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Centipede 128 BBS [Original Webs Centipede 128 BBS [Original Website]

One of our visitors contacted me a couple days ago to let me know that we don't have an archive of the amazing Commodore 128 BBS called Centipede by Adam Fanello of BugSoft.  With the kindly provided website links that are still functional, I started to work on gathering information and quickly realized there is a lot of details to putting all the pieces together.  Instead of tackeling this all at once and trying to get everything into a single archve, I've decided to break this into pieces.  The first piece to this is a complete archive of the still existing and original Centipede 128 BBS website.  With this archive extracted, you should be able to double click the index.html file in the root directory and surf the compelete site, including downloadable files locally (without an internet connection).  Although you can get Centipede Lite and Updates to the Centipede BBS from this archive, it is not the full BBS as released to the public at a later date.  An archive of https://snowpig.org/centipede/ which contains the most up-to-date and complete release of Centipede 128 BBS can be found HERE.


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