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zip.png Action Replay MKIV Manual

The Action Replay Mk.IV by Datel Electronics (1988) is the ultimate backup cartridge.  This manual covers both the standard Acion Replay Mk.IV and the
Action Replay 'Professional' Mk.IV.

15-08-21 English PDF 992.5 KB 54.00 Download
zip.png Buti Cartridge Manual [VIC20]

BUTI is a Basic programming utility cartridge which provides seventeen programming aid commands, and an extra 3K of user memory. BUTI gives you increased control of programs and
variables, and eases programming through its Basic error catching and powerful editing features. Also with one instruction it formats the VIC to imit~te the minimum memory or +3K configurations, or +BK when used with other expansions on a multi-cartridge board.

15-08-21 English PDF 6.05 MB 44.00 Download
zip.png HES MON 64 Instruction Manual

HES MON 64 [cartridge] Instruction Manual for the Commodore 64

06-09-19 English PDF 7.68 MB 471.00 Download
zip.png Hes-Mon User Manual [VIC20]

The following is intended for people who are unfamiliar with the uses of a machine language (M.L.) monitor program. However, it is not a tutorial in the architecture of the VIC or the 6502. Nor is it intended to teach 6502 assembly language programming. In fact, some knowledge of assembler language will be most helpful. It IS intended to help the beginner get started in using HESMON. Even those who know nothing about the 6502 or the VIC will find some of HESMON's corrmands useful (see, for example, the Interpret Memory corrmand).

16-08-21 English PDF 603.2 KB 59.00 Download
zip.png Ms. Pac-Man Game Manual

Ms. Pac-Man [cartridge] Game Manual for the Commodore 64

06-09-19 English PDF 919.81 KB 258.00 Download
zip.png Music Composer Instruction Manual

Music Composer [cartridge] Instruction Manual for the Commodore 64

06-09-19 English PDF 4.3 MB 370.00 Download
zip.png One Step Utility Cartridge Manual

One Step Utility Cartridge Manual for the Commodore 64

06-09-19 English Windows 124.54 KB 233.00 Download
zip.png Programmer's Aid Cartridge Manual [VIC20]

The VIC 20 PROGRAMMER’S AID CARTRIDGE has been designed to help both new and experienced BASIC programmers to write, edit and debug programs quickly and easily. This is achieved by the AID commands which are automatically incorporated into the VIC operating system when the cartridge is inserted. The cartridge also assigns some of the AID commands and some BASIC keywords to the function keys thus giving the programmer his own shorthand notation during program writing. This, together with the facility for the programmer to assign his own functions to these keys, make PROGRAMMER’S AID an invaluable programming accessory.

13-08-21 English PDF 142.91 KB 37.00 Download
zip.png Rootin Tootin Manual

Rootin' Tootin' [cartridge] manual for the Commodore 64

06-09-19 English PDF 555.69 KB 217.00 Download
zip.png RTC C64-Link II Cartridge Manual

C64-LINK II is an expansion cartridge for the Commodore 64 that adds 16 disk commands and a machine language monitor to the Cornrnodore 64.  It also allows you to use the "parallel" and "IEEE" modes of data transmission, permitting the use of any parallel printer, IEEE printer or IEEE disk drive.  The C64-LINK II cart ridge takes up no memory and is completely transparent to commercial or home software.

27-01-21 English PDF 2.78 MB 158.00 Download
zip.png Stack Super Help Cartridge Manual

Stack Super Help is a programmer's utility cartridge featuring:

  • 20 Additional BASIC Commands
  • Disaassembler and Monitor
  • Disk Operating System Support
  • 2 Pass Assembler

Here's a link to the .PRG version of the cartridge.

24-03-21 English Commodore 64 16.2 MB 185.00 Download
zip.png Super Expander 64 Manual HOT

The SUPER EXPANDER 64 is a powerful extension of the BASIC language in your Commodore 64 computer. Previously, you had to Peek or Poke specific memory locations to access your computer's graphics and sound features. Now, the SUPER EXPANDER 64 provides new BASIC commands so you can easily access the Commodore 64's many features . Simply "plug" the SUPER EXPANDER 64 cartridge into your computer and turn on the power.

Here is a link to the cartridge (.crt) image.

02-07-20 English PDF 965.37 KB 642.00 Download
zip.png Super Expander Manual [VIC20]

Your Super Expander cartridge is the most versatile cartridge you can buy for your VIC 20 Personal Computer. It adds an entirely new set of color, graphics plotting, music and function key commands to your VIC’s vocabulary... AND ... adds 3K extra memory (RAM) so you can write and RUN larger programs! With this cartridge you can plot graphic shapes, “paint” colors on the screen, easily redefine the VIC’s programmable function keys, write music ... and more.

19-08-21 English PDF 314.98 KB 76.00 Download
zip.png Swift Link Applications Notes (Revised)

The SwiftLink-232 ACIA cartridge replaces the Commodore Kernal RS-232 routines with a hardware chip. The chip handles all the bit-level processing now done in software by the Commodore Kernal.

11-02-20 English PDF 205.08 KB 187.00 Download