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Centipede 128 BBS [New Webs Centipede 128 BBS [New Website]

This is an archive of the Centipede 128 BBS website found at https://snowpig.org/centipede/ and created by Mike Martin. This website contains the last publicly released version of Centipede BBS and all of the additional games, networking, documentation and updates.  Because some of the files don't have associated MIME types, browsers would try to download them as text, so I took the liberty of putting the files inside .zip's so they download properly.  I've updated the links, so this site should be fully browseable offline.

If you'd like to check out the original website maintained by the Centipede 128 creator, Adam Fanello of BugSoft, you can find it HERE.  You can also find an archive of that website HERE.


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