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Timeworks Partner 128 User's Ma Timeworks Partner 128 User's Manual

PARTNER suspends the existing program in your computer while you use any of its accessories. When you are through, you can return to the exact poi nt in the software program where you left off. Accessories at your command include:Swiftload-Allows your Commodore 1541 disk drive to load programs as fast as a 1571 drive. Calculator -A multi-function calculator which prints to your screen or your printer. Memo Pad -Write yourself important notes. You can print them out on paper or save them on disk. A unique printing feature turns your computer and printer into a traditional typewriter. Appointment Calendar- Keep track of appointments and review a day, week, or month at the press of a key. Months may be viewed in their entirety in a traditional calendar format, with appointments marked for your attention. Address/Phone List and Auto-Dialer- Keep track of important names, addresses, and phone numbers. At your command, the computer will search through your list for the number you want and dial the number for you automatically. (An auto-dial modem is required for this feature.) Screen Print -Press a key, and you can print the text from your computer display while using another program.

DOS/Printer Commands -Allows you to access Commodore disk drive commands and to enter printer codes. Use this feature to format a disk, erase a data file, or enter printer codes for a special typeface. SwiftLock -No one will ever tamper with your unattended computer program again. Enter a key sequence before you walk away, and the keyboard will be locked until you re-enter your personal code.


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