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Wheels 128 v4.4 [1571 Mas Wheels 128 v4.4 [1571 Master] HOT

Wheels 128 v4.4 [1571 Master] - This is a master disk for Wheels 128 v4.4 created by Paul Murdaugh.  Here is a description Paul provided on Facebook:

1571 Wheels 128 4.4 Master Disk. This image would be an excellent starting point for anyone new to wheels that has a 1571 drive. This contains the updated Toolbox that was uploaded here that can handled REU's up to 16 megs. Patched MakeSysDisk that will work from any bootable 1541/1571/1581 drives without checking master status. (For 1571 and 81 new images just create a bootable image instead of the master option). Then copy the side 2 contents to it from this image. It will then be able to make new disks as well. In fact that is how this image was created) Dashboard_128 - small application that will return control to Dashboard 128 from other desktops. All of what was on side 2 of the 1541 images is also on this disk. In a fresh never booted state.


System Commodore 128
Size152.35 KB


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