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geoSHELL Programmer's Development Pac geoSHELL Programmer's Development Package

geoShell Programmer's Development Package by Maurice Randall, is designed to be an aid in developing commands for the GEOS geoShell program.

Thanks to Bruce Thomas for locating the disk images and converting the three .d64 images into a single .d81 (both are included in the arcvhive) - Please note that all of the files on the disks need to be run through Convert 2.5 to make them useable GEOS files. Bruce was kind enough to take the time to run all the files through Convert.  The archive has been updated.

Here is a link to the manual for this package.

Additional geoShell information and commands can be found at cbmfiles.com


System Commodore 64
Size245.05 KB


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