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EZ-Loader v EZ-Loader v2.80

EZ-Loader v2.80 by David Schmoll (August 13th, 1994)

EZ Loader is a menu system designed to help you access your most used programs by a single menu from any disk drive, as long as the program is on the drive requested. Although the program concept was written to help CMD Drive users, EZ Loader works just fine on Commodore disk drives and, once set up, can be used as a menu for each disk. EZ Loader operates in all modes: 64 and 128, 40 or 80 column, as well as slow or fast mode. EZ loader can call a 64 program from the 128 side menu and drop into 64 mode to execute it. EZ Loader supports the TOD clock at $DD00, and allows you to preset program execution times, so programs can run automatically from the menu. A clock display is displayed on the menu screen, and the joystick support uses port 2. The newest feature is password access, so you can control who has access to your programs from the menu.

Note - This isn't the latest version, but I believe it's one of the last version that didn't require a registration code to unlock all the features.  Please see this link for the most recent version I have on file. Thanks goes to BlueCursor for sharing this version, and version 3.3 plus information on where to get a registration code.


System Commodore 64
Size22.05 KB


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