicator, we've used both. Andrew is a professional programmer on the CBM 64, while I'm a computer journalist and consultant by profession. We believe that, by working together, we've come up with a guide which is far easier to use than any other on the same subject. complete-commodore-machine-codeprogramming-course-for-the-c64-c128
06-10-19 English Commodore 64 16.72 MB 661 Download
zip13 Dr. Watson - Beginners Assembly Language Programming for the CBM64

This book is a self-paced course on machine-code / Assembly-language programming based on the 6510 microprocessor.  Getting going in assembly-language is said to be a major problem for the beginner.  However, it's a problem that we trust will disappear when the beginner's hands get on this book.

04-03-20 English PDF 7.49 MB 542 Download
zip14 First Steps in Machine Code on Your C64

If you've mastered BASIC programming on your Commodore 64 and are ready to move on to bigger and better things, then book will show you the way.

Ross Symons first introduces you to the disassembler and explains its use. After making this acquaintance, the complete instruction set for the 6510 (the chip at the heart of your computer) is listed. Each instruction is explained with the aid of a demonstration program which will help even the newcomer to machine code to get to grips with the C64 and extract the most from this powerful micro. Other sections include a discussion of the KERNAL operating system, and its applications such as printing, input/output devices, and scanning the keyboard, are also considered.

As an exciting bonus, the book ends with two complete machine code games which show you how to create your own worthwhile, high-speed, animated arcade-like games.

28-11-21 English PDF 3.94 MB 788 Download
zip15 Introducing Commodore 64 Machine Code

This book has two main aims. One is to introduce the Commodore 64 owner to some of the details of how the Commodore 64 works, allowing for more effective programming even without delving into machine code.  The second aim is to introduce the methods of machine code programming in a simple way.

22-09-19 English PDF 12.63 MB 552 Download
zip16 Invaluable Utilities for the Commodore 64

Utilities to take the pain out of programming .. . Utilities to customise your 64 and explore its hidden potential .. . All Commodore 64 programmers will find this software toolkit of programming aids, BASIC enhancements and , other utilities truly invaluable.

25-09-19 English PDF 33.3 MB 599 Download
zip17 No More Secrets v0.96 - NMOS 6510 Unintended Opcodes

'Back in the days' so called 'illegal' opcodes were researched independently by different parties, and detail knowledge about them was considered 'black magic' for many conventional programmers. They first appeared in the context of copy protection schemes, so keeping the knowledge secret was crucial.

When some time later some of these opcodes were documented by various book authors and magazines, a lot of misinformation was spread and a number of weird myths were born. It took another few years until some brave souls started to systematically investigate each and every opcode, and until the mid 90s that Wolfgang Lorenz came up with his test suite that finally contained elaborated test programs for them.

Still, a few opcodes were considered witchcraft for a while (the so called 'unstable' ones), until other people finally de-capped an actual CPU and solved the remaining riddles.

This document tries to present the current state of the art in a readable form, and is in large parts the result of pasting existing documents together and editing them

16-12-22 English PDF 597.19 KB 148 Download
zip18 Pocket Guide: Commodore 64

To understand the workings of the Commodore 64 (henceforth shortened to the C64), the user needs a solid understanding of C64BASIC. This Guide gives the essential knowledge necessary for that understanding.

25-09-19 English PDF 4.16 MB 417 Download
zip19 Sprite Graphics for the Commodore 64

This book was written with the beginning or intermediate programmer in mind.  You do need a general understanding of how your computer operates, and how to write simple programs in BASIC.

18-10-19 English PDF 5.3 MB 548 Download
zip20 Super C - The 4 Part C Compiler
The Super C compiler is a four-part system. An editor makes it easy to enter programs. The programs are translated into machine language by the compiler. The compiler is a complete version of the C language except for bit fields. The linker binds separately compiled programs together. The fourth component of the system is a disk manager which can be used to copy files. super-c-the-4part-c-compiler
05-10-19 English PDF 15.06 MB 429 Download
zip21 The Visible Computer: 6502

The Visible Computer: 6502 Machine Language Teaching System combines this manual with a diskette containing a 6502 simulator program to provide a systematic way to learn machine language programming on the Commodore 64 computer.

18-09-19 English PDF 8.36 MB 499 Download
zip22 What's Really Inside the C64

The purpose of this book is to provide a detailed listing of the ROM contents for the Commodore 64 microcomputer.  For programmers working in assembler language, or those wanting a more complete understanding of BASIC, this should prove to be very useful.

02-07-20 English PDF 6 MB 518 Download
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