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Final Cartridge III Manual w/Supplements [Engl Final Cartridge III Manual w/Supplements [English]

The Final Cartridge III which consists of 64 Kbytes in machine-code, offers many additional features apart from the DESKTOP, for example:

  • Many useful toolkit commands.
  • Easy to use disk commands.
  • 24K bytes extra memory in BASIC.
  • A tape turbo which loads and saves TEN TIMES faster.
  • A disk turbo which loads FIFTEEN TIMES faster, and saves SEVEN TIMES faster.
  • A built-in machine language monitor.
  • A disk monitor.
  • A Centronics printer interface to produce listings and high-resolution graphic screen dumps.
  • A bullt-in sprite killer.
  • A reset switch, which will enable you to regain control of your computer at any time, and an OLD command, which restores your BASIC program back
    after a reset or NEW.
  • A freezer facility which:
  1. will dump programs to tape or disk.
  2. allows you to pause a program.
  3. allows you to make screendumps, including even sprites.
  • A built-in Notepad, enabling you to keep notes or create short documents.

The user interface, the windows and pull-down menus are based on ideas applied in the Apple Macintosh and the Commodore Amiga.


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