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Mapping the Commodor Mapping the Commodore 64

Mapping the Commodore 64 is a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the Commodore 64 computer's memory. Although some parts of this information have been published before, this is the definitive work—complete and clear discussions of all the important user-alterable memory locations in the computer, as well as details of the BASIC and operating routines in permanent ROM memory. Whether you're programming in BASIC or in machine language, you'll find this sourcebook invaluable.

Serving both as an introduction to 64 architecture and memory use, as well as an excellent resource to help you tap the computer's powerful, but hidden, features, Mapping the Commodore 64 includes:

  • An explanation of all Kernal and BASIC routines.
  • Demonstration programs for many of the operating routines.
  • How to turn individual bits on and off.
  • Details of how to create and use sprites in your programs.
  • How to create the precise sound effects you want.
  • How to create your own characters and where to safely store them.
  • A program that allows single keystroke entry of BASIC keywords.

If you're familiar with BASIC, you'll turn to this book again and again for instruction, advice, and clarification. If you're already programming in machine language, you'll find this book an indispensable guide to memory locations and routines. But no matter what your programming experience, once you've used Mapping the Commodore 64, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.


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