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Commodore 64 Color Graphics: An Advanced G Commodore 64 Color Graphics: An Advanced Guide

Commodore 64 Color Graphics: An Advanced Guide is a step-by-step guide to creating advanced animated graphics on your personal computer.

The easy to follow yet comprehensive programs can take any beginning programmer into the world of high speed graphics. You' ll be amazed how rapidly you will be able to draw and paint your graphic displays. Machine language data turns time-consuming graphics tasks (such as plotting lines and painting shapes) into high speed magic.

Sequential in structions lead you through advanced graphics techniques. You 'll learn how to quickly reposition shapes on the viewing screen, change their size, and duplicate their shape around a central point. Tools to perform these tricks are provided as well as helpful design ideas and art concepts to enrich your graphics compositions.

The book's final object is to produce an action arcade game using advanced sprite techniques. You a re provided tools to allow you to connect sprites to joysticks, detect sprite colli sions, produce sound, and keep score. When you are ready to crea te your own arcade game you ' ll have a head start with your new game construction too ls.

As a special bonus, appendices include all the tools you'll need to save an actual picture (not your program) on disk or tape and print your pictures on paper with your VIC 1525 printer.


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