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Category: GEOS Programming
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zip0 geoProgrammer Macros for geoShell

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this geoWrite file of macros used for programming geoShell is probably only useful to one person on the planet, and I don't know who that is, but when they find this and it helps, it will all be worth the time it took to post.  I'm always grabbing things like this I see on the internet, but rarely get time to do a post the same day, so when I get back around to random files in my download folder, I've typically forgot where it came from, sorry I don't have any more details. 

Here's a link to a quick review of what geoShell is.

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zip1 GEOS Image Editor

Geos Image Editor by David Lee - I saw this cool utility for Windows posted on Facebook the other day, and have to share it because anyone that programs for GEOS needs this in their toolbox.  Here is a quote from the author about the utility:

Utility for creating bitmaps for geos programming. Left click and move mouse to set; right click and move mouse to clear. Click the 'Get Assembly' button to display window that has ".byte" statements for geoProgrammer and many cross assemblers; "b" statements for MegaAssembler; and a "c" string suitable for cc65. Copy the desired format and paste into source code.

I know it sounds simple, and it is!  That's the beauty of it.  No need to install, just extract it to a folder and run the executable.

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zip2 geoSHELL Programmer's Development Package

geoShell Programmer's Development Package by Maurice Randall, is designed to be an aid in developing commands for the GEOS geoShell program.

Thanks to Bruce Thomas for locating the disk images and converting the three .d64 images into a single .d81 (both are included in the arcvhive) - Please note that all of the files on the disks need to be run through Convert 2.5 to make them useable GEOS files. Bruce was kind enough to take the time to run all the files through Convert.  The archive has been updated.

Here is a link to the manual for this package.

Additional geoShell information and commands can be found at cbmfiles.com

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