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Category: Tape Transfer Tools
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d64 floppy0 216 Disc Save HOT

Written by Mr. Z. 216 Disc Save is a tape to disk utility that appears to be able to transfer up to a 216 block program, about 54k.

216 disc save
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 33.94 KB 1,012 Download
d64 floppy1 Bit Convoy v1.2

Bit Convoy 1.2 released by I.W Cracking Service.  This handy little tool will assist you in transferring files from disk to tape and the other way around.  Doesn't handle copy protection though.

bit convoy-1
07-10-15 English Commodore 64 4.66 KB 867 Download
d64 floppy2 Copy 190

Released by U. Stahl, Copy 190 is the do it all copier for disk / tape. Not only can you go from disk to tape which you normally see in a copier, you can copy from tape to tape.

copy 190
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 2.67 KB 870 Download
d64 floppy3 Copy 190 v2 HOT

Written by U. Stahl (Turbodisk by Jag). Copy 190 is a file copier that can copy from tape to tape, tape to disk, disk to disk or disk to tape. Files up to 190 blocks in size can be copied. This program also incorporates a turbo disk routine to make copying bearable.

copy 190 v2
21-03-15 English Commodore 64 3.62 KB 1,045 Download
d64 floppy4 Copy 235 HOT

Released in 1985 by Frank Hoering & Ralf Koenig - Copy 235 is a tape to disk and disk to tape copier. Supposedly this only supports the turbo format.

copy 235
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 3.04 KB 918 Download
d64 floppy5 Copy 236

Copy 236 is a disk-tape copier with a very simple interface. According to Joe Forster this only supports the turbo format.

copy 236
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 6.27 KB 712 Download
d64 floppy6 Disk to Tape

Disk to Tape released by Dosoft in 1985 is a little more than your average transfer tool.  This tool can handle some special situations that involve turbo routines.

disk to tape-1
07-10-15 English Commodore 64 4.1 KB 820 Download
d64 floppy7 Disk-Tape Speed Copy

This simple and small program does a great job of copying files to tape. It only copies from disk to tape, so don't plan on ripping tapes to disk with this.

disk-tape speed copy
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 2.41 KB 720 Download
d64 floppy8 Fastcopy 64 v2.0

Released in 1984 by Bear & Grutsoft - Fastcopy 64 is a tape to disk and disk to tape copier.

fastcopy 64 v2.0
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 3.58 KB 893 Download
d64 floppy9 Giantcopy 64 v1.0

Released in 1983 by Bert De Keizer - Giant Copy is a tape to disk and disk to tape copier.

giant copy 64 v1.0
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 3.53 KB 747 Download
d64 floppy10 Isepic Disk to Tape

Isepic Disk to Tape is a transfer tool for moving files from disk to tape.  Released in 1986 by Fess.

isepic disk to tape-1
16-10-15 English Commodore 64 6.85 KB 676 Download
d64 floppy11 Spectacular Copy

Spectacular Copy was written by Stephan Senz and is a transfer utility for moving files from disk to tape and the other way around.  It also supports a unique turbo mode.

spectacular copy-1
09-10-15 English Commodore 64 12.66 KB 795 Download
d64 floppy12 Spectacular Copy v1.2

Time to go through them old shoeboxes with Turbo250 tapes? Then this is the tool for you! Perhaps you remember the good old "Spectacular Copy - Tape To Disk" tool? Well, this is Sailor's version, improved to handle rough weather at sea! All info you might need is provided in the program!      

      Version 1.2 is equipped with a 1541 fastsave I/O routine. 

      See the changelog for further information.

** NOTE - According to some, the program does not work with JiffyDOS enabled.

spectacular copy v1.2-1
11-01-16 English Commodore 64 6.76 KB 827 Download
d64 floppy13 Tape Cracker v1.0

Tape Cracker v1.0 - Released by 'The Movers'. Written by General Zoff and Pershv. Honestly, I never knew that tapes needed to be cracked. Happy Cracking!

tape cracker v1.0
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 8.74 KB 769 Download
d64 floppy14 Turbo Tape Copy

Released in 1983 by Westwind Software - Turbo-Tape to Disk copier - I can't read German, but I think it's pretty obvious what this program does.

turbo t-d
22-03-15 English Commodore 64 3.62 KB 711 Download
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